Shake and Vape: The Legal Implications in the EU

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The sale of ingredients for shake and vape – enabling users to mix their own nicotine and non-nicotine e-liquids – is a legal grey area for sellers in many European countries, as it can be a way to get round TPD quantity restrictions on nicotine-containing liquids. In this report we look into the matter in detail.

  • At this point it is not clear how the law will develop in Europe with respect to shake and vape, the practice whereby non-nicotine flavours and unflavoured nicotine are sold – often by the same vendor – as separate products, allowing consumers to mix the two and thus circumventing quantity restrictions in the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD).
  • Official guidelines of European Union member states are few and sometimes contradictory.
  • If all liquids, with or without nicotine, were treated equally by the law, limiting the volume of non-nicotine liquids to 10 ml, it would undermine the economic benefits of shake and vape.

Reasons to Purchase:

  • Highlights which countries are favourable towards the sale of shake and vape liquids
  • Details which flavours are permitted and banned in which country

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1. Executive summary

2. Introduction

3. Legislative approach

4. Product restrictions

5. Health warnings

6. Flavours

7. Notification

8. Retail channels

9. Taxes

10. Packaging and promotion

11. Advertising

12. Risks of unknown chemicals

13. The current state of shake and vape in Europe

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