Global Healthcare: Sample Templates for Investor Day Presentations

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The ever-innovating healthcare industry worldwide is experiencing continuous growth and expansion across all its sub-sectors. With this there rises the need for investors to sustain the numerous programs and manufacturing that the healthcare companies support. And this has led to an increase in healthcare companies’ initiative and focus on organizing investor days more regularly. Further, it helps if these events are organized with clarity, preciseness and comprehensiveness, especially with respect to its presentations which are the most important part of such events. Global Healthcare: Sample Templates for Investor Day Presentations is a collection of 150+ templates, customized for the healthcare companies worldwide and which can be readily used for compiling presentations for investor events.

Key features of the report:

  • Provides 150+ well-researched sample templates for investor day presentations
  • Templates prepared from 100+ investor days presentations of recent months
  • All healthcare industry segments (pharma, biotech, devices and health services) covered
  • Financial and non-financial components included
  • Comprehensively generic templates, which allows for easy modifications
  • Ready-to-use templates where documentation provided how to customize templates directly
  • Formats and graphics reflect the prevailing trends and can easily be modified
  • Offers flexibility to customize further for company logos, titles and to compile a cohesive package
  • Templates updated monthly to reflect new topics and to improve presentations based on new formats

Important distinctions between an investor day presentation and general corporate presentation:

  • Multiple presenters with experience in various backgrounds and fields, both within the company and external physicians or experts, will speak during an investor day, whereas, usually one company representative present at investor conferences
  • The total duration of an investor day for a company is at a minimum of 90 minutes, whereas a single company presentation at an investor conference can range from 15-30 minutes
  • Presentations at the investor day need to cover the company's entire year of activities, strategies and future plans; whereas, presentations at investor conferences are more general, providing a broader corporate overview
  • Presentations at an investor day need to successfully capture the attendees attention for a continuous period of multiple hours, whereas, at investor conferences, only 15-30 minutes of attentiveness is required
  • Content presented at an investor day is not repetitive, whereas, the material presented at investor conferences is generally consistent over time
  • The audience at a company's investor day and an investor conference are different, therefore requiring the presentations to be different

Report useful to:

  • Healthcare companies planning investor day events
  • Healthcare companies planning a comprehensive investor presentation for their web sites
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Research Design

Section 1: Key Points for the Visual Aspects of Investor Day Presentations

Section 2: List of Templates for Investor Day Presentations

2.1 Beginning Pages
2.2 Introduction to Presenters
2.3 Key Business Developments
2.4 Product Details
2.5 Market Outlook
2.6 Key Financials
2.7 Future Prospects
2.8 Closing Summary

Section 3: General File Management Points for Preparing Investor Day Presentations

Section 4: Summary

Section 5: New Templates to be Added in Next Month’s Monthly Update

Exhibit 1: 150+ Templates Presented Sequentially

Exhibit 2: Graphs/Charts Templates for Preparing Investor Day Presentations

Exhibit 3: Visual Presentations Templates for Preparing Investor Day Presentations

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