A Revision of the Shore-Fly Genus Lamproclasiopa Hendel (Diptera, Ephydridae)

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The biodiversity of Neotropical shore flies (Diptera, Ephydridae) is only now becoming evident, as reflected in the discovery of 13 new species that are described in this comprehensive study of the genus Lamproclasiopa Hendel. The genus now comprises 24 species, of which one, L. laevior Cresson, occurs in the Indian subcontinent.

All remaining species are found in the New World, and there, primarily in the Neotropics. The species were revealed through detailed studies of adult morphology, including minute structures of the male terminalia. A phylogenetic perspective is provided for the genus, and all species are included within species groups. Each species is documented with accurate illustrations of the morphology, including color photographs of many adults.
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  • Introduction
  • Methods and materials
  • Taxonomy
  • Tribe Discocerinini Cresson
  • Key to genera of Discocerinini
  • Genus Lamproclasiopa Hendel
  • Key to species of Lamproclasiopa
  • The laevior group (L. laevior)
  • Lamproclasiopa laevior (Cresson)
  • The hendeli group (L. brunnea, L. hendeli)
  • Lamproclasiopa brunnea sp. n.
  • Lamproclasiopa hendeli (Wirth).
  • The triangularis group (L. triangularis)
  • Lamproclasiopa triangularis sp. n.
  • The polita group (L. auritunica, L. lapaz, L. polita)
  • Lamproclasiopa auritunica sp. n.
  • Lamproclasiopa lapaz sp. n.
  • Lamproclasiopa polita (Edwards)
  • The ecuadoriensis group (L. ecuadoriensis, L. zerafael)
  • Lamproclasiopa ecuadoriensis sp. n.
  • Lamproclasiopa zerafael sp. n.
  • The painteri group (L. balsamae, L. mancha, L. painteri)
  • Lamproclasiopa balsamae (Cresson)
  • Lamproclasiopa mancha sp. n.
  • Lamproclasiopa painteri (Cresson)
  • The nana group (L. nana)
  • Lamproclasiopa nana (Williston)
  • The furvitibia group (L. furvitibia, L. xanthocera)
  • Lamproclasiopa furvitibia sp. n.
  • Lamproclasiopa xanthocera sp. n.
  • The nadineae group (L. aliceae, L. argentipicta, L. nadineae).
  • Lamproclasiopa aliceae sp. n.
  • Lamproclasiopa argentipicta sp. n.
  • Lamproclasiopa nadineae (Cresson)
  • The puella group (L. aracataca, L. bisetulosa, L. caligosa, L. curva, L. fumipennis, L. puella)
  • Lamproclasiopa aracataca (Cresson)
  • Lamproclasiopa bisetulosa (Cresson)
  • Lamproclasiopa caligosa sp. n.
  • Lamproclasiopa curva sp. n.
  • Lamproclasiopa fumipennis (Wirth)
  • Lamproclasiopa puella (Cresson)
  • Acknowledgments
  • References
  • Checklist of species of Lamproclasiopa (type locality is included parenthetically for new species)
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Daniel N. R. Costa, et al
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