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Tilt Rotor Aircraft Market in Asia Pacific - Opportunities, trends and Challenges (2018-2023)

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  • Report
  • Region: Asia, Asia Pacific
  • 120 pages
  • Mordor Intelligence
until Jul 01st 2019
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  • Boeing
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In today’s scenario a lot of missions are required to be carried out civil, military and also humanitarian in rugged and Inhospitable Terrain. A fixed wing plane needs a proper runway to land and a helicopter has lower range and speed as well as low capacity, so a requirement arose for fixed wing that could land like a helicopter. This requirement resulted in the production of the Tilt Rotor Aircraft.

In a Tilt Rotor Aircraft lift and propulsion is generated by its powered rotors which are usually mounted at the end of a Fixed Wing. This enables the aircraft to achieve vertical lift off and then work as a conventional fixed wing aircraft. It combines the advantages of a Fixed Wing Aircraft and Helicopter but without their shortcomings. In a Tilt Wing Aircraft the entire wing pivots while in a Tilt Rotor Aircraft only the rotor pivots. The First Design which was of some resemblance to the present day tilt rotor was mooted in 1930 by George lehberger, but that design never saw production. The V 22 Osprey which is currently the only production tilt rotor aircraft is an expensive aircraft, both in terms of per unit cost as well as maintenance. It costs over $70 million per unit to purchase and its running costs are in excess of $83000 per hour, and even considering the cost of running military aircraft (its cost is huge). This aspect is one of the most worrying aspect and the most major obstacle to the future of the Tilt Rotor Market. Bell needs an order of 20 per year to keep its factory running at capacity but the actual demand figure is nowhere close to that at a maximum of 5-6 per year. Same is true for the AW 609 which is an upcoming Civilian Tilt rotor Aircraft which has been built upon the experience gained on the V22 Osprey.

With a population of 4.2 Billion, Asia Pacific is the biggest market in the world by population and soon with the exponential growth within the future for some of its economies like India, Vietnam etc. It is on course to becoming the most economically significant region in the world. Defense budgets of Asia Pacific countries are expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.97% until 2020 and Indonesia will be the fastest growing market with annual growth rates averaging 13.2% a year up until 2020

The major problem in this part of the world is infrastructure and the comparatively low social overhead capital, in other words there is a shortage of runways and thus poor connectivity. Thus a market for a tilt rotor aircraft is enormous in this region as these don’t require a fully fledged runway which is difficult to make in mountainous regions and also due to low funds. But the tilt rotor can land in a helipad as easily as a helicopter and carry more transport and payload at higher speeds than a regular chopper. Hence the Tilt rotor Aircraft is perfectly suited for the Asia Pacific countries and helps them achieve their goals.

What the report offers

The study identifies the situation of Asia Pacific and predicts the growth of its Tilt Rotor Aircraft Market. Report talks about growth, market trends, progress, challenges, opportunities, government regulations, technologies in use, growth forecast, major companies, upcoming companies and projects etc. in the Tilt rotor aircraft market of the Asia- Pacific Region. In addition to it, the report also talks about economic conditions of and future forecast of its current economic scenario and effect of its current policy changes in to its economy, reasons and implications on the growth of this sector. Lastly, the report is segmented by various types, purpose of Tilt Rotors and by various countries of The Asia Pacific Region.

As part of this package, any purchases made up to 30th June will receive the following:

1) Free update of the report in 6 months on request 

2) Free Market Estimate sheet excel data sheet
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  • Agusta Westland
  • Bell
  • Boeing
  • Boeing
  • Raytheon
  • Sikorsky
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1. Research Methodology

2. Key Findings of The Study

3. Executive Summary

4. Market Overview
4.1 Market Overview
4.2 Industry Value Chain Analysis
4.3 Industry Attractiveness - Porter’s 5 Force Analysis
4.4 Industry Policies

5. Market Dynamics
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Drivers
5.2.1 Growing Military Operations in Mountanious Regions
5.2.2 Rising Incidence of Global Search And Rescue Operations
5.2.3 More Allocation Towards Research And Development
5.3 Restraints
5.3.1 High Cost
5.3.2 Falling Defense Expenditures
5.3.3 Competition from regular helicopters and fixed wings
5.4 Trends
5.4.1 Booming Market For Tilt rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
5.4.2 Development Of Tiltrotor UAV In South Korea
5.4.3 Development Of First Civilian Tilrotor Aircraft

6. Tilt Rotor Aircraft Market
6.1 Defence Budget Spending Overview
6.2 Technology Overview
6.3 Segmentation By Type
6.3.1 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
6.3.2 Orientation Fixed Wing Base Helicopter Base
6.4 Segmentation By Purpose
6.4.1 Civilian
6.4.2 Military
6.5 Segmentaton By countries
6.5.1 Australia
6.5.2 Bangladesh
6.5.3 Cambodia
6.5.4 China
6.5.5 India
6.5.6 Indonesia
6.5.7 Japan
6.5.8 North Korea
6.5.9 Sri Lnka
6.5.10 South Korea
6.5.11 Malaysia
6.5.12 Philippines
6.5.13 Taiwan
6.5.14 Thailand
6.5.15 Vietnam
6.5.16 Philippines

7. Vendor Market Share

8. Competitive Intelligence - Company Profiles
8.1 Boeing
8.1.1 Overview
8.1.2 Major Products and Services
8.1.3 Financials
8.1.4 Recent Developments
8.2 Bell
8.2.1 Overview
8.2.2 Major Products and Services
8.2.3 Financials
8.2.4 Recent Developments
8.3 Agusta Westland
8.3.1 Overview
8.3.2 Major Products and Services
8.3.3 Financials
8.3.4 Recent Developments
8.4 Sikorsky
8.4.1 Overview
8.4.2 Major Products and Services
8.4.3 Financials
8.4.4 Recent Developments
8.5 Boeing
8.5.1 Overview
8.5.2 Major Products and Services
8.5.3 Financials
8.5.4 Recent Developments
8.6 Raytheon
8.6.1 Overview
8.6.2 Major Products and Services
8.6.3 Financials
8.6.4 Recent Developments
8.7 Lockheed Martin
8.7.1 Overview
8.7.2 Major Products and Services
8.7.3 Financials
8.7.4 Recent Developments
8.8 American Dynamics
8.8.1 Overview
8.8.2 Major Products and Services
8.8.3 Financials
8.8.4 Recent Developments
8.9 Israel Aerospace Industries
8.9.1 Overview
8.9.2 Major Products and Services
8.9.3 Financials
8.9.4 Recent Developments
8.10 Meggit
8.10.1 Overview
8.10.2 Major Products and Services
8.10.3 Financials
8.10.4 Recent Developments
8.11 General Dynamics Corporation
8.11.1 Overview
8.11.2 Major Products and Services
8.11.3 Financials
8.11.4 Recent Developments
8.12 Korea Aerospace Research Institute
8.12.1 Overview
8.12.2 Major Products and Services
8.12.3 Financials
8.12.4 Recent Developments
8.13 Moog. Inc
8.13.1 Overview
8.13.2 Major Products and Services
8.13.3 Financials
8.13.4 Recent Developments
8.14 BAE Systems
8.14.1 Overview
8.14.2 Major Products and Services
8.14.3 Financials
8.14.4 Recent Developments
8.15 Rockwell Collins Inc
8.15.1 Overview
8.15.2 Major Products and Services
8.15.3 Financials
8.15.4 Recent Developments
8.16 Honeywell Aerospace
8.16.1 Overview
8.16.2 Major Products and Services
8.16.3 Financials
8.16.4 Recent Developments
8.17 GE Aviation Systems
8.17.1 Overview
8.17.2 Major Products and Services
8.17.3 Financials
8.17.4 Recent Developments
8.18 Rolls-Royce Corporation
8.18.1 Overview
8.18.2 Major Products and Services
8.18.3 Financials
8.18.4 Recent Developments
8.19 Breeze Eastern Corporation
8.19.1 Overview
8.19.2 Major Products and Services
8.19.3 Financials
8.19.4 Recent Developments
8.20 Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems
8.20.1 Overview
8.20.2 Major Products and Services
8.20.3 Financials
8.20.4 Recent Developments
8.21 CDI Aerospace
8.21.1 Overview
8.21.2 Major Products and Services
8.21.3 Financials
8.21.4 Recent Developments
8.22 Hexcel Structures
8.22.1 Overview
8.22.2 Major Products and Services
8.22.3 Financials
8.22.4 Recent Developments
8.23 Latrobe Specialty Steel Company
8.23.1 Overview
8.23.2 Major Products and Services
8.23.3 Financials
8.23.4 Recent Developments
8.24 Cobham Mission Systems Division
8.24.1 Overview
8.24.2 Major Products and Services
8.24.3 Financials
8.24.4 Recent Developments

9. Investment Analysis
9.1 Recent Mergers And Acquisitions
9.2 Investment Outlook

10. Future of Tilrotor Aircraft Market In Asia Pacific
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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  • Boeing
  • Bell
  • Agusta Westland
  • Sikorsky
  • Boeing
  • Raytheon
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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