UK Data Centre Trends - 2018

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UK Data Centre Third Party Market is the Largest in Europe, Latest Research Finds, Expansion Driven by Growth in Slough DC Cluster

This service called UK Data Centre Trends is published twice a year analyses the key trends impacting the UK Data Centre market, including Data Centre space, power, pricing and customer trends. It provides a unique analysis of market sizing and the key customer trends impacting the UK market using a survey.

The survey also provides a unique analysis of the key trends influencing the UK Data Centre market, which is the largest Data Centre market in Europe.

Research has identified the key developments of new-build facilities, financial results, and trends impacting the UK Data Centre market.

The publication also identifies the key aggregated pricing – by standard rack space (without power) and by m2. Finally, the researcher summarizes the overall Data Centre trends taking place in the UK market over the last six month period. 


The research is based on a survey of more than 120 Data Centre providers in the UK market, with 250 facilities. The researcher has also created a forecast breakdown of the key UK Data Centre customer segments - from a sample of 25 UK Data Centre providers.


The researcher has used its database to calculate the UK Data Centre market size by space (m2) and by total customer power (MW) – referred to as DCCP (Data Centre Customer Power). TCL has broken down the total overall space and power by the main regional Data Centre clusters around the UK (including London, outside the M25 ring-road area and selected cities such as Manchester).


Pdf file (30 pages) and PowerPoint file highlighting the key trends.

Published Twice a year: January 2018 and August 2018.

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Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Methodology
Section 3: UK Data Centre Pricing – discounts &supplementary changes available
Section 4: UK Data Centre Pricing for Power
Section 5: UK Data Centre Market Sizing
Section 6: UK Data Centre Capacity (m2)
Section 7: UK Data Centre Total Customer Power (MW)
Section 8: UK Data Centre clusters
Section 9  New UK Data Centre developments
Section 10: Financial Data Centre Results & Developments
Section 11: UK Data Centre Customer segments
Section 12: UK Data Centre customer Trends
Section 13: UK Data Centre Pricing Trends
Section 14: Conclusion – Overall UK Data Centre Trends

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The specialists in Data Centre trends and pricing, latest edition of the Data Centre Trends Tracker finds that the UK is the largest third party Data Centre market in Europe with 840,000  of Data Centre space, followed by Germany with 509,000 m2.

Some of the higlights found include:

  • The UK is seeing rapid Data Centre growth – driven by the Slough Data Centre cluster - The UK is forecast to see growth of up to 40,000 m2 of new Data Centre raised floor space per annum, with 21,000 m2 of space alone forecast to come from the expansion of the Slough Data Centre cluster over the next 12 month period. It is to be followed by expansion in the London, Farnborough & Cardiff clusters.
  • The UK Data Centre market is becoming more geographically diverse over time – The UK is composed of a number of Data Centre city clusters, with London & the Inner M25 area being the largest accounting for 260,000 m2 of space, followed by Slough (Berkshire) with 107,000 m2 of space. Other large UK Data Centre clusters include Cardiff, Manchester, Woking and Farnborough – with new Data Centre space also now being built around Edinburgh, Leeds and Newcastle.
  • Overall average Data Centre pricing in the UK remains high – Average UK rack space rates are over Euro €1,000 per standard retail rack - and the UK is currently the third highest overall average rate in Europe (behind Switzerland & Ireland). But within the UK, there is a wide range of pricing which differs significantly by each Data Centre city cluster – with the Leeds and Newcastle clusters having the lowest average rentals – and the average is around 42 per cent less than the highest priced UK Data Centre cluster (which is the London & the Inner M25 region cluster)
  • New Data Centre facilities are emerging in regional centres of the UK - In common with other Country Markets the UK is seeing the construction of Data Centres closer to the Edge, to support regional population centres and bring content nearer to the end user.

Data Centre facilities are being built in Wales, Scotland, the North West & the North East of England, with a range of new regional city Data Centre clusters being formed. And new Data Centre facilities have been opened near Portsmouth and Gloucester during the past six month period.

DCP analysis highlights the key common trends taking place in the UK and the emergence of city Data Centre clusters. DCP has identified there are five clusters in the UK including London, Slough, Cardiff, Manchester & Woking.

Increasingly, Data Centre Providers are competing to provide cloud connectivity to the key Cloud Service Providers via a cloud exchange aiming to attract the enterprise customer to the facility - which is driving the Data Centre clusters’ status as a connectivity hub. And the amount of connectivity available from a Data Centre facility helps determine whether a price premium can be charged – the more connectivity available the higher the price premium.

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown