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FSG’s 2018 events to watch are the downside and upside scenarios that multinational companies should evaluate to ensure that their strategic plans are resilient when the unexpected occurs.

This report is a companion to the base-case scenarios outlined in our Global Outlook for 2018 and our most recent Regional Outlooks. While our base-case scenarios for 2018 indicate a broad-based, if fragile, global economic recovery, downside risks remain prevalent and should continue to add urgency to developing capabilities for contingency planning and market monitoring.

What You Will Learn:

  • What are the top 9 global events executives should prepare for
  • Which events present the most upside and downside for global business
  • How can multinational companies optimize management processes accordingly

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  • Immediate access to the 66-page PDF report
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1. 2018 will be no Safer for Multinationals

2. Global Events to Watch for

3. Events to Watch Methodology

  • Mandates for Growth are Evolving
  • Planning Assumptions are Changing Quickly
  • Events to Watch Methodology
  • Align Global and Regional Scenarios
  • Assess Potential Impact on Business
  • Retrospective on 2017 Events to Watch

4. Events to Watch for 2018

  • 2018 Global and Regional Disruptive Events
  • Global Events to Watch for 2018
  • Event #1: China Loses Control
  • Event #2: Korean Conflict
  • Event #3: US-China Trade War
  • Event #4: NAFTA Exit
  • Event #5: Eurozone Crisis Renewed
  • Event #6: Brexit Cancelled
  • FSG’s Energy Price View for 2018
  • Oil Prices Could Be Disrupted in 2018
  • Event #7: Oil Supply Shortage
  • Event #8: OPEC Deal Dismantled
  • Event #9: Cyber Warriors Target Business

5. Regional Disruptors for 2018

  • 2018 Global and Regional Disruptive Events
  • Latin America Disruptors
  • Asia Pacific Disruptors
  • Western Europe Disruptors
  • Central Europe Disruptors
  • CIS Disruptors
  • Middle East and North Africa Disruptors
  • Sub-Saharan Africa Disruptors

6. Implications for MNCs: Prepare for Disruptive Events

  • The Business Case for Contingency Planning
  • Contingency-Planning Methodology
  • Contingency-Planning Process
  • Scenario-Planning Processes
  • Market-Monitoring Processes

7. About Frontier Strategy Group

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown