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India-China: Business Analysis Monthly which analyzes every month, 10 crucial features that summarizes all the business transactions of Indian companies in China and Chinese companies in India. At the end of each month, our research experts identify those business transactions that have played a significant role in India-China investments in the month and provide an overall report on the same.


  • Comprehensive focus on last month’s business news of leading Indian and Chinese companies active in India-China business
  • At-a-glance nutshell analysis of current business trends, investments and trade data between India and China
  • Monthly updates on regulations, important business exhibitions and trade facilitators from India and China
  • Each month, these analytical directions help companies/investors to identify and follow-up on new business opportunities between India and China

Key features:

  • Most recent India-China business news coverage provided
  • Every day, analysts with years of experience compile the key business transactions for Indian and Chinese companies
  • India-China business news compiled from a wide range of sources that include established news portals, reliable primary and secondary news sources, business media sites, company websites, and press releases
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Section 1. China Business in India

1.1 New product launches from Chinese companies in India
1.2 Chinese companies expanded in India
1.3 Future investments announced by Chinese Companies in India
1.4 Most recent news on India-China business acquisitions
1.5 Most active industry for India-China business transactions
1.6 Most favoured investment strategy applied by Chinese companies in India
1.7 New Chinese companies who began business in India recently
1.8 Chinese companies producing in India and exporting to global markets
1.9 Chinese companies diversifying in India in past few weeks
1.10 New contracts between Indian and Chinese companies

Section 2. Indian Companies Active in Chinese Business

2.1 New Indian entries in Chinese business recently
2.2 Indian companies expanding in Chinese business
2.3 Future investments announced by Indian companies in China

Section 3. General Updates of India-China Business

3.1 Upcoming next month’s events promoting business between India-China
3.2 Monthly updates on trade facilitators in the India-China business
3.3 Regulatory updates brought out last month for India-China business environment
3.4 India-China export-import data and logistics updates: Monthly overview
3.5 Important management changes taken place last month in India-China corporate sector

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown