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As the Russian Market Exits Its Severe Downturn and Stabilizes, Businesses Are Increasingly Pressured to Boost Sales

A comprehensive overview of how to manage channel partners effectively in Russia. Learn about the distribution landscape, determine if distributors possess the right capabilities, incorporate e-commerce, and understand key considerations for planning channel transitions.

As the Russian market exits its severe downturn and stabilizes, businesses are increasingly pressured to boost sales. However, the weak economic recovery in the next several years will limit growth opportunities for businesses, who must increasingly optimize their channels to hit targets and beat the competition.

This report helps business leaders understand how best to proactively capitalize on the changes in the channel landscape. In particular, firms need to find ways to collaborate with their local partners and improve partner capabilities

What you will learn

  • What does the current distribution landscape in Russia look like
  • Which business capabilities do local distributors tend to lack
  • Understand how the landscape will evolve with increasing partner sophistication and emerging channels like e-commerce
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Executive Summary

Section 1: Central Challenges to Channel Management in Russia

  • The Market Will Remain Stable and Predictable
  • Route-to-Market Strategies Need to Evolve
  • The Channel in Russia Changed Dramatically
  • External Factors Pressure the Channel
  • Distributors’ Value Added is at Risk
  • Distributors are Evolving their Strategies
  • Retail is Also Evolving Rapidly
  • Large National Players’ Power is Rising
  • Industries are Impacted in Different Ways
  • Failure to Solve the Issues is Risky for Companies

Section 2: Reshaping Your Channel Strategies

  • Companies Need to Adapt Proactively
  • Strategies to Manage Change
  • Evaluate External Factors to Adaptation
  • Evaluate Internal Capability & Priorities
  • Select Channel Strategy to Fit Your Goals
  • Improve Distributor Capabilities
  • Case Study: Build Relationships
  • Find Common Ground
  • Redesign Your Channel Structure
  • Case Study: Redesign Your Channel Structure
  • Improve Your Hybrid Structure
  • Improve Your Relationship with National Players
  • Case Study: Find Shared Interests
  • Case Study: Adapt Your Organization
  • Utilize E-Commerce
  • Case Study: Utilize E-Commerce
  • Go More Direct

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown