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The Shift To Customer Journey Insights

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Best Practices from Companies That Are Applying These Strategies to Develop a More Complete Understanding of Their Customers’ Journeys

Customer insights are critical to customer experience programs. However, current insights’ efforts tend to focus on individual interactions rather than on a customer’s entire journey, and as a result, they often fail to provide a complete picture of a customer’s experience with the company. This report helps companies shift their insights efforts from concentrating narrowly on single transactions to focusing broadly on customers’ journeys.

Here are some highlights :

  • We developed an approach to help companies create a comprehensive view of journeys called Customer Journey Insights (CJI), which is made up of five strategies: Internal Journey Alignment, Journey Data Farming, Journey Performance Tracking, Journey Visualization, and Journey Prioritization.
  • We share 20 examples of best practices from companies that are applying these strategies to develop a more complete understanding of their customers’ journeys.
  • To help companies master these strategies, we have identified three stages organizations proceed through on their path to enabling customer journeys: 1) Customer Journey Orientation, 2) Customer Journey Enablement, and 3) Customer Journey Mastery.

Here are the best practices focused around five strategies for shifting towards customer journey insights:

  • Internal Journey Alignment. Shift the company’s mindset away from siloed interaction success to customer goal facilitation.
  • Journey Data Farming. Tap into adjacent data sources and make linkages across channels.
  • Journey Performance Tracking. Overhaul metrics to measure performance across customer journeys.
  • Journey Visualization. Create mechanisms for communicating insights in a way that reinforces the centrality of customer journeys.
  • Journey Prioritization. Focus on the journeys, customer segments, and channels that are strategic business priorities.
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