Sub-Saharan Fertilizer Markets: Mozambique 2017

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This report is fundamental reading for those involved in fertilizer supply industries. At the present time only 2-4% of farmed land in Mozambique is treated with fertilizer and usage is mainly for commercial crops.

Currently, food crops receive little or no nutrients and the yield is low. There is significant potential for increasing fertilizer consumption in Mozambique. Maize production is forecast to increase by 40% between 2015 and 2025 and sugar cane production is expected to increase by 30%. Increases in production of commercial crops including tobacco, sugar, and soybeans, are likely to result in an increase in fertilizer requirement.

Key insights include:

  • Agricultural overview
  • Forecasts for fertilizer consumption
  • Crops that could benefit most fertilizer usage
  • Government policy
  • Raw material resources and production capacity.
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1 Glossary

2 Mozambique
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Agricultural Overview
2.3 Government Policy Framework
2.3.1 Overview
2.3.2 Growth Corridor Initiatives

3 Fertilizer Raw Material Resources
3.1 Natural gas
3.2 Phosphate Rock
3.3 Potash

4 Mozambique’s Domestic Fertilizers Industry
4.1 Production Capacity
4.1.1 Mozambique Fertilizer Company
4.1.2 Omnia
4.1.3 Yara (formerly Greenbelt Fertilizers)
4.1.4 Export Trading Company
4.2 Projects
4.3 Supply Chain
4.3.1 Overview
4.3.2 Sugar Production
4.3.3 Tobacco Production
4.3.4 Fertilizer Producers and Distributors
4.4 Fertilizer Pricing
4.5 Mozambique’s Fertilizer Demand
4.6 Outlook for Fertilizer Demand in Mozambique
4.6.1 Sugar Cane
4.6.2 Other Commercial Crops
4.6.3 Food Crops
4.6.4 Fertilizer Demand Forecasts

  • Appendix 1: Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP)
  • Appendix 2: New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition (NAFSN)
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