The Strategic Negotiator: A Manual for Negotiating at the Elite Level

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Your negotiating ability is your destiny.

Whatever your profession, whatever your industry, whatever the stage of your career. You cannot escape the fact that your future is a function of your negotiating prowess.

We all must negotiate with vendors, partners, customers, employees, colleagues, superiors, regulators and agents. In today's challenging economic climate our 'relationships' with our business associates have been relegated to the dustbin of history. Your negotiating counterparts will never give you the deal you deserve. You will only get the deal you negotiate.

No other sphere of business provides you with as much leverage as negotiations. A few weeks of strategizing and due diligence may enable you to receive prices and financing terms millions of dollars more favorable than you previously anticipated. Simply knowing when to approach a counterpart can be worth big money. Determining who should make the opening offer can result in substantial profits. Understanding when to remain silent can be highly lucrative in a negotiation.

You can build an empire through negotiations. You can also devote 30 years of unflagging labor to building your business and then squander 50% of its value during an ill-planned three-month negotiation.

The Institute for Strategic Negotiations offers both public and private courses on Strategic Negotiating techniques.

Selection of Reviews:

"Packed with excellent case studies. Well-written, practical and thought-provoking."
Marc Sandy Block Counsel IBM

"Throughout more than 700 pages and with more than 100 case studies, David Wanetick demolishes the win-win gospel ingrained in the minds of so many ivory tower academicians."
Josh Cline Managing Director Venture1st

"David Wanetick has written the treatise on negotiations! It is absolutely a must read for negotiating! His ability to illuminate a multitude of negotiating strategies and to work within them to achieve favorable outcomes is invaluable!"
Wesley Muller Managing Counsel Under Armour

"The Strategic Negotiator is a fast, enjoyable, enlightening and funny read. David Wanetick is a true master at storytelling while at the same time flawlessly integrating various negotiating strategies. Each reader will definitely connect with his stories on a personal level making it easy to learn new negotiating skills."
Edward C. Meagher Partner Carter, DeLuca, Farrell & Schmidt LLP

"The Strategic Negotiator fuses encyclopedic detail with methodical structure. An invaluable resource that executives at all levels should rely upon when preparing for negotiations."
Alan Leal Global Technology Licensing & Transfer Hewlett Packard Enterprise

"Academic works on negotiation are too often filled with hard to grasp models and abstractions. Business books on the topic have become popular since Getting to Yes, but typically each promotes its own narrow point of view offered up as some kind of negotiation panacea.

The Strategic Negotiator does not prescribe some "one size fits all" approach, or repeatedly promote the latest negotiating fad. Rather, author David Wanetick cuts through to the heart of the process, making difficult concepts simple to understand. He provides a comprehensive menu of tactics to employ across most negotiating contexts that professionals will ever face. In The Strategic Negotiator, Wanetick also offers multiple real-world examples to illustrate each key concept. He expertly discusses the tactics and the factors that go into formulating each aspect of a winning negotiating strategy.

This is the kind of rare book that manages to provide both a clear roadmap for the newcomer and sophisticated insights for the seasoned professional. I wish I had a copy of The Strategic Negotiator twenty years ago, but I am very happy to have access to this incredible resource today. Going forward, I expert to refer to The Strategic Negotiator often to help my clients reach their goals."
Len S. Smith Chief Business Officer Heliae

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  • Advanced  Micro Devices
  • Chicago White Sox
  • European Union
  • Los Angeles Galaxy
  • Orascom Telecom Media
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The Opening Salvo    
What Are Negotiations?    
Why Are Negotiations Important?    
When Do Negotiations Take Place?    
Are Negotiations Limited to the Purview of Rocket Scientists?    
Should Negotiators Always Seek to Vanquish Opponents?    

Costs and Risks of Negotiations    
Some Negotiators are Duplicitous    
Risks of Borrowing Money from Partners and Customers    

Avoiding Negotiations    
You Are Always Negotiating    
Fundamental Tensions in Negotiations    

Negotiations Are Pervasive and Eternal    


The Importance of Leverage in Negotiations    

Creating Negotiating Leverage    
Plan Your Exit at the Beginning    
Importance of Choosing Partners Wisely    
Gaining Leverage Through Third Parties    

Business Models Are a Factor in Successful Negotiations    
The Anatomy of Argumentation    
Lincolnian Argumentation    

The Power of Process    
Harmonizing the Negotiating Process    
Voting Architecture    
Selected Negotiating Process Issues    
Preemptively Setting the Framework for Resolving Disputes    

Auctions Versus Direct Negotiations    
Benefits of Auctions Over Direct Negotiations    
Benefits of Direct Negotiations Over Auctions

Sequencing Negotiations    
Sequencing Contentious Issues    

Negotiating Downrange    
Hold-Up Tactics    

Conducting Due Diligence on Individuals    
Conducting Due Diligence on Institutions    
Conducting Due Diligence on Individuals Within Institutions    

Elicitation Strategies    
Heimlich Maneuvers    

Question Deflection    

Achieving Internal Alignment    

Initiating Negotiations    
Maintain Visibility    
Pre-Empting Early Commitment Discounts    

The Negotiating Venue    
Negotiating from the Toilet    

The Importance of Seating Arrangements    
Developing and Managing Negotiating Teams    
Dedicated Negotiating Teams    
Traits of the Players on the Negotiating Team    
Sizing and Managing the Negotiating Team    
Composition of the Negotiating Team    

The Importance of Listening    
Preparing for the Negotiations    
Create an Audience    
Importance of Physical Stamina in Negotiations    
Provisioning Before Negotiating Battles Begin    
The Importance of Rehearsing for Negotiations    

In the Negotiation    
The Merits of Note Taking    
Meeting Assessment    

Momentum in Negotiations    
Combatting the Opponent’s Momentum    

Deal Structuring    
Managing Contingencies    
Shutdown Moves    
Set-Up Contracts    
360° Contracts    
Decision Rights    
Magic Bullets    
Escrows and Indemnifications    
Contract Expiration and Release    
Limits of Deal Structuring    

Negotiating Nimbleness    
Planting Seeds of Greed in Their Minds    

Negotiating Cosmetology    
Structuring Deals to Save Face    
The Elegance of Arbitrariness    
Texas Shootouts    
Springing a Signatory from a Non-Compete Agreement    
Game Theory in Negotiations    
Deficiencies Associated with Game Theory    

Negotiating with Numbers    
Mental Accounting    
Negotiating Around Valuation Methodologies    
Never Forget: You Always Negotiate Against People, Not Numbers    


The Silent Treatment    

Specificity and Ambiguity in Agreements    
The Power of Precise Word Selection    
Constructive Ambiguity    
Deal Economics Trump Agreements    

Word Recoiling    

Key Words and Phrases    
Communicating Success and Failure    
The Art of Deflection    
Paraverbal Communications    

Using Humor in Negotiations    

Love Bombing a.k.a. Flattery    

Grease the Wheels    

Checkbook Negotiations    
Philanthropic Blitzkrieg    

Negotiating Written Agreements    
Delegating Drafting    
Contentious Issues    


Fractionalizing the Adversary    

Fractionalization Prevention    

Negotiating Against Frenemies    

Negotiating with Preventers and Enforcers    
Negotiating with Preventers    
Negotiating with Enforcers    
Enforcers and Contract Compliance    
Outside Forces Can Act as Enforcers    

The Role of Agents in Negotiations    
Deal Initiation    
Deal Lubrication    
Required Expertise    
Tactical Advantages of Agents    
Risks and Drawbacks of Retaining Agents    
Agents Reduce Negotiating Flexibility    
Retaining Agents    
Qualifying Clients    
Managing Agents    

Negotiating with Bosses    
Negotiating with the Board of Directors    
Outflanking Insidious Venture Capitalists    

Negotiating with Bullies    
Bully Repellents    

Emasculating Goliaths    
Negotiating Against Their Interests    
Use Your Rival’s Size Against Them    
Leverage Alignment    
Argument Delegation    
Seek Reciprocity    
Embedded Vendor    
Gordian Knot    
Resolve Disputes Beyond the Reach of a Goliath
Reputational Self-Immolation    
Timing Negotiating with Giants    

Negotiating from Weakness    

Negotiating with Large Chinese Companies    

Negotiating Lessons from Car Salesmen    

Negotiating through Regulators    

Leveraging Regulations    
Shape the Regulations    
Fighting the Regulator    
Negotiating Against Civil Servants from the Top    
Exceptions to Rules Do Not Set Precedents    


Negotiating Against Time    
Timing Negotiations    
Timing Negotiations with Mood Swings    
The Importance of Setting Deadlines in Negotiations    
The Downside of Deadlines in Negotiations    
The Importance of Speedy Closure in Negotiations    
Exclusive Negotiating Periods    

Adversary Removal    
Always Articulate Your Pain    
Concessions Management    
Drawbacks of Anticipatory Surrender    
Concessions Retardant    
Intimidatory Concessions    
Concessions Trafficking    
The Case Against Solomonic Division    
Diminishing Concessions    
The Final Concession    

Defeating Deadlocks    
Presenting Resolutions to Impasses    
Framing Negotiations    

The Power of Precedents    
Setting Precedents    
Precedent Smashing    
Seeding and Sterilizing Negotiating Histories    

The Rationality of Irrationality    
The Merits of Acting Irrationally    
Back Yourself into a Corner    
Most-Favored Nation Clauses    
Scorched Earth    
The Samson Option    

Signal Jamming    

Strategic Sympathy    

Strategic Transparency    
Transparency Mechanisms    

Truth and Honesty in Negotiations    
Straddling the Truth    
Truth Torpedoes    
Diplomatic Doublespeak    
Truth Testing    
Soliciting a Serenade of Lies    
Merits of Breaking Promises    

Unwinding Ultimatums    


Understanding and Defeating Common Negotiating Tactics    
The Afterparty    
The Alchemy of Altruism    
Atomic Love    
The Bop Bag    
The Broken Record    
Buffoon Boss    
The Caged Animal Syndrome    
Calculated Contamination    
Carpet Bombing    
Cherry Picking    
The Corkscrew    
Crazy Uncle in the Attic    
Culture Whipping    
Damsel in Distress    
Defending Daddy Warbucks    
Democratization Deluge    
The Duplicitous Prospect    
The Ego Booster    
Fait Accompli    
The Fallacy of the Slippery Slope    
Flooding the Zone    
Glass Housing    
The Grinf*#k    
The Hindenburg Gambit    
Homicidal Harmony    
Human Shields in Negotiations    
Hyper-Literal Retorts    
The Lackadaisical Lawyer    
Morality Mongering    
Negotiating Around DocuSign    
Negotiating in Anticipation of Trade Shows    
Negotiating from the Doorstep    
Negotiating from the Grave    
Negotiating from the Podium    
Negotiating in the Shadow of the Future    
Negotiating in the Shadow of the Law    
Negotiating in the Shadows of SEC Disclosures    
Negotiating Through Investor Conference Calls    
Negotiating Through Press Releases    
Negotiating Through Surveys and Research Reports    
Negotiating Through Think Tanks    
Negotiating with Respect to One’s Legacy    
The Olive Branch    
Onus Shifting    
Pernicious Frugality    
Predatory Graciousness    
Perverse Praise    
Relationship Rapscallions    
Seduction by Symbolism    
Shakedown Disinfectant    
Shooting Stars    
Spousal Squeeze    
The Steamroller    
Surgical Strike    
Two Steps Back, Three Steps Forward    
The Two-Step Dance    
Valet Kidnapping    
The Velvet Crowbar    
Virtues of Stupidity    
Window Dressing    
The Wounded Dove    


Managing the Closing    
Sealing the Deal    
Passing the Collection Plate    
Signature Analysis    

Post-Negotiations Behavior    
Establishing No Gloat Zones    
Post-Negotiations Assessment    

Managing Renegotiations    

Contract Compliance    
Malicious Obedience    
Compliance Safety Rails    
Compliance Tripwires    


Indices of Terms    

Dramatis Personae    

Events of Historical Consequence

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