A Revision of the Oriental Species of Bolitogyrus Chevrolat (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Staphylininae)

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The Oriental species of the relictual genus Bolitogyrus are revised based on 200 specimens. Fifty valid Oriental species are diagnosed herein, 2 species are synonymized, one is transferred from Quedius to Bolitogyrus, and the following nineteen are described as new to science: B. concavus sp. n.; B. confusus sp. n.; B. himalayicus sp. n.; B. khasiensis sp. n.; B. luteus sp. n.; B. mulayitensis sp. n.; B. nanus sp. n.; B. nokrek sp. n.; B. pecki sp. n.; B. pederseni sp. n.; B. phukhieo sp. n.; B. rougemonti sp. n.; B. sepilok sp. n.; B. schillhammeri sp. n.; B. smetanai sp. n.; B. solodovnikovi sp. n.; B. temburong sp. n.; B. tigris sp. n.; and B. tumidus sp. n. Several species are named in recognition of conservation efforts to protect tropical primary forests in Asia that are important to the survival of many Bolitogyrus species. All available bionomic and distributional data for Oriental Bolitogyrus are summarized, and an identification key is provided.
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  • Introduction
  • Material and methods
  • Specimens
  • Specimen dataset
  • Microscopy, illustration, photography and mapping
  • Measurements and character variability
  • Data resources
  • Results
  • Putative synapomorphies of Bolitogyrus
  • Specie
  • Checklist of Oriental Bolitogyrus
  • Key to the Oriental species of Bolitogyrus.
  • Electus Group
  • Bolitogyrus electus Smetana & Zheng, 2000
  • Bolitogyrus uncus Cai et. al., 2015
  • Bolitogyrus confusus Brunke, sp. n.
  • Bolitogyrus huanghaoi Hu et al., 2011
  • Bolitogyrus nigropolitus Smetana, 2000
  • Bolitogyrus metallicus Cai et al., 2015
  • Bolitogyrus nigerrimus Yuan et al., 2007
  • Bolitogyrus cyanipennis (Zheng, 1988)
  • Bolitogyrus kitawakii Smetana & Zheng, 2000
  • Undescribed species of the Electus Group
  • Caesareus Group
  • Bolitogyrus caesareus (Bernhauer, 1915)
  • Bolitogyrus proximus (Cameron, 1942)
  • Bolitogyrus temburong Brunke, sp. n.
  • Bolitogyrus rufipennis (Cameron, 1937)
  • Undescribed species of the Caesareus Group
  • Carnifex Group
  • Bolitogyrus carnifex (Fauvel, 1878)
  • Bolitogyrus pederseni Brunke, sp. n.
  • Bolitogyrus vietnamensis (Scheerpeltz, 1974)
  • Bolitogyrus elegantulus Yuan et al., 2007
  • Bolitogyrus phukhieo Brunke, sp. n.
  • Bolitogyrus magnimaculosus Cai et al., 2015
  • Bolitogyrus nokrek Brunke, sp. n.
  • Lasti Group
  • Bolitogyrus lasti Rougemont, 2001
  • Bolitogyrus tigris Brunke, sp. n.
  • Luteus Group
  • Bolitogyrus luteus Brunke, sp. n.
  • Bolitogyrus sepilok Brunke, sp. n.
  • Pictus Group
  • Bolitogyrus pictus Smetana & Zheng, 2000
  • Bolitogyrus schillhammeri Brunke, sp. n.
  • Bolitogyrus rougemonti Brunke, sp. n.
  • Bolitogyrus profundus Cai et al., 2015
  • Bolitogyrus concavus Brunke, sp. n.
  • Vulneratus Group
  • Bolitogyrus vulneratus (Fauvel, 1878)
  • Bolitogyrus flavus Yuan et al., 2007
  • Bolitogyrus rufomaculatus (Shibata, 1979)
  • Bolitogyrus depressus Cai et al., 2015
  • Bolitogyrus tumidus Brunke, sp. n.
  • Bolitogyrus taiwanensis (Hayashi, 1991)
  • Bolitogyrus fukiensis (Scheerpeltz, 1974)
  • Loculus Group
  • Bolitogyrus loculus Cai et al., 2015
  • Bolitogyrus hainanensis Cai et al., 2015
  • Bolitogyrus solodovnikovi Brunke, sp. n
  • Bolitogyrus feai Brunke, sp. n
  • Bolitogyrus mulayitensis Brunke, sp. n
  • Bolitogyrus smetanai Brunke, sp. n
  • Bolitogyrus khasiensis Brunke, sp. n
  • Bolitogyrus himalayicus Brunke, sp. n
  • Bolitogyrus nanus Brunke, sp. n
  • Bolitogyrus pecki Brunke, sp. n
  • Undescribed species of the Loculus Group
  • Species incertae sedis
  • Bolitogyrus elegans (Cameron, 1937)
  • Bolitogyrus ornatipennis (Wendeler, 1927), comb. n.
  • Bolitogyrus doesburgi (Scheerpeltz, 1974)
  • Bolitogyrus signatus (Cameron, 1932)
  • Undescribed species near incertae sedis taxa
  • Acknowledgements
  • References
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Adam Brunke
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