Stevioside Market in China 2017-2022

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Stevioside is the main sweetener with rebaudioside A, found in the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana, a plant originating in South America. Dried leaf, as well as aqueous extracts, has been used for decades as a sweetener in many countries, notably in Latin America and Asia (Japan, China). Especially in Asia, South America and the US, stevioside is largely used in food manufacturing. In 2016, about 3,000 kinds of products containing stevioside were newly introduced.

Although stevioside has a long history in South America, China is the major producer, taking 90% of the global capacity, making it the largest planter of stevia rebaudiana, the largest producer and exporter of stevioside. More than 70% of stevioside produced in China is exported, which means overseas demand has bigger influence on the country’s output. In 2016, the output of stevioside in the country reached nearly 8,000 tonnes.

In the future, stevioside will be affected by per capita consumption of zero-calorie beverages and new stevioside products will cost less and will benefit people’s health. Emerging markets and developing regions create opportunities for investors. Because stevioside has a zero glycemic index and zero calorie, it is popular in many countries.

In recent years, stevioside has replaced some other sweeteners in food, medicine and daily chemical industries, driving continuously rising demand for the sweetener and providing more space for leading enterprises in the industry. At the same time, along with the downstream development, the demand for high-purity stevioside will increase as well, which brings new profits to manufacturers with innovative ability. In 2022, the sales volume of stevioside is forecasted to reach about 4,000 tonnes and the market scale will be around RMB3.4 billion.

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Executive Summary


1 Development Environment for Stevioside Industry in China
1.1 Economy
1.2 Policy
1.3 General Development Analysis of Plant Extracts in China

2 General Status of China Stevioside Market, 2012-2016
2.1 Supply
2.1.1 Capacity
2.1.2 Output
2.2 Market Scale
2.3 Demand
2.4 Price
2.5 Export

3 Industrial Chain of Stevioside in China
3.1 Planting Area of Stevia Rebaudiana
3.2 Downstream

4 Analysis of Key Stevioside Enterprises in China
4.1 PureCircle (Jiangxi) Co. Ltd.
4.2 Zhucheng Haotian Pharm Co., Ltd.
4.3 Qufu Lvtianyuan High Technology Co., Ltd
4.4 Biolotus Technology Jiangsu Inc.
4.3 Chenguang Biotech Group Co., Ltd.

5 Forecast and Investment Suggestions of Stevioside Industry in China, 2017-2022
5.1 Forecast
5.2 Investment Suggestion
5.2.1 Meaning of Strategy Planning
5.2.2 Principles of Strategy Planning
5.2.3 Analysis on Strategy Planning
5.2.4 Key Customer Strategy

List of Figures
Figure 1 China’s GDPs and growth rates, 2011-2016
Figure 2 Stevioside outputs in China, 2012-2016
Figure 3 Market scales of stevioside (included exported stevioside) in China, 2012-2016
Figure 4 Sales volumes of stevioside in China, 2012-2016
Figure 6 Country distribution of exported stevioside from China in 2016
Figure 5 Numbers of new products containing stevioside in the world, 2011-2016
Figure 7 Stevioside output forecasts in China, 2017-2022
Figure 8 Sales forecasts of stevioside in China, 2017-2022
Figure 9 Market scale forecasts of stevioside (included exported stevioside) in China, 2017-2022

List of Tables
Table 1 China’s GDP distributions, 2014-2016
Table 2 Related policies to stevioside industry in China
Table 3 Values of exported plant extracts from China, 2014-2017
Table 4 Capacities of main stevioside manufacturers in China
Table 5 Volumes and values of stevioside exported from China, 2012-2016
Table 6 Countries China exported stevioside to in 2016
Table 7 Planting areas of stevia rebaudiana and outputs of dried leaves in China, 2014-2016
Table 8 Numbers of foods and beverages containing stevioside in the world, 2010-2016
Table 9 Sales of PureCircle (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd., 2014-2016
Table 10 Operating revenues of Zhucheng Haotian Pharm Co., Ltd., 2014-2016
Table 11 Operating revenues of Qufu Lvtianyuan High Technology Co., Ltd, 2014-2016
Table 12 Operating revenues and net profits of Biolotus Technology Jiangsu Inc., 2013-2016
Table 13 Outputs and sales of natural extracts by Chenguang Biotech Group Co., Ltd., 2015-2016
Table 14 Revenues and profits of Chenguang Biotech Group Co., Ltd., 2013-2017
Table 15 Revenues of Chenguang Biotech Group Co., Ltd. by product for the first half year in 2017
Table 16 Administrative and Strategic Planning of Enterprises to VIPs
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  • Biolotus Technology Jiangsu Inc.
  • Chenguang Biotech Group Co., Ltd.
  • PureCircle (Jiangxi) Co. Ltd.
  • Qufu Lvtianyuan High Technology Co., Ltd
  • Zhucheng Haotian Pharm Co., Ltd.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown