Advances in Virus Research, Vol 100

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Advances in Virus Research, Volume 100 presents the latest release in this ongoing series that provides the broadest topical coverage. New sections to this release include the species problem in virology, a short intro/history of AVR, the role of immune responses in HIV and mother-to-child transmission, autophagy/polio/dengue, ASFV biology and vaccine approaches, morbillivirus pathogenesis, viruses of plant-interacting fungi, parvovirus evolution, protein localization and interaction studies in plants, respiratory coronaviruses and their reservoirs, H5N8, an orchestra of reovirus receptors, antiviral immune response and the route of infection in Drosophila melanogaster, and more.

  • Presents a valuable resource for information on all topics of virus research, from bacteriophages to human viruses
  • Provides a longstanding record for authoritative coverage by first-class experts
  • Includes work from a dedicated team of editors who assure that articles are timely and informative
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1. The Species Problem in Virology

Marc H. Van Regenmortel

2. The Role of Immune Responses in HIV Mother-to-Child Transmission

Julie Overbaugh and Caitlin Milligan

3. African swine fever virus biology and vaccine approaches

Juergen A. Richt

4. Morbillivirus Pathogenesis and Virus-Host Interactions

Veronika von Messling

5. Viruses of Plant-Interacting Fungi

Nobuhiro Suzuki

6. Protein localization and interaction studies in plants: toward defining complete proteomes by visualization

Michael Goodin

7. So what have plant viruses ever done for virology and molecular biology?

George P. Lomonossoff

8. Respiratory coronaviruses and their reservoirs

Christian Drosten

9. Filoviruses: Ecology, Molecular Biology and Evolution

Heinz Feldmann

10. An Orchestra of Reovirus Receptors: Still Searching for the Conductor

Terence Dermody, Pavithra Aravamudhan and Danica Sutherland

11. Antiviral immune response and the route of infection in Drosophila melanogaster

Maria-Carla Saleh

12. Changing role of wild birds in the epidemiology of avian influenza A viruses

Thijs Kuiken

13. Intracellular Antiviral Immunity

Leo C. James

14. How does vaccinia virus interfere with interferon?

Geoffrey Smith
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