Q&A: How Cross-Border Distance Sales are Regulated Across the EU

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Based on questions that have arisen in conversations with the e-cigarette industry, our Q&A considers the different regulatory problems that may arise with cross-border distance marketing within the EU or from other countries to Europe.

  • The TPD does not prohibit selling e-cigarette products at a distance between different countries but leaves it up to member states’ discretion.
  • Companies based in a country that has banned cross-border sales but permits domestic sales may in some cases sell their products to other countries as well as within their own.
  • There is some scope for companies to offer products online where online sales are banned - as long as they are collected in-store.
  • B2B sales are not affected by online sales bans.
  • In most countries, non-nicotine products can still be sold online.
  • Some member states do not allow companies to have a website visible to consumers or a social media presence.
  • Online retailers must comply with national excise tax requirements.

Reasons to Purchase:

  • Details of how to sell between the different EU countries
  • Details on how to sell online in different EU countries
  • Tax regulations and responsibilities in different countries explained

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1. Executive summary

2. Introduction

3. Selling online to the EU

4. Product, packaging and distance selling

5. Advertising and marketing cross-border implications

6. Taxation and cross-border distance sales

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