DeGarmo's Materials and Processes in Manufacturing. Global Edition

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Newly revised,
DeGarmo′s Materials and Processes in Manufacturing has been the market–leading text on manufacturing and manufacturing processes courses for over fifty years. Authors J T. Black and Ron Kohser have continued this book′s long and distinguished tradition of exceedingly clear presentation and highly practical approach to materials and processes, presenting mathematical models and analytical equations only when they enhance the basic understanding of the material. Updated to reflect all current practices, standards, and materials, this edition has new coverage of additive manufacturing, lean engineering, and processes related to ceramics, polymers, and plastics.
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1 Introduction to DeGarmo s Materials and Processes in Manufacturing

2 Properties of Materials

3 Nature of Materials

4 Equilibrium Phase Diagrams and the Iron Carbon System

5 Heat Treatment

6 Ferrous Metals and Alloys

7 Nonferrous Metals and Alloys

8 Nonmetallic Materials: Plastics, Elastomers, Ceramics, and


9 Material Selection

10 Fundamentals of Casting

11 Expendable–Mold Casting Processes

12 Multiple–Use–Mold Casting Processes

13 Fabrication of Plastics, Ceramics, and Composites

14 Fundamentals of Metal Forming

15 Bulk Forming Processes

16 Sheet–Forming Processes

17 Powder Metallurgy (Particulate Processing)

18 Additive Processes Including

19 Fundamentals of Machining/ Orthogonal Machining

20 Cutting Tool Materials

21 Turning and Boring Processes

22 Milling

23 Drilling and Related Hole–Making Processes

24 Sawing, Broaching, Shaping, and Filing Machining Processes

25 Abrasive Machining Processes

26 CNC Processes and Adaptive Control: A(4) and A(5) Levels

of Automation

27 JIG and Fixture Design

28 Nontraditional Manufacturing Processes

29 Fundamentals of Joining

30 Gas Flame and Arc Processes

31 Resistance and Solid–State Welding Processes

32 Other Welding Processes, Brazing, and Soldering

33 Adhesive Bonding, Mechanical Fastening, and Joining of Non–Metals

34 Surface Integrity and Finishing Processes

35 Nano and Micro–Manufacturing Processes

36 Measurement and Inspection (online at [external URL]


37 Nondestructive Examination (NDE) / Nondestructive

Testing (NDT) (online at [external URL]

38 Manufacturing Automation and Industrial Robots

(online at [external URL]

Advanced Topic 1

Process Capability and Quality Control (online at [external URL]

Advanced Topic 2

The Enterprise (Production System) (online at [external URL]

Advanced Topic 3

Lean Engineering (online at [external URL]

Advanced Topic 4

Mixed–Model Final Assembly (online at [external URL]

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J. T. Black
Ronald A. Kohser
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