Germany End-Customer Photovoltaic Monitor 7.0

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For the seventh year running the researcher surveyed German PV end customers on topics such as PV technology, brand landscape and storage. The classic topics brand awareness, brand choice and recommendation were again a core part of the study. Moreover, the extra ‘timeline‘ chapter offers the means to retrace the market‘s development regarding the mentioned topics to identify recent trends.

Additionally, the storage chapter was enhanced to cover the analysis of further service offers such as control energy, community offers or electricity tariffs to examine how end customers react towards those recent trends in residential PV storage.

The study provides comprehensive insights into the German PV and storage market and into the buying process. It provides valuable assistance in order to adapt your business strategy and your product portfolio.

As usual, the information on customers was collected on the basis of a quantitative online survey placed in the Photovoltaikforum. The Photovoltaikforum is a known homepage for the exchange between suppliers, distributors and especially end customers. The online survey guarantees an objective, flexible and cost-effective approach. Both open and closed questions are posed.

The Photovoltaikforum is meant to foster the exchange between all players along the value chain. This survey has targeted the buyers of PV systems, mostly house owners, in Germany. A differentiation between owners and planners can be drawn, as well as a differentiation based on demographics.

Benefits for your Company

Provide your company with decisive competitive advantages.

Selected benefits of the product:

  • Get detailed information on the end customer decision making process.
  • Know which brands the end customers in the PV market favor.
  • Regarding inverters and modules, which preferences do PV owners have concerning service and warranty?
  • Gain insights into the brand awareness of PV and storage solutions.
  • Learn what characteristics a storage system has to offer to be attractive to potential retrofit customers.
  • The extra chapter ‘timeline‘ offers unique insight into the delevopment of the residential German PV market drawn from seven editions of the ‘EndCustomer Monitor‘.
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  • Battery storage: market landscape, system services, and electricity products
  • PV technologies: modules and inverters
  • Extra chapter: timeline
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