The Top Five Wage and Hour Mistakes Employers Make - Webinar

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Department of Labor and the Increased Aggressiveness Being Shown it is Important for Companies to Understand the Fair Labor Standards Act in Greater Detail

This webinar will cover the top five mistakes that companies make in administering the Fair Labor Standards Act. This law was created in 1938 and was made to cover a different world of work that we have today. Yet modern companies and modern employees still have to be covered by these regulations.

We will cover items such as why you cannot let an employee eat at their desk, or volunteer to work without pay, and why you cannot take action against an employee for reporting you to the government

Why Should You Attend?

The Fair Labor Standards Act requires that employers pay people correctly. Overtime, exemptions, salary or hourly, break times, meal times and travel time are all issues that cause employers difficulty. Employers need to understand these issues in order to avoid litigation, especially in the light of the revision of the FLSA that will create 4.2 million new nonexempt employees. Annually wage and hour mistakes cost companies in the United States millions of dollars in back pay and fines. With the increased scrutiny companies are under by the U.S. Department of Labor and the increased aggressiveness being shown it is important for companies to understand the Fair Labor Standards Act in greater detail.

Company managers and human resources professionals need to understand the top five mistakes made and how to avoid them. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act the details count. Not paying attention to these details can cost a company thousands of dollars in back pay, thousands of dollars in fines and thousands of dollars in lost productivity. This not just a big company issue. Small companies are even more susceptible to making these mistakes because often managers and administrative personnel are not trained in the basics of Wage & Hour law. The US Department of Labor is targeting ever smaller companies and broadening the scope of their investigations.

Areas Covered

The attendee will learn these top five mistakes:

1. Misclassifying non-exempt employees as exempt
2. Not tracking time properly
3. Not paying overtime as required
4. Not paying supplemental time correctly (break time, travel time, etc.)
5. Improperly classifying employees as independent contractors

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  • Michael Haberman Michael Haberman,
    Vice-President & Co-founder ,
    Omega HR Solutions, Inc.

    Michael D. Haberman is Vice-President and co-founder of Omega HR Solutions, Inc., a consulting and services company offering complete human resources solutions. Mike brings over 30 years of experience in dealing with the challenges of Human Resources in the 21st century. He has a BA in Psychology; a Master's in HR and is certified as an SPHR and SHRM-SCP. He has over 17 years’ experience in the class room teaching human resources fundamentals and certification preparation for multiple universities and organizations. Recently Mike was named as an “Influencer” for IBM’s New Way to Work Initiative, where he serves the role of HR futurist. Mike is the author of the Human Resources blog found at , which has been recognized several times as a Top 25 in human resources related blogs. It has consistently been named as a top HR blog to read. He has been selected as one of six HR bloggers to be featured on the online version of Human Resources Executive Magazine. He has also been named in the Top 10 Digital Influencers in Human Resources and most recently has been named to the top 60 most influential HR pros on Twitter. Mike has gained a reputation as a compliance expert. He speaks on a variety of subjects to business associations, human resource associations and business based civic clubs. He has co-presented webinars on various HR related issues.

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This 60-minute online course is intended for professionals in the all Industry. Although not presently stated in the draft, the same guide could be used by FDA Regulated Industries personnel.

  • Business owners
  • Office managers
  • HR managers
  • HR executives
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