China Electric Power Sector Report 2017/2018

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  • Report
  • Region: China
  • 79 pages
  • EMIS, An ISI Emerging Markets Group Company
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The Introduction And Development Of Renewable Energy Sources Has Turned Out To Be Very Important For China Given The Increasing Government Emphasis On Energy Saving And Low-Carbon Development.
This report provides a complete and detailed analysis of the electric power sector for China. In-depth business intelligence is presented in a standard format across countries and regions, providing a balanced mix between analysis and data.

What this Report Allows you to do:
  • Understand the key elements at play in the electric power sector and the energy matrix of China
  • Access forecasts for growth in the sector
  • View key capacity, generation and consumption data for the sector in China
  • Crystallise the forces both driving and restraining this sector in China
  • Ascertain China’s position in the global sector
  • Build a complete perspective on sector trade, investment and employment
  • Understand the competitive landscape and who the major players are
  • View M&A activity and major deals
  • Gain an understanding of the regulatory environment for the sector in China
  • Build a clear picture of trends and issues for specific sub-sectors (e.g. power generation, transmission and distribution, and consumption).
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1. Executive Summary
  • Sector In Numbers
  • Sector Overview
  • Sector Snapshot
  • Sector Outlook
  • Driving Forces
  • Restraining Forces
2. Sector In Focus
  • Focusint - Electricity Pr Production
  • Main Economic Indicators
  • Main Sector Indicators
  • Installed Capacity Andwer Mix
  • Electricity Pr Production
  • Electricity Consumption
  • Consumption By Sector
  • Dynamics By Region In
  • External Trade
  • Global Positioning
  • Fixed Assets Investment
  • Electricity Construction Investment
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Electricity Policies
  • Employment And Wages
3. Competitive Landscape
  • Highlights
  • Foreign Investment Andwer Grid
  • State-Owned Companies
  • Top Companies
  • M&A Deals
  • M&A Activity, 2016 - Q1
4. Companies In Focus
  • Chinawer International Development Ltd.
  • Huanengwer International Corporation
  • Gdwer Development Co Ltd.
  • Datang Internationalwer Generation Co Ltd
  • Huadianwer International Corporation Ltd.
5. Regulatory Environment
  • Key Bodies
  • Government Policy
  • Government Action
  • Supporting Non-Regulatory Bodies
6. Thermalwer
  • Focusint - Thermal Electricity Production
  • Highlights
  • Main Events
  • Capacity And Production
7. Hydropower
  • Focusint - Hydro Electricity Production
  • Highlights
  • Main Events
  • Capacity And Production
  • Outlook
8. Nuclearwer
  • Highlights
  • Capacity And Production
9. Windwer
  • Highlights
  • Capacity And Production
10. Solarwer
  • Highlights
  • Capacity And Production
11. Other Renewablewer
  • Geothermalwer
  • Tidal And Wavewer
12. Energy Storage
  • Highlights
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As China has grown to be the world's biggest economy, the generation, trade and consumption of electricity have become an increasingly crucial component of the country's growth and energy needs. The introduction and development of renewable energy sources has also turned out to be very important given the increasing government emphasis on energy saving and low-carbon development.
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  • China Power International Development Ltd.
  • Huaneng Power International Corporation
  • GD Power Development Co Ltd.
  • Datang International Power Generation Co Ltd
  • Huadian Power International Corporation Ltd.
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown