2018 Guide to Worldwide Postal-Code and Address Formats

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The Guide to Worldwide Postal-Code and Address Formats is your single source for information and examples of postal-code and address formats for more than 200 countries and territories. Have immediate access to information on new postal codes, revisions to existing codes, changes in country and city names plus practical tips for standardizing international addresses, abbreviations, sample addresses, sources of information and more!

Who it helps:

  • marketers
  • web developers
  • postal consultants
  • international mailers
  • mail service companies


  • hundreds of real address examples
  • country-by-country descriptions
  • address and postal terms
  • and much more

What it does:

  • saves on delivery costs
  • enhances data hygiene
  • saves on address handling
  • reduces undeliverable mail
  • improves recipient perception

The Guide to Worldwide Postal-Code and Address Formats provides not only the "official" information   from the postal authorities but also what mailers are seeing and experiencing day-to-day.  Purchase the   print edition of the Guide or an online subscription to stay informed on changes between printed editions.    All the material in the Guide is available online to subscribers with the added bonus of a "What's New"   page posting the information as we get new details.

Buy the online edition for continuous updates or the print edition.

Most recent online update: 19 April 2017.

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Section I: International Addressing
What Makes International Addresses Different?
What Is a "Correct" Address?
Variations in "correct" addresses
Working definition of a "correct" address
What a "correct" address might mean to you

Section II: Other Languages and Writing Systems
International Alphabets and Scripts
Special characters and diacritical marks
Address Abbreviations

Section III: Maintaining International Address Files
Address Components
Address as structures of elements
Common Address Storage Systems
Input and Output
Planning for International Addresses
Develop a "style-sheet" of address guidelines for your company
Allow enough space for international addresses
Abbreviating and editing addresses
Languages and Accent Marks

Section IV: Address Components and Considerations
Honorifics and Honorary Titles
Names of Individuals
Company Title
Company Name
Delivery Address
Postal Code
Locality Code
State or Province
Country of Destination
European Country Codes
If you really can't figure out the address

Section V: World Events Affecting Addresses
Particular Problems Regarding Country Names
Recent Political Changes
Countries Formed Recently
Areas of Civil or Political Conflict
Changes in Provincial and City Names
Changes Affecting International Addressing and Delivery
Changes in Postal-Code or Addressing Formats
Countries Where the Postal-Code Format is Unclear

Section VI: Postal-Code and Address Formats for Individual Countries
Summary Chart of Worldwide Postal-Code and Address Formats
Details of Postal-Code and Address Formats for Individual Countries

A. Special Characters and Diacritical Marks
B. Ordinal Numbers
C. Honorifics
D. Post Office Designations
E. Address Terms and Abbreviations
F. Company Legal Designations and Abbreviations
G. Returned Mail Terms with Translations
H. Countries of the World in Eight Languages
I. Coding Systems for Countries
Country Index

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