USA-Europe Healthcare Licensing Trends

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Japan’s medicine needs continue to be among the world’s largest. European companies see significant opportunities here for their inventions and innovations. To tap the market potential in Japan, the healthcare companies from Europe need licensing partner for further developments, market access and strategy. These licensing partners understand Japan’s healthcare market dynamics and therefore help in positioning/evaluating the European companies’ newest products. Similar is the case for Japanese healthcare companies which aim to distribute their advanced products in this sector in the European profitably. But they need help in the complex regulatory processes in Europe. In such a scenario, the licensing process is crucial and so is the partner. This research report brings at one place all the news for licensing deals and negotiations that took place between healthcare companies of Japan and Europe during January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017. The licensing trends and directions during this time period are also analyzed comprehensively.

Key features:

  • 12 months’ Japan-Europe healthcare licensing news at one place
  • Small, medium and big multinational/non-multinational companies covered
  • Curated categorizations of licensing news
  • 8+ variables reflecting different forms of transactions done
  • Licensing regulatory news updates
  • Licensing trends and directions summarized

The report is useful to:

  • Japan and Europe healthcare companies planning to introduce products in each other’s markets
  • Firms active in R&D and seeking new market base
  • Healthcare company executives negotiating licensing deals between Japanese and European companies
  • Investors analyzing varied kinds of transaction options for licensing deals
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Research Design

Section 1: Healthcare inventions licensed by Japan to Europe

1.1 By Japanese company name
1.2 By European company name
1.3 By Sub-industry
1.4 By Market capitalization groups
1.5 By Terms of payment
1.6 By medical groups

Section 2: Healthcare inventions licensed by Europe to Japan

2.1 By European company name
2.2 By Japanese company name
2.3 By Sub-industry
2.4 By Market capitalization groups
2.5 By Terms of payment
2.6 By medical groups

Section 3: Trends in Japan-Europe healthcare licensing deals

3.1 Healthcare sub-sector with most licensing deals
3.2 Market capitalization groups with most licensing deals
3.3 Healthcare companies most active in outbound and inbound licensing deals
3.4 Medical groups most active in licensing deals
3.5 Licensing payment arrangements most followed
3.6 Option for increasing royalty rates
3.7 Worldwide licensing vs domestic licensing
3.8 R&D licensing vs commercialization licensing
3.9 Licensing deals which discontinued

Section 4: Japan-Europe healthcare licensing landscape

4.1 Market potential of Japan-Europe healthcare sector
4.2 Healthcare regulatory environment in Japan-Europe healthcare sector
4.3 Japan-Europe healthcare licensing resources
4.4 European healthcare companies’ recent efforts to collaborate in Japan

Section 5: Trends and directions


Exhibit 1 Summaries of healthcare inventions licensed by Japan to Europe
Exhibit 2 Summaries of healthcare inventions licensed by Europe to Japan


Appendix 1 List of Japan-based healthcare companies covered in this report
Appendix 2 List of Europe-based healthcare companies covered in this report

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown