Passenger Car Component and Spare Part Market in Russia

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This analytic agency offers the report “Passenger car component and spare part market in Russia”, covering the results of 2016. The report contains three parts. The first part deals with general characteristics of the Russian passenger car market and includes data on their production, import and sales. The second part contains information on capacity of the spare part aftermarket, its regional and brand structure. Information on large distributors of a wide range of spare parts for passenger cars in Russia is included in the third part.

Please note that we evaluated component and spare part aftermarket for passenger cars only. We should also mention that our methods are based on the size and the structure of passenger car parc.

The numbers reveal the real market needs for spare parts in order to maintain vehicles in good repair in normal economic situation, without taking into consideration temporary and season changes.

E.G. the report includes data, abstracting from the situations when some car owners delay oil change or bad part repairs trying to save costs, or when if winter is not very cold, the car owners could use car with old batteries or worn tires.

Having forecasted the parc in Russia for the end of the year, we evaluated market capacity in 2017. After the evaluation of spare part service lives the capacity was calculated for all major segments of the aftermarket.

Totally we calculated tens of components, which were subdivided into 18 product groups. The report includes total evaluations in terms of numbers (units or complete sets) and in terms of money (USD) for each component, for groups of spare parts and for the market for several years, including forecast for the current year.

Marketing report “Passenger car component and spare part market in Russia” was prepared with an office research method. The major information sources are our own databases and information obtained from the market players directly. The structure of the information presentation and the calculation principles are developed by AUTOSTAT specialists. Nevertheless, they are all based on fundamental principles of market capacity calculation, common in the world practice.

All data presented in the report is clearly organized, compiled in tables and illustrated with graphs and diagrams if necessary.

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1. General Characteristics Of The Market, Trends And Prospects

  • Passenger car production in Russia
  • Passenger car import in Russia
  • Passenger car market in Russia
  • Model structure of the Russian market
  • Age structure of passenger car parc in Russia
  • Brand structure of passenger car parc in Russia
  • Regional structure of passenger car parc in Russia
  • Phases of the Russian automotive component market formation
  • Trends and prospects of automotive component market in Russia

2. Evaluation Of Automotive Component And Spare Part Market Capacity

  • Characteristic and evaluation of aftermarket capacity
  • Regional capacity of aftermarket
  • Aftermarket capacity by brands
  • Methods of calculation and critical parameters
  • Automotive tires
  • Automotive batteries
  • Front body parts. Exterior parts
  • Automotive oil and lubricants
  • Automotive filters
  • Brake system parts
  • Suspension units and parts
  • Steering units and parts
  • Clutch units and parts
  • Transmission units and parts
  • Fuel system units and parts
  • Exhaust system units and parts
  • Ignition system units and parts
  • Cooling system units and parts
  • Electronic engine control units and parts
  • Electric equipment units and parts
  • Engine overhaul parts
  • Driving belts

3. Spare Part Distributors

  • Profiles of spare part dealer companies
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown