Research of the Market of Medical Services in Azerbaijan

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Medicine is in process of development in Azerbaijan. The last 10 years were dedicated to the reforms connected with provision of medical services to the population of the state. The years of 2011-2012 were the period of active reformation in Azerbaijan. Decrease of number of healthcare personnel and total number of beds in the hospitals were observed at that time. During the next years capital repairs were performed in many public healthcare and prophylactic institutions, expensive medical equipment was purchased, nevertheless, the quality of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation remained low.

Population of Azerbaijan has no confidence to public hospitals and uses to visit private clinics or receive treatment abroad. Azerbaijan people prefer to treat cardiovascular diseases in Iran and Turkey, cancer diseases - in Israel or Ukraine.

Blood services actively developed in Azerbaijan during the last years. Population became more involved in donorship which resulted in growth of stock in the blood bank of this state.

It should be noted that increase of duration of life rate and decrease of mortality of population were observed during the examined period.

Baku is the largest city, the capital and the sole city with population exceeding one million of people. The largest number of healthcare institutions is located here, that’s why the high level of migration of people from different regions of the state, who are in need of healthcare services, is observed.

During the period of 2013-2016 the costs for medical services expressed in national currency of Azerbaijan (Manat) grew for approximately 23%, but if we analyze price dynamics in EUR, over 20% decrease of costs of services is observed. The factor which influenced on it is the decrease of Manat exchange rate to EUR which started in 2015.
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1. General description of medicine development in Azerbaijan
1.1. Analysis of local medicine development trends in 2013-2016
1.2. Main health indicators (number of doctors, hospital beds, healthcare institutions, etc.)

2. Regulation by the state (national programs supporting medicine, etc.)

3. Main competitors on the market, their brief description

3.2. Segmentation and structuring of the key competitors (by profiles and regions)
3.3. Level of competition and risks

4. Price and pricing for medical services in Azerbaijan
4.1. Price dynamics with distribution by services in 2013-2016
4.2. Description of factors influencing on price, the structure

5. Consumption of medical services on the market
5.1. Consumers’ preferences for medical services, consumer’s profile

6. Conclusions and recommendations. Forecasted market development trends in 2017-2019

7. Investment attractiveness of construction of medical clinic in Azerbaijan
7.1. SWOT analysis of market direction
7.2. Risks and barriers for entering the market

List of Tables
  • The Fund of Beds for Patients in Healthcare Institutions of Azerbaijan in 2013 - 2016.
  • Dynamics of Healthcare Personnel of Different Profiles in Azerbaijan in 2013 - 2016
  • Dynamics of Healthcare Institutions in Azerbaijan in 2013 - 2016
  • National Programs to Support Medicine in Azerbaijan
  • The Largest Multi-Profile Clinics of Azerbaijan
  • Segmentation of the Largest Multi-Profile Clinics of Azerbaijan
  • Risks on the Market of Multi-Profile Clinics of Azerbaijan
  • Price Dynamics with Distribution by Services in Azerbaijan in 2013 - 2016.
  • General SWOT Analysis of the Market of Medical Clinics in Azerbaijan
  • Main Barriers To Enter the Market
List of Diagrams
  • Healthcare System Reformation in Azerbaijan
  • Structuring of Key Competitors by Regions
  • Structure of Costs for Medical Services
  • Structure of the Diseases in Azerbaijan, %
  • Structure of the Diseases in Azerbaijan with distribution by age, %
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