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General Report Contents
  • Market Analyses include: Unit Sales, ASPs, Market Value & Growth Trends
  • Market Drivers & Limiters for each chapter segment
  • Competitive Analysis for each chapter segment
  • Section on recent mergers & acquisitions
One of the major drivers of this market is the consistent influx of newer technologies. For example, within the largest segment of this market, plate and screw market, the market growth is supported by the introduction of newer materials (i.e. titanium), locking/hybrid systems and anatomical plates. These higher cost systems are driving the market by replacing their legacy counterparts.

The orthopaedicorthopedic trauma market displays starkly different trends across countries. The prevalence and perception of cold-welding has caused a resurgence of stainless steel in countries such as France, or has a hindrance preventing hindered a shift towards titanium, such as in Scandinavia. Alternatively, countries such as the U.K. have undergone implemented marketing and education campaigns that are positively impacting the sale of titanium with confidence towards patient safety.

Although Orthopaedicorthopedic Trauma trauma is a mature industrymarket, there are still niche markets segments where technology advancements are creating significant changes. Bio stimulation technology is not new;, however, as hospital costs increase and available resources are increasingly constrained non-invasive procedures are gaining significant interest. In contrast to the United States, ultrasound technology is growing faster than electrical bone stimulation in the European market.
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  • Aap Implantate AG
  • Axomed
  • ConMed
  • Greatbatch Medical
  • Lima Corporate
  • Orthofix
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Executive Summary
European Orthopedic Soft Tissue Repair Market Overview
Competitive Analysis
Market Trends
Market Developments
Markets Included
Key Report Updates
Version History

1. Research Methodology
1.1 Research Scope
1.2 9-Step Methodology
Step 1: Project Initiation & Team Selection
Step 2: Prepare Data Systems and Perform Secondary Research
Step 3: Preparation For Interviews & Questionnaire Design
Step 4: Performing Primary Research
Step 5: Research Analysis: Establishing Baseline Estimates
Step 6: Market Forecast and Analysis
Step 7: Identify Strategic Opportunities
Step 8: Final Review and Market Release
Step 9: Customer Feedback and Market Monitoring

2. European Orthopedic Soft Tissue Repair Market Overview
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Currency Exchange Rate
2.3 Market Overview
2.4 Trend Analysis By Segment
2.5 Drivers and Limiters
2.5.1 Market Drivers
2.5.2 Market Limiters
2.6 Competitive Market Share Analysis

3. Country Profiles
3.1 Introduction Population Median Age GDP Per Capita Price Index
3.2 Germany
3.3 France
3.4 United Kingdom
3.5 Italy
3.6 Spain
3.7 Benelux
3.8 Scandinavia
3.9 Austria
3.10 Switzerland
3.11 Portugal

4. Procedure Numbers
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Procedures
4.2.1 Acl/Pcl Reconstruction Procedures
4.2.2 Meniscal Repair Procedures
4.2.3 Rotator Cuff Repair Procedures
4.2.4 Shoulder Labrum Repair Procedures

5. Acl/Pcl Reconstruction Market
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Market Overview
5.3 Market Analysis and Forecast
5.3.1 Bone-Patellar Tendon-Bone Graft Market
5.3.2 Soft Tissue Graft Market
5.3.3 Allograft Tendon Reconstruction Market
5.4 Drivers and Limiters
5.4.1 Market Drivers
5.4.2 Market Limiters
5.5 Competitive Market Share Analysis

6. Acl/Pcl Fixation Device Market
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Market Overview
6.3 Market Analysis and Forecast
6.3.1 Total Acl/Pcl Fixation Device Market
6.3.2 Total Acl/Pcl Tibial Fixation Device Market Tibial Pla Resorbable Interference Screw Market Tibial Biocomposite Interference Screw Market Tibial Peek Interference Screw Market Tibial Metal Interference Screw Market Tibial Intratunnel Fixation Device Market Tibial Washer and Post Market
6.4 Drivers and Limiters
6.4.1 Market Drivers
6.4.2 Market Limiters
6.5 Competitive Market Share Analysis

7. Cartilage Repair Market
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Market Overview
7.3 Market Analysis and Forecast
7.3.1 Total Cartilage Repair Market
7.3.2 Osteochondral Allograft Market
7.3.3 Meniscal Allograft Market
7.3.4 Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation Market
7.3.5 Osteochondral Autograft Market
7.4 Drivers and Limiters
7.4.1 Market Drivers
7.4.2 Market Limiters
7.5 Competitive Market Share Analysis

8. Meniscal Repair Market
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Market Overview
8.3 Market Analysis and Forecast
8.3.1 Total Meniscal Repair Market
8.3.2 Suture Meniscal Repair Market
8.3.3 Implant Meniscal Repair Market
8.3.4 Hybrid Device Meniscal Repair Market
8.4 Drivers and Limiters
8.4.1 Market Drivers
8.4.2 Market Limiters
8.5 Competitive Market Share Analysis

9. Rotator Cuff Repair Market
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Market Overview
9.3 Market Analysis and Forecast
9.3.1 Total Rotator Cuff Repair Market
9.3.2 Pla Resorbable Suture Anchor Market
9.3.3 Biocomposite Suture Anchor Market
9.3.4 Peek Suture Anchor Market
9.3.5 Metal Suture Anchor Market
9.3.6 All-Suture Suture Anchor Market
9.4 Drivers and Limiters
9.4.1 Market Drivers
9.4.2 Market Limiters
9.5 Competitive Market Share Analysis

10. Shoulder Labrum Repair Market
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Market Analysis and Forecast
10.3 Drivers and Limiters
10.3.1 Market Drivers
10.3.2 Market Limiters
10.4 Competitive Market Share Analysis

11. Rotator Cuff Graft Repair Market
11.1 Introduction
11.2 Market Analysis and Forecast
11.3 Drivers and Limiters
11.3.1 Market Drivers
11.3.2 Market Limiters
11.4 Competitive Market Share Analysis

12. Hip Arthroscopy Market
12.1 Introduction
12.2 Market Overview
12.3 Market Analysis and Forecast
12.3.1 Total Hip Arthroscopy Market
12.3.2 Total Hip Radiofrequency Probe Market Articulating Radiofrequency Probe Market Static Radiofrequency Probe Market
12.3.3 Banana Blade Market
12.3.4 Hip Access Kit Market
12.3.5 Suture Anchor Market
12.3.6 Disposable Suture Passer Market
12.4 Drivers and Limiters
12.4.1 Market Drivers
12.4.2 Market Limiters
12.5 Competitive Market Share Analysis

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