Global Fingerprint Sensor Market - By Usage In Devices , Industry, Geography, Trends, Forecast - 2017 - 2022

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The Global Fingerprint Sensor market is valued at USD 8.15 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach a value of USD 22.07 billion by the end of 2022, growing at a projected CAGR of 18.06 % during the forecast period of 2017 - 2022. North America is the leading market for fingerprint sensor with USA being the major market in the region. Asia Pacific region is one of the fastest growing regions for fingerprint sensor market with adoption increasing in various offices.

Fingerprint is one of the most unique things that every person has. It differs from person to person. This fact is being used widely in the market as a security feature. This will help the security system to keep anybody out of the system who is not authorized. Fingerprint scanners have been there in the industry for some years. Many offices, banks, healthcare facilities, homes and manufacturing centres use this technology. This technology also came in earlier versions of laptops or desktops but the users faced various problems with it and stopped using it. This led to a gradual decline in sales of fingerprint scanners in electronic devices. However, the revival in the industry came when Apple released its IPhone 5S which also used this technology. Then many other phones and tablets started including this feature in the devices because the demand for this technology kept increasing. Now this technology is expanding into payment modes instead of using cash or card like Apple Pay.

However there is a lack of awareness of this technology among the general population to use this feature for different applications. This trend should change in the period to come with the increase in the adoption of these sensors in consumer electronics. This will help the consumers to get more knowledge of how these sensors can be used in daily life applications. Fingerprint sensors take an image of the finger kept on the screen and start comparing very specific features of the fingerprint. The specific features that are matched include ridges and bifurcations on the fingers. Then the software in the fingerprint scanner compares this to the fingerprint on the record. If maximum of the parameters match then the print is approved or else rejected.

The author classifies the market based on the use of various types of sensors like optical sensors, thermal sensors, pressure sensor, RF sensors, and ultrasonic sensors; apart from geography, applications and end-user industry. In addition this report also talks about the new technological trends in the Global Fingerprint Sensor Industry.

Major companies in the market like Siemens, Alps Electric, 3M, Atmel, Fujitsu are pushing for more applications of the fingerprint sensors in the market. These companies have been studied and their strategies have been analysed in the report. The report is divided by geography where the market share of each region is analysed and estimates are provided over the period of 2017 - 2022. The various applications of fingerprint sensors have been discussed in detail in addition to a comprehensive overview of the market.

This Report Offers:

1.Market definition for the Fingerprint Sensors along with identification of key drivers and restraints for the market.

2.Market analysis for the Fingerprint Sensors, with region specific assessments and competition analysis on a global and regional scale.

3.Identification of factors instrumental in changing the market scenarios, rising prospective opportunities and identification of key companies which can influence the market on a global and regional scale.

4.Extensively researched competitive landscape section with profiles of major companies along with their share of markets.

5.Identification and analysis of the Macro and Micro factors that affect the Fingerprint Sensors on both global and regional scale.

6.A comprehensive list of key market players along with the analysis of their current strategic interests and key financial information.
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2. Executive Summary
3.1 Market Segmentation
3.2 Overview
3.3 Industry Value Chain Analysis
3.4 Industry Attractiveness - Porter's 5 Force Analysis
3.5 Industry Policies
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Drivers
4.2.1 Growing demand for wearable devices and smartphones
4.2.2 Increasing usage for different security and business purposes
4.2.3 New applications across industry verticals
4.3 Restraints
4.3.1 Lack of awareness among the users
5. Technology Overview
5.1 Technology Snapshot
5.2 Fingerprint Sensors Applications
5.3 Fingerprint Sensing Types
5.4 Ongoing research and development
6. Fingerprint Sensor Market by Sensing Technique
6.1 Capacitive Sensors
6.1.1 Market Size and Forecast
6.1.2 Analyst View
6.2 Optical Sensors
6.2.1 Market Size and Forecast
6.2.2 Analyst View
6.3 Thermal Sensors
6.3.1 Market Size and Forecast
6.3.2 Analyst View
6.4 Pressure Sensors
6.4.1 Market Size and Forecast
6.4.2 Analyst View
6.5 RF Sensors
6.5.1 Market Size and Forecast
6.5.2 Analyst View
6.6 Ultrasonic Sensors
6.6.1 Market Size and Forecast
6.6.2 Analyst View
6.7 Others
6.7.1 Market Size and Forecast
6.7.2 Analyst View
7. Fingerprint Sensor Market by End User Industry
7.1 Defense
7.1.1 Market Size and Forecast
7.1.2 Analyst View
7.2 Retail
7.2.1 Market Size and Forecast
7.2.2 Analyst View
7.3 Education
7.3.1 Market Size and Forecast
7.3.2 Analyst View
7.4 Healthcare
7.4.1 Market Size and Forecast
7.4.2 Analyst View
7.5 Financial Services
7.5.1 Market Size and Forecast
7.5.2 Analyst View
7.6 Government
7.6.1 Market Size and Forecast
7.6.2 Analyst View
7.7 Others
7.7.1 Market Size and Forecast
7.7.2 Analyst View
8. Fingerprint Sensor Market by Usage in Devices
8.1 Smartphones
8.1.1 Market Size and Forecast
8.2 Wearable Devices
8.2.1 Market Size and Forecast
8.3 Tablets
8.3.1 Market Size and Forecast
8.4 Gaming Consoles
8.4.1 Market Size and Forecast
8.5 Others
8.5.1 Market Size and Forecast
9. Fingerprint Sensor Market by Geography
9.1 North America
9.1.1 United States
9.1.2 Canada
9.1.3 Others
9.1.4 Analyst View
9.2 Europe
9.2.1 France
9.2.2 Germany
9.2.3 United Kingdom
9.2.4 Others
9.2.5 Analyst View
9.3 Asia Pacific
9.3.1 China
9.3.2 Japan
9.3.3 India
9.3.4 Others
9.3.5 Analyst View
9.4 Rest of the World
9.4.1 Analyst View
10. Vendor Market Share 11. Competitive Intelligence - Company Profiles
11.1 Siemens
11.1.1 Overview
11.1.2 Financials
11.1.3 Products
11.1.4 Recent Developments
11.2 Alps Electric
11.2.1 Overview
11.2.2 Financials
11.2.3 Products
11.2.4 Recent Developments
11.3 3M
11.3.1 Overview
11.3.2 Financials
11.3.3 Products
11.3.4 Recent Developments
11.4 Himax Technologies
11.4.1 Overview
11.4.2 Financials
11.4.3 Products
11.4.4 Recent Developments
11.5 IDEX AsA
11.5.1 Overview
11.5.2 Financials
11.5.3 Products
11.5.4 Recent Developments
11.6 Atmel
11.6.1 Overview
11.6.2 Financials
11.6.3 Products
11.6.4 Recent Developments
11.7 Sieko Espon
11.7.1 Overview
11.7.2 Financials
11.7.3 Products
11.7.4 Recent Developments
11.8 Fujitsu
11.8.1 Overview
11.8.2 Financials
11.8.3 Products
11.8.4 Recent Developments
11.9 Fingerprint Cards
11.9.1 Overview
11.9.2 Financials
11.9.3 Products
11.9.4 Recent Developments
11.10 Hitachi
11.10.1 Overview
11.10.2 Financials
11.10.3 Products
11.10.4 Recent Developments
11.11 Sharp
11.11.1 Overview
11.11.2 Financials
11.11.3 Products
11.11.4 Recent Developments
11.12 Sony
11.12.1 Overview
11.12.2 Financials
11.12.3 Products
11.12.4 Recent Developments
11.13 Next Biometrics
11.13.1 Overview
11.13.2 Financials
11.13.3 Products
11.13.4 Recent Developments
11.14 Elecvision
11.14.1 Overview
11.14.2 Financials
11.14.3 Products
11.14.4 Recent Developments
11.15 IMEN
11.15.1 Overview
11.15.2 Financials
11.15.3 Products
11.15.4 Recent Developments
11.16 Sapphire Materials Company
11.16.1 Overview
11.16.2 Financials
11.16.3 Products
11.16.4 Recent Developments
11.17 Morpho S.A.
11.17.1 Overview
11.17.2 Financials
11.17.3 Products
11.17.4 Recent Developments
11.18 Fulcrum Biometrics
11.18.1 Overview
11.18.2 Financials
11.18.3 Products
11.18.4 Recent Developments
12. Investment Analysis
12.1 Recent Mergers and Acquisitions
12.2 Role of Business Accelerators
12.3 Investment Outlook
13. Future of Fingerprint Sensor Market
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown