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Automotive market in Russia-2017

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You are reading the fifteenth edition of our annual reference book "Automotive market in Russia", covering results of 2016. It traditionally contains statistics and analytics on production, sales and vehicle parc in our country.

Last year the sales of commercial vehicles (LCV, trucks, buses) came up to 156,454 vehicles, that is 2.6% more than a year ago. The demand for the new passenger cars decreased by 12.1% to 1.31 million vehicles. The continuing decline in the car sales affected vehicle production in Russia. 1.31 million vehicles were produced in our country in 2016, that is 5.4% less than a year ago.

The positive changes in the Russian economy, give ground for the conclusion that the Russian passenger car market has reached the bottom and the crisis is close to its end. The significant pent-up demand and the coming vehicle replacement time, coupled with measures of state support, such as preferential loan and leasing programs, which is especially relevant for commercial vehicles, the parc renewal program, which is necessary in the situation of the general aging of the domestic fleet, and subsidizing of some cost of gas engine equipment, etc. can support the market, which will facilitate production.

Besides the main segments of the automotive parc in Russia (passenger cars, LCV, trucks and buses) the report also contains data by production years in the brand structure as well. In 2016 automotive parc in Russia increased by 1.7% or more than 800,000 vehicles and exceeded 49 million vehicles.  The lion’s share (almost 84%) of the parc is generated by passenger cars (41.6 million vehicles). During the year their number increased by 1.8%. Light commercial vehicles form 8% of the total parc or almost 4 million vehicles. Last year LCV parc increased by almost 1%. Trucks generate 7.5% of the parc. There are 3.7 million trucks, during the year their number grew by 0.5%. Less than 1% of the parc belongs to buses, that is about 400,000 vehicles in terms of numbers.

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Part I Production

  • Production Of Automotive Vehicles In Russia
  • Dynamics Of Passenger Car Production
  • Structure Of Passenger Car Production
  • Dynamics Of Truck Production
  • Structure Of Truck Production
  • Dynamics Of Bus Production
  • Structure Of Bus Production
  • Export Of Passenger Cars And Trucks
  • Results Of Foreign Vehicle Assembly In Russia
  • Major Automotive Enterprises In Russia
  • Other Enterprises
  • Prospective Enterprises

Part II Sales

  • Passenger Cars
  • Brand Structure Of The Russian Market
  • Model Structure Of The Russian Market
  • Dynamics Of Passenger Car Sales
  • Price Parameters Of The Market
  • Market Capacity
  • Proceeds From Vehicle Sales By Brands
  • Price Segmentation Of The Market
  • Market Leaders By Classes
  • Market Segmentation
  • Regional Structure Of Foreign Vehicle Sales
  • Dynamics Of Passenger Car Import
  • Structure Of Passenger Car Import
  • Dynamics And Capacity Of Car Lending Market
  • Dynamics Of Dealer Network Development
  • Changes In Automotive Manufacturers’ Dealer Networks
  • Geography Of Dealer Networks
  • Forecast Of Passenger Car Market Development In Russia.
  • Economic Prerequisites For Automotive Market Forecasting In 2017 - 2019
  • Forecast Of Passenger Car Market Development In 2017 - 2019
  • Characteristics Of Passenger Car Brands, Represented In The Russian Market.
  • Light Commercial Vehicles (Lcv)
  • LCV Market In Russia
  • Regional Structure Of Lcv Market
  • LCV Import To Russia
  • Forecast Of Lcv Market Development In Russia
  • Trucks (CV And HCV)
  • Truck Import To Russia
  • Truck Market In Russia
  • Medium-Duty Trucks (CV)
  • CV Market In Russia
  • Regional Structure Of Cv Market
  • Forecast Of Cv Market Development In Russia
  • Heavy-Duty Trucks (HCV)
  • HCV Market In Russia
  • Regional Structure Of HCV Market
  • Forecast Of HCV Market Development In Russia
  • Buses
  • Bus Market In Russia
  • Regional Structure Of Bus Market
  • Bus Import To Russia
  • Forecast Of Bus Market Development In Russia
  • Profiles Of Major Players Of Commercial Vehicle Market In Russia


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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown