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General Report Contents
  • Market Analyses include: Unit Sales, ASPs, Market Value & Growth Trends
  • Market Drivers & Limiters for each chapter segment
  • Competitive Analysis for each chapter segment
  • Section on recent mergers & acquisitions
The U.S. small bone and joint orthopedic market is made up of shoulder reconstruction, elbow repair, hand & wrist device, foot & ankle device and shape memory staple market segments.

The small bone and joint orthopedic device market is separate from the large joint and trauma markets, although the distinction is sometimes unclear. As a result, defining small joint devices can be challenging. Similar to large joint devices, many of the small joint devices are involved in elective procedures; these devices generally command higher selling prices. Conversely, the small joint device market is also similar to the trauma device market, where devices may not have high prices or show significant price growth, but are involved in essential surgery and are always in demand.

Small joints such as shoulders, elbows, hands and feet have not received as much attention as hip and knee treatments until recently, but have experienced strong and consistent growth because they are clinically underserved.
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Executive Summary
U.S. Small Bone and Joint Orthopedic Device Market Overview
Competitive Analysis
Market Trends
Market Developments
Procedure Numbers
Procedure Codes Investigated
Markets Included
Key Report Updates
Version History

1. Research Methodology
1.1 Research Scope
1.2 9-Step Methodology
Step 1: Project Initiation & Team Selection
Step 2: Prepare Data Systems and Perform Secondary Research
Step 3: Preparation For Interviews & Questionnaire Design
Step 4: Performing Primary Research
Step 5: Research Analysis: Establishing Baseline Estimates
Step 6: Market Forecast and Analysis
Step 7: Identify Strategic Opportunities
Step 8: Final Review and Market Release
Step 9: Customer Feedback and Market Monitoring

2. U.S. Small Bone and Joint Orthopedic Device Market Overview
2.1 Introduction
2.1.1 Anatomy and Pathology Osteoarthritis Inflammatory Arthritis Osteoarthritis and Inflammatory Arthritis Comparison
2.1.2 Treatment Arthroplasty Ostectomy
2.1.3 Shoulder Joint Reconstruction Devices
2.1.4 Elbow Joint Reconstruction
2.1.5 Hand and Wrist Devices
2.1.6 Foot and Ankle Devices
2.1.7 Staple Fixation
2.1.8 Plate and Screw Devices
2.1.9 External Fixation Devices
2.2 Market Overview
2.3 Trend Analysis By Segment
2.4 Drivers and Limiters
2.4.1 Market Drivers
2.4.2 Market Limiters
2.5 Competitive Market Share Analysis
2.6 Mergers & Acquisitions

3. Procedure Numbers
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Orthopedic Extremity Procedure Numbers By Anatomy
3.2.1 Shoulder Procedure Numbers Shoulder Replacement Shoulder Resurfacing Proximal Humerus Fracture Orif Shoulder External Fixation
3.2.2 Elbow Procedure Numbers Elbow Replacement Radial Head Implant Elbow Orif Elbow External Fixation
3.2.3 Hand and Wrist Procedure Numbers Wrist Replacement Wrist Fusion Distal Radial Orif Ulnar Head Replacement Hand Digit Implant Hand and Wrist External Fixation
3.2.4 Foot and Ankle Procedure Numbers Ankle Replacement Ankle Fusion Subtalar Fusion Calcaneus Orif Subtalar Arthroereisis Midfoot Orif Metatarsal Orif Bunionectomy Great Toe Implant Lesser Toe Implant Hammertoe Implant Ankle External Fixation Foot and Toe External Fixation
3.2.5 Plate and Screw Procedures Shoulder Elbow Distal Radius
3.2.6 External Fixation Procedures Shoulder Upper Arm & Elbow Hand & Wrist Foot & Ankle
3.3 Procedure Numbers Using Staple Fixation
3.3.1 Combined Staple Fixation Usage By Anatomy
3.3.2 Staple Fixation Usage By Anatomy

4. Shoulder Reconstruction Device Market
4.1 Introduction
4.1.1 Anatomy Pathology
4.1.2 Joint Reconstruction Devices Anatomic Shoulder Implant Reversed-Shoulder Implants Hemi Shoulder Implants Resurfacing Implants Shoulder Revision
4.2 Market Overview
4.3 Market Analysis and Forecast
4.3.1 Anatomic Shoulder Implant Market
4.3.2 Reversed Shoulder Implant Market
4.3.3 Hemi Shoulder Implant Market
4.3.4 Resurfacing Shoulder Implant Market
4.3.5 Revision Shoulder Implant Market
4.4 Drivers and Limiters
4.4.1 Market Drivers Aging Population Expanding Demographics Room For Growth Large Joint Replacement Trauma Usage of Devices
4.4.2 Market Limiters Capitated Pricing Fda Approval Rise of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (Ascs) Group Purchasing Organizations (Gpos) Anatomy
4.5 Competitive Market Share Analysis

5. Elbow Repair Device Market
5.1 Introduction
5.1.1 Pathology
5.1.2 Device Types Primary Elbow Devices Radial Head Elbow Devices Contraindications
5.2 Market Overview
5.3 Market Analysis and Forecast
5.3.1 Total Primary Elbow Implant Market Semi-Constrained Primary Elbow Implant Market Unconstrained Primary Elbow Implant Market
5.3.2 Radial Head Implant Market
5.4 Drivers and Limiters
5.4.1 Market Drivers
5.4.2 Market Limiters
5.5 Competitive Market Share Analysis

6. Hand and Wrist Device Market
6.1 Introduction
6.1.1 Anatomy
6.1.2 Pathology
6.1.3 Treatment
6.1.4 Device Types Definition Challenges Total Wrist Implants Wrist Fusion Ulnar Head Implants Digit and Carpal Implants Cmc Joint Arthroplasty of The Thumb
6.2 Market Overview
6.3 Market Analysis and Forecast
6.3.1 Wrist Replacement Market
6.3.2 Wrist Fusion Market
6.3.3 Ulnar Head Replacement Market
6.3.4 Hand Digit Implant Market
6.4 Drivers and Limiters
6.4.1 Market Drivers
6.4.2 Market Limiters
6.5 Competitive Market Share Analysis

7. Foot and Ankle Device Market
7.1 Introduction
7.1.1 Treatment Primary Ankle Joint Replacement Challenges In Defining The Market
7.1.2 Foot Treatments Hammertoe Correction Procedures Bunion Correction Procedures
7.2 Market Overview
7.3 Market Analysis and Forecast
7.3.1 Total Primary Ankle Replacement Market Mobile Bearing Ankle Replacement Market Fixed Bearing Ankle Replacement Market
7.3.2 Total Ankle Fusion Market Ankle Fusion Cannulated Screw Market Ankle Fusion Plate and Screw Market Ankle Fusion Intramedullary Nail Market
7.3.3 Total Hindfoot Device Market Hindfoot Cannulated Screw Market Subtalar Implant Market
7.3.4 Total Forefoot and Midfoot Fixation Market Midfoot Cannulated Screw Market Midfoot Plate and Screw Market Bunion Treatment Market
7.3.5 Total Foot Digit Implant Market First Metatarsal Phalangeal Implant Market First Metatarsal Phalangeal Hemi Implant Market Lesser Toe Implant Market
7.3.6 Total Hammertoe Device Market Hammertoe Implant Market Hammertoe K-Wire Market
7.4 Drivers and Limiters
7.4.1 Market Drivers
7.4.2 Market Limiters
7.5 Competitive Market Share Analysis

8. Plate and Screw Market
8.1 Introduction
8.1.1 Device Types Shoulder Elbow Distal Radius
8.2 Market Overview
8.3 Market Analysis and Forecast
8.3.1 Shoulder Plate and Screw Market
8.3.2 Elbow Plate and Screw Market
8.3.3 Distal Radius Plate Market
8.4 Drivers and Limiters
8.4.1 Market Drivers Aging Population Efficacy Osteoporosis
8.4.2 Market Limiters Trauma Devices Challenges In Removal
8.5 Competitive Market Share Analysis

9. Staple Fixation Market
9.1.1 Efficacy
9.2 Introduction
9.2.1 Product Description
9.3 Market Overview
9.4 Market Analysis and Forecast
9.4.1 Shape Memory Staple Market
9.4.2 Mechanical Compression Staple Market
9.5 Drivers and Limiters
9.5.1 Market Drivers
9.5.2 Market Limiters
9.6 Competitive Market Share Analysis

10. External Fixation Market
10.1 Introduction
10.1.1 Device Types Shoulder Upper Arm and Elbow Hand and Wrist Foot and Ankle
10.2 Market Overview
10.3 Market Analysis and Forecast
10.3.1 Shoulder External Fixation Market
10.3.2 Upper Arm and Elbow External Fixation Market
10.3.3 Hand and Wrist External Fixation Market
10.3.4 Foot and Ankle External Fixation Market Ankle External Fixation Market Foot and Toe External Fixation Market
10.4 Drivers and Limiters
10.4.1 Market Drivers
10.4.2 Market Limiters Trauma Devices
10.5 Competitive Market Share Analysis


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