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  • Alpha Laser
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  • LaserStar Technologies
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General Report Contents
  • Market Analyses include: Unit Sales, ASPs, Market Value & Growth Trends
  • Market Drivers & Limiters for each chapter segment
  • Competitive Analysis for each chapter segment
  • Section on recent mergers & acquisitions
The dental laser market consists of two main segments: all tissue dental lasers and soft tissue dental lasers. The market for soft tissue lasers is further segmented into diode lasers, CO2 lasers and Nd:YAG lasers. The all tissue laser segment is also further segmented into fiber technology lasers, articulated arm lasers and direct delivery lasers; these lasers are ER:YAG or ER, CR:YSGG lasers which typically have a wavelength of 2,940 nm. Among all segments in the dental laser market, the most promising is diode lasers. This is a significant amount of units sold as lasers are still considered as a luxury item by dentists, and therefore the installed base of diode lasers will increase considerably over the next decade.

However, the growth rate for unit sales will remain in the low to moderate range throughout the forecast period. The majority of dentists still see dental lasers as an unnecessary expenditure. Reimbursement policies such as the ones established in the Netherlands also contribute to the low level of demand by removing reimbursement payments from procedures performed with lasers. Since diode lasers are a new technology relative to more traditional instruments such as the drill it is considered outside the scope of regular reimbursement schemes in most European countries, making usage costly for both the dentist and the patient.

As dental lasers become more mainstream in dental offices and start to be considered by governments as a necessary part of dental procedures unit sales will improve and the market will grow at a faster pace. Nevertheless, this transition will take a long time, which may pose a challenge to dental laser companies in the upcoming years.
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  • Alpha Laser
  • CAO Group
  • elexxion AG
  • LaserStar Technologies
  • Lumenis
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Executive Summary
European Dental Lasers Market Overview
Competitive Analysis
Market Trends
Market Developments
Markets Included
Key Report Updates
Version History

1. Research Methodology
1.1 Research Scope
1.2 9-Step Methodology
Step 1: Project Initiation & Team Selection
Step 2: Prepare Data Systems and Perform Secondary Research
Step 3: Preparation For Interviews & Questionnaire Design
Step 4: Performing Primary Research
Step 5: Research Analysis: Establishing Baseline Estimates
Step 6: Market Forecast and Analysis
Step 7: Identify Strategic Opportunities
Step 8: Final Review and Market Release
Step 9: Customer Feedback and Market Monitoring

2. European Dental Lasers Market Overview
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Currency Exchange Rate
2.3 Market Overview
2.4 Trend Analysis By Segment
2.5 Drivers and Limiters
2.5.1 Market Drivers
2.5.2 Market Limiters
2.6 Competitive Market Share Analysis

3. Country Profiles
3.1 Introduction Population Median Age GDP Per Capita Price Index
3.2 Germany
3.3 France
3.4 United Kingdom
3.5 Italy
3.6 Spain
3.7 Benelux
3.8 Scandinavia
3.9 Austria
3.10 Switzerland
3.11 Portugal

4. Soft Tissue Dental Laser Market
4.1 Introduction
4.1.1 Diode Lasers
4.1.2 Co2 Lasers
4.1.3 Nd:Yag Lasers
4.2 Market Overview
4.3 Market Analysis and Forecast
4.3.1 Total Soft Tissue Dental Laser Market Diode Laser Market Co2 Laser Market Nd:Yag Laser Market
4.4 Drivers and Limiters
4.4.1 Market Drivers
4.4.2 Market Limiters
4.5 Competitive Market Share Analysis
4.5.1 Diode Laser Market
4.5.2 Co2 Laser Market
4.5.3 Nd:Yag Laser Market
4.5.4 Total Soft Tissue Laser Market

5. All Tissue Dental Laser Market
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Market Overview
5.3 Market Analysis and Forecast
5.3.1 Total All Tissue Dental Laser Market Fiber Technology Laser Market Articulated Arm Laser Market Direct Delivery Laser Market
5.4 Drivers and Limiters
5.4.1 Market Drivers
5.4.2 Market Limiters
5.5 Competitive Market Share Analysis
5.5.1 Fiber Technology Laser Market
5.5.2 Articulated Arm Laser Market
5.5.3 Direct Delivery Laser Market
5.5.4 Total All Tissue Laser Market

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  • Fotona
  • Millennium Dental Technologies
  • DenMat
  • Lutronic
  • Sirona
  • CAO Group
  • LaserStar Technologies
  • Alpha Laser
  • elexxion AG
  • J. Morita
  • Lumenis
  • Orotig
  • LNA Laser
  • LightScalpel
  • Ultradent
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown