Pesticides Registration in Thailand 2017

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Gain critical insight into pesticide product registration in Thailand.

This report details what type of pesticides Thailand is importing and developing as well as what type of crops they are being used on.

The objective of this report is to provide insight into the key pesticide registration issues related to the legislation, use, and market of pesticides in Thailand.

This report focuses on which countries are the main pesticide suppliers to Thailand and the quantities supplied in 2016. The registration processes and procedures for new pesticide products in the Thai market are specified.

The report also identifies historical, current, and future trends for pesticide use in Thailand.
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Executive summary

Chapter 1: Introduction of Thailand Agriculture and Pesticide Market
1.1 General background of Thailand
1.2 Major and minor crops
1.3 Cropping systems
1.4 Development of pesticide use in Thailand
1.5 Current situation
1.5.1 Pesticide marketing
1.5.2 Pesticide trade and business

Chapter 2: Pesticide Production and Registration Legal System
2.1 Toxic Substances Act 1967
2.2 Other Ministries or Offices involved in Pesticide Management
2.3 Regulatory Bodies
2.4 Factory Act 1992
2.6 Food Act of 1979

Chapter 3: Pesticide Regulation of Thailand
3.1 Control measures
3.2 Pesticide Registration
3.3 Pesticides License
3.4 Regulatory Body for Pesticides Registration
3.5 Pesticides Registration Process

Chapter 4: Data Requirement for Pesticides Registration
4.1 The Registration Dossier
4.2 Efficacy test protocol
4.3 Residue trial protocol
4.4 Submission of a sample
4.5 Application for phase III (full registration)
4.6 Procedures of application and registration
4.7 Cost of registration
4.8 Timelines for a pesticide registration

Chapter 5: Overview of Pesticides Registration in 2016
5.1 Registered Pesticides
5.2 Import of pesticides
5.3 Export of pesticides

Chapter 6: Appendix
Annex 1: Planted area, production, and yield of major crops: 2012-2016
Annex 2: Planted area, production, and yield of minor crops: 2012-2016
Annex 3: Registered Pesticide (as of January 2017)
Annex 4: The HS List under Responsibility of DoA
Annex 5: Banned Pesticides
Annex 6: Pesticides Formulation and Concentration Eligible for Registration (as of May 2017)
Annex 7: Registered Pesticides and Number of Certificates of 2016
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown