Renovating Your Voice of the Customer Program

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Examples That Exemplify Innovative VoC Practices Across Each of the Trends

Voice of the customer (VoC) programs are essential to any customer experience effort. In recent years, VoC efforts have continued to expand and support their organizations; however, going forward they will need to adapt to significant changes in data sources, technology, operational pressures, and consumer behavior. In this report, we detail how companies can propel their VoC programs into the future by:

  • Identifying Six Customer Insight Trends that will reshape VoC programs:
    • Deep Empathy, Not Stacks of Metrics
    • Continuous Insights, Not Periodic Studies
    • Customer Journeys, Not Isolated Interactions
    • Useful Prescriptions, Not Past Descriptions
    • Enterprise Intelligence, Not Customer Feedback
    • Mobile First, Not Mobile Responsive
  • Sharing 30 examples that exemplify innovative VoC practices across each of the trends.
  • Helping companies lay the groundwork for VoC innovation with a description of how to drive change through three distinct stages.
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