100-Point Checklist for an Effective Investors Day for Healthcare Executives

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A well-executed Investor Day is rewarding in terms of investment support, better understanding of the company and its future strategies, and a closer relationship with investors and analysts. Organizing a successful Investor Day requires an overall-perspective with a strict adherence to tasks’ timeline. Many activities need to be taken care of, some just before and some months before the Day. Since an Investor Day has the potential to positively Influence a company’s investment worth, this Day holds critical significance. This 100-points guide is a comprehensively exhaustive checklist with step-by-step tasks that must be worked-upon by the Investor Day team for a successful event.

Key Features of the report:

  • A to Z tasks of organizing Investor Day listed
  • Checklist starts six months before the event
  • Detailed guidelines for crucial points
  • Facilitates easy adaptation and customization for users
  • Post-Investor Day month-long evaluation tasks suggested
  • Sample formats based on extensive research
  • Select press releases and Investor Presentations included

Report useful to:

Healthcare executives planning this event for their firm

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Investor Day

Chapter 2: 100-Point Tasks Listed for Pre and Post Investor Day

2.1 Six months before the event
2.2 Three months before the event
2.3 Sixty days before the event
2.4 Thirty days before the event
2.5 Two weeks before the event
2.6 One week before the event
2.7 The day before the event
2.8 The day of the event: Presentation
2.9 Immediate tasks after the event

Chapter 3: Supportive Guide to Checklist

Chapter 4: Post Event Evaluation Checklist

Chapter 5: Summary and Conclusions


Exhibit 1: Samples of Investor Day press releases
Exhibit 2: Samples of social media (twitter) announcements and updates

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