Sitaraman and Friedman's Essentials of Gastroenterology. 2nd Edition

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This revised and updated second edition of Essentials of Gastroenterology provides a highly practical, comprehensive, and concise guide to gastroenterology. The text covers every major disorder likely to be encountered during both GI training and in clinical practice. It also offers a handbook for preparing for Board examinations (e.g., USMLE and Internal Medicine Board examinations) as well as a handy clinical consultation tool. Fully updated to reflect the latest scientific information and practice guidelines, each section of the book covers a specific area of the gastroenterology tract and follows a standard outline: general information, normal physiology, etiology and pathophysiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, complications, prognosis, and treatment.

The text provides easy–to–assimilate information on each disorder and includes the key facts, concise, bulleted paragraphs, and a structure that lends itself to accessibility and point–of–care use in a busy clinical setting. In addition, Internal Medicine Board–style multiple choice questions allow users to self–assess their knowledge, a photo gallery provides a great visual element, and clinical cases throughout allow readers to identify with real–life clinical scenarios. Essentials of Gastroenterology is the hands–on guide that:

  • Covers the whole of gastroenterology in one highly practical volume
  • Presents updated pedagogic features to help achieve rapid clinical understanding, such as case studies, practice points, lists of "pearls," and key weblinks
  • Includes more than 100 Internal Medicine Board–style multiple choice questions ideal for self–assessment
  • Contains major society (AASLD, AGA, BSG, ASGE, ACG, – and others) guidelines for all main GI conditions

Designed for use by gastroenterologists and GI trainees, Essentials of Gastroenterology is the revised and improved edition of the popular manual that is filled with up–to–date information on all the GI disorders. Trainees will learn the essentials of their specialty, as well as providing the seasoned gastroenterologist with a useful refresher tool.

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Contributor List xi

Foreword xv

Preface xvii

Acknowledgments xix

Tribute to Shanthi V. Sitaraman xxi

Luminal Gastrointestinal Tract 1Shreya Raja and Melanie S. Harrison

1 Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease 3Shani Woolard and Jennifer Christie

2 Dysphagia 19Emad Qayed and Shanthi Srinivasan

3 Peptic Ulcer Disease 35Meena A. Prasad and Lawrence S. Friedman

4 Common Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeries 49Rebecca G. Lopez and Edward Lin

5 Acute Diarrhea 71Jan ]Michael A. Klapproth

6 Chronic Diarrhea 89Sonali S. Sakaria and Robin E. Rutherford

7 Irritable Bowel Syndrome 105Kavya M. Sebastian

8 Inflammatory Bowel Disease 113Jan ]Michael A. Klapproth

9 Constipation 133Shreya Raja and Shanthi Srinivasan

10 Colorectal Neoplasms 149Pruthvi Patel and Vincent W. Yang

Liver 165JP Norvell

11 Liver Anatomy and Histopathology 167Joel P. Wedd

12 Liver Biochemical Tests 179Nader Dbouk and Samir Parekh

13 Viral Hepatitis 195Anjana A. Pillai and Lawrence S. Friedman

14 Alcoholic Liver Disease and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease 211Stephen H. Berger and Ryan M. Ford

15 Chronic Liver Disease 227Preeti A. Reshamwala

16 Portal Hypertension 245JP Norvell

Pancreas and Biliary System 269Stephan Goebel and Lisa Cassani

17 Pancreatic Anatomy and Function 271Field F. Willingham

18 Acute Pancreatitis 283Steven Keilin

19 Chronic Pancreatitis 301Anthony M. Gamboa and Qiang Cai

20 Bile Acid Metabolism 315Nicole M. Griglione and Field F. Willingham

21 Gallstones and Complications 325Julia Massaad

Common Problems in Gastroenterology 339Emad Qayed and Meena A. Prasad

22 Acute Gastrointestinal Bleeding 341Tanvi Dhere

23 Abdominal Pain 359Kamil Obideen

24 Jaundice 367Nader Dbouk and Preeti A. Reshamwala

25 Abdominal Emergencies 381Stephan Goebel

Picture Gallery 399Sonali S. Sakaria and Saurabh Chawla

26 Classic Skin Manifestations 401Melanie S. Harrison, Robert A. Swerlick, and Zakiya P. Rice

27 Classic Images 413Pardeep K. Mittal, Courtney C. Moreno, William C. Small, and Saurabh Chawla

28 Classic Pathology 443Sujaata R. Dwadasi, Mary M. Flynn, Stephen K. Lau, and Meena A. Prasad

Index 471

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Shanthi Srinivasan
Lawrence S. Friedman
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