Revision of the Neotropical Green Lacewing Genus Ungla (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae)

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This study revises the taxonomy of Ungla - an obscure but widespread, attractive, and potentially useful Neotropical genus of green lacewings. Prior to the study, Ungla species were known to occur in a variety of settings - natural, agricultural, and horticultural. However, they could not be identified, and their value as natural enemies of phytophagous pests could not be assessed.

The revision here recognizes twenty-five valid Ungla species based on distinctive external features and subtle differences in male abdominal morphology. It assigns five previously misidentified species to Ungla, describes seven new species, and identifies ten new synonymies. It provides keys, detailed descriptions, and images for identifying and classifying all known species in the genus. And, it supplies information on the distribution, biology, and literature of each species. As a result of this work, the genus is now poised for biological investigation and evaluation.

The study also illustrates a fascinating geographical pattern of distribution. Ungla species now appear to comprise two geographically distinct groups: one in southern South America (specifically Argentina and Brazil) and the other in more northern areas of Neotropical America (Andean and Caribbean regions, Central America, southern Mexico). No overlap of the distributions is known to occur.
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  • Introduction
  • Materials and methods
  • Specimens examined
  • Notes of Phillip A. Adams
  • Lectotype designations
  • Measurements, terminology, abbreviations
  • The genus, Ungla
  • Current status
  • Taxonomic history
  • Generic characteristics
  • Geographic distribution
  • Classification of Ungla species
  • Systematic treatment of species
Part 1. Ungla, species from southern Mexico, Central America, and northern South
  • America (Bolivia and northward)
  • Key to adults
  • Ungla adamsi Tauber, sp. n.
  • Ungla banksi Tauber, new replacement name.
  • Ungla bolivari (Banks, 1913), comb. n.
  • Ungla curimaguensis Sosa, 2015.
  • Ungla demarmelsi Sosa, 2015.
  • Ungla diazi Sosa, 2015.
  • Ungla favrei (Navás, 1935).
  • Ungla grandispiracula Tauber, sp. n.
  • Ungla laufferi (Navás, 1922).
  • Ungla martinsi Sosa, 2015.
  • Ungla mexicana Tauber, sp. n.
  • Ungla nigromaculifrons Sosa, 2015.
  • Ungla pallescens Penny, 1998.
  • Ungla pennyi Tauber, sp. n.
  • Ungla quchapampa Tauber, sp. n.
  • Ungla siderocephala (Navás, 1933), comb. n.
  • Ungla stangei Tauber, sp. n.
  • Ungla yutajensis Sosa, 2015.
Part 2. Ungla species from southern South America (Argentina, southern Brazil)
  • Key to adults
  • Ungla annulata Navás, 1914
  • Ungla argentina (Navás, 1911)
  • Ungla chacranella (Banks, 1915), comb. n.
  • Ungla confraterna (Banks, 1913)
  • Ungla elbergi Tauber, sp. n.
  • Ungla ivancruzi Freitas, 2007
  • Ungla steinbachi (Navás, 1925), comb. n.
  • Species inquirendae
  • Species incertae sedis (probably Ungla)
  • Acknowledgements
  • References
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Catherine A Tauber, et al
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