A Taxonomic Revision of Liogenys Occurring in Brazil with an Interactive Key and Remarks on New World Diplotaxini (Coleoptera, Melolonthidae)

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Liogenys Guérin-Méneville, 1831 is the major genus of Neotropical Diplotaxini, with 78 species distributed from Panama to southern Argentina and Chile, except for Ecuador. Due to the large numbers of both described and undescribed species, as well as its agricultural importance, mainly of those in Brazil, Liogenys was redefined and redescribed. Nine new species are described: L. cavifrons Cherman, sp. n., L. femella Cherman, sp. n., L. piauiensis Cherman, sp. n., L. rotundicollis Cherman, sp. n., L. pseudosanctaecrucis Cherman, sp. n., L. grossii Cherman, sp. n., L. pseudospiniventris Cherman, sp. n., L. sulcoventris Cherman, sp. n., and L. freyi Cherman, sp. n.

All the new species are Brazilian, except for the last one, which is Argentinian. Twenty-three Brazilian species are redescribed and illustrated. Five new synonyms are proposed, and 19 lectotypes are designated. New geographical distribution records for 19 species are presented, as well as a key to New World Diplotaxini and Brazilian species of Liogenys.
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  • Introduction
  • Materials and methods
  • Material examined
  • Morphological study
  • Results
  • Taxonomy
  • Liogenys Guérin-Méneville, 1831
  • Species
  • Liogenys acutidens Moser, 1919
  • Liogenys bidentata Burmeister, 1855
  • Liogenys bidenticeps Moser, 1919
  • Liogenys bilobata Frey, 1969
  • Liogenys concolor Blanchard, 1851
  • Liogenys corumbana Moser, 1921
  • Liogenys diodon Burmeister, 1855
  • Liogenys elegans Nonfried, 1891
  • Liogenys fusca Blanchard, 1851
  • Liogenys laminiceps Moser, 1919
  • Liogenys moseri Frey, 1969
  • Liogenys pallidicornis Blanchard, 1851
  • Liogenys parva Blanchard, 1851
  • Liogenys punctaticollis (Blanchard, 1851)
  • Liogenys rufocastanea Moser, 1921
  • Liogenys santaecrucis Blanchard, 1851
  • Liogenys sinuaticeps Moser, 1918
  • Liogenys spiniventris Moser, 1918
  • Liogenys suturalis (Blanchard, 1851)
  • Liogenys tarsalis Moser, 1921
  • Liogenys testaceipennis Moser, 1918
  • Liogenys tibialis Moser, 1918
  • Liogenys unicolor Evans, 2003
  • Liogenys cavifrons Cherman, sp. n.
  • Liogenys femella Cherman, sp. n.
  • Liogenys piauiensis Cherman, sp. n.
  • Liogenys rotundicollis Cherman, sp. n.
  • Liogenys freyi Cherman, sp. n.
  • Liogenys pseudosanctaecrucis Cherman, sp. n.
  • Liogenys grossii Cherman, sp. n.
  • Liogenys pseudospiniventris Cherman, sp. n.
  • Liogenys sulcoventris Cherman, sp. n.
  • Conclusions
  • Acknowledgements
  • References
  • Supplementary material 1
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M A Cherman, et al
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