CWS (Cold Water Swelling) Starches Process, Applications, Products and Markets September, 2017

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Report provides comprehensive material on CWS starch: products, processes, applications, margins and markets. Research is presented in the form of selected abstracts with who is doing what and in which areas. List of patents for each category compliment the research abstracts presented based on our extensive research of publications and patents. 

Cold water swelling and spray cooked starches are marketed heavily for instant preparation and convenience aspects of food preparation. Granular cold water swelling/soluble starches are produced by treatment with an alcohol and a strong base to effect swelling of the starch granules and conversion to a form having increased cold-water solubility. The original process described in KSU patent was not economical. Alcohol with alkali was the original work by Jay-Lin Jane and Paul Sieb (1992) and was not practiced due to high alcohol usage and very high cost (see abstract).  CWS starches have been produced from a variety of starches: waxy or high-amylose, banana, chickpea, and potato native or with chemical modification.  CWS starch, sometimes called pregelatinized starch, is being used in nursing homes to thicken foods for consumption by dysphagia patients without heating them to high temperatures.

Total US market for cold water swelling/spray cooked starches in 2016 was estimated to be 104 MM lbs. annually.  This includes a wide variety of typical food applications as well as specific specialty applications. Three segments; convenience, dairy and bakery utilize almost 70 mm pounds with one user using ~ 17 to 18 mm lbs. in single application, pudding.  Our projection is that CWS starch consumption will grow > 120 million lbs. by rear 2020.

Specialty starches labeled instant, granular or cold water-swelling hydrate at lower temperatures and eliminate the heating step. In addition to convenience and significant savings in time, labor, energy and equipment, these also improve the quality of delicate products normally harmed by heat.

This report provides details of process, products, applications and markets. Also included in this report detail literature reviews and patents assigned to companies that includes, alkali/alcohol treatments, spray cooking and most recent development that includes combination of ultrasound, alkali and alcohol treatment. Currently there are 5 companies involved in manufacturing of CWS starches.

Finally, Research activities presented in the form of selected research paper abstracts and patents show activities in several fronts; convenience, health/nutrition, novel flavor encapsulation, new tastes, natural clean labeling and dairy among other growing trends worldwide going forward

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1. Executive Summary

2. Cold Water Swelling (Cws) And Spray Cooke Starch

  • CWS/Spray cooked starch process and properties
  • A new method using Ultrasound in combination with Alkali & Alcohol
  • Selected Properties

3. Applications, Major Customers & Uses

  • Applications
  • Uses
  • Major applications

4. Markets, Manufacurers, Product Volumes & Prices

  • Major CWS manufacturers and market
  • Price Points and Margins Estimates

5. Products By Manufacturers

6. Opportunities & Trends

7. CWS Starch Selected Research, Technology And Market Development Activities

  • Selected Abstracts
  • Selected Patent Summaries

8. Summary

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