Worldwide Mobile Money Modernisation & Monetisation in Payment, Retail, Banking, & Commerce 2018-2022

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Modern Payment Systems (Contactless, Biometrics, Etc.) will Grow at a CAGR of 20% for the Next 10 Years


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Presenting latest strategy-rich modern business roadmaps for mass adoption followed by monetisation strategies in mobile money - Payment, Commerce, Banking, and Retail Markets, Worldwide between 2018-to-2025.

“Banks have diluted 'The Sandbox Model', Operators must find New Potential Ways to stay Innovative & Relevant.”

"Accelerate without ‘Accelerators'"


100+ Alternatives
80+ Modern Cases/ Methods
55+ HyperGrowth Models
60+ Analysis
200+ Critical Observations & Recommendations
With 1-Year Support.


Changing times are often interpreted as bad times. Changes can threaten a working business because some of the pre-existing precious matrices, formulas, and models may no longer be applicable or embraced. A similar situation is faced by the mobile money industry today. While executives struggle to make sense of one opportunity, a brand new list of multiple opportunities come out calling for attention. Add to it the outer accoutrements, pressures of (returns on) investments. . . the intermix of opportunities has left executives with utter confusion and ambiguity. This is bad for the industry.

Modern Mobile Money 2025 (a.k.a. Worldwide Mobile Money Modernisation & Monetisation in Retail, Commerce, Banking, & Payments 2018-2025), this latest research looks “through" more than “at" the state of the things. By applying critical - contrarian perspectives, bottom-to-top strategies, for example the research educates in the language of patterns, forces of nature, & accomplishments. So much that you understand and use positive constraints to achieve perceived growth & results.

"The readers of this research will welcome change because it represents opportunity, not threat. Change is essential for dramatic growth to be possible.”  - A. Bard, Director of Research.


During the final legs of the program, we undertook 5 Mobile Operators, 3 Banks, 6 Fintechs as Test Pilots. From Britain's biggest Mortgage Lender to Spain's aspiring Modern Mobile Money operator; an Indian Wallet company to brand new Insurance Start up - this research has already helped these companies (& their partners) save more than $650 million in revenues.

Shares of one UK Bank climbed 2.77pc to 69.49pc by putting to use our vendor recommendations, strategic new market introductions, and customer uptake strategies. A European bank was advised over a business conglomeration instead of meaningless toil. A move that will lift its share to 28pc from 16pc by end of the 2nd quarter (’17). A wallet company in India has preponed its launch plans; and our researchers are guiding them right now, as we write this, with sourcing of funds and achieving 100% compliance.

Moreover 8 biggest Mobile Operators, 3 Banks, & near a dozen FinTechs are selectively using our research recommendations for fresh launches across 9 different countries. The hypergrowth models (ch.4) that we have construed (50+) are helping Indian government with post demonetisation recovery; & also 1 independent key regulator in drafting future compliance & policing for local service providers.

Also 3 International Universities - who we assisted on pro bono basis, have adopted our ‘modern mobile money’ research program in academic learning, starting September 2017.


Q1. MNO Resolve-Resolution to threats imposed by Banks-FinTechs-TechGiants on MNO Mobile Money Businesses? What are some Conventional, partly-Modern, and fully-Modern Gateways available to Operators for effective Monetisation - via Modernisation? Who so far have best handled the threat?

Q2. ‘Sandbox Model’ Not Yielding! How can Operators stay Relevant & Innovative amid “Sandbox Model Crackdown”? What options do Operators have apart from the Sandbox Model (& Partnerships)? How can the supply of innovation be continued with far-shorter turnarounds opposite to Traditional Models? Outmanoeuvring & Validating Results of (your) Incubation Labs? Know when a ‘Sandbox Model’ will not yield? Alternatives to Sandboxes?

Q3. FinTechs-Making a dream Debut? How can new FinTechs gain sufficient exposure in the absence of any strong backing or brand behind them? Choosing Partners: Learning the morals & perils of Partnerships?

Q4. Banks, their Vulnerabilities-Best of the ‘Bank & Company’ Initiatives, Worldwide? Gaps in “their” Achievements? How can Payment Banks exploit “those" Gaps; Pound upon their leverage; and woo their customers?

Q5. World Economies Vs. China-What China hints at? How can Governments proliferate Investments w.r.t. Mobile Money Adoption, the way Chinese are doing? Decoding next Modern Frontiers China looks to dominate?

Q6. Leverage High-Tech “Sister” [Payment/Commerce] Technologies-Establish as an early mover and make “most” of the Opportunity? Recalibrating from Infra-to front-ends for broader business scope & prospect? Unlocking access to Adjacent Markets via enabling single/multi window [pan-global] channels of Innovation, Best consumer experience, & Revenues? Learn how “Living Beings” will pay in 2025!

Q7. What is so difficult about monetising Mobile Money - Or How easy it can be?

Q8. Breakthroughing the Chasm States-Stuck? Not getting enough momentum? Looking for a pump-up. . . a quick makeover? Preparing to revolutionise your market presence, relevance?

Q9. Vendor Planning & Selection - Plan Portfolios? Learn to Deal with the most desirable vendors of the most desired Modern Technologies? Get Capital/ Operational Cost estimates? Get Recommendations?

Q10. Market Share Bolstering, Investment Catalysis, & In-Direct Growth-Setting-up business plans for the most bullish Mobile Payment, Commerce, & Retail Business opportunities - for Indirect Growth? Navigating niches, Adjacent market access - for additional influence & revenues?

Q11. World Compliance Comprehension-Comply 100%? Inculcate “New Enablements” seamlessly while learning from “others’ mistakes”? Using Modern Techniques toward effectively meeting standards; and saving on huge Indirect Costs (fines for not meeting compliance, fx)?

Q12. Options Available To Small Players-What are the Options available to Small Players [Tier-2/3; N.Operators/ Banks/ FinTechs]? How selective or adaptive can they be in the wake of this “large fish monopoly business”? What's the size of the pie - the market opportunity & interesting areas -available to them? Case Studies?

Q13. Modern Mobile Money Devices-Roles devices are playing -or can play? Who're making most of the 'mobile money revolution’ via devices? What are those devices?

Q14. Wallet Execution & Future - Theories of Integration, Implementation, and Systemic Security advancements? Comparison of the impact of Mobile “Device-Centric”, “Bank-Centric” and “Merchant-Centric” wallet models on consumer adoption? Security considerations & Fraud control for myriad wallet solutions? A Research panel discussion on whats going on, How circumstances seem to evolve ahead; the take of the Academia; with Recommendations (direct) from the key stakeholders involved?

Q15. MFS Modernisation-MFS-Basic to MFS-Modern Transition, Business Model Transformation, Implementation, & Promotion? Agent Network Dynamics + Incentivisation & Optimisation: Tapping Agent Networks & Proximity more effectively?

Q16. HyperGrowth 2.0. + Modern-MFS Innovation in Payments, Lending, & Insurance-Adapting Modern Ideas, Principles, and Frameworks around Regtech, Vertical-tech (proptech, lawtech, etc.), and Social Inclusion? Roadmaps beyond Payment Bank licence? Pulling off Modern-Insurance business? Using Parallel/Skew/Perpendicular Inno-Models for HyperGrowth?

Q17. Short Term, Medium Term and Long Term “Modernisation” Strategies that will help Operators ensure 20%-45% of their total Revenue via Mobile Money Businesses?

Q18. Recalibrating/Tweaking “Front” as-well-as “Back” ends for Omni Commerce, Retail, Payments, & Banking abilities’?

Q19. Modern Security-How Modern Technologies (digital identity, etc.) are being used for real-time fraud control?

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  • Acorns
  • BK-Money
  • Freelancer
  • Mobiquity Money
  • Paypoint
  • Square Cash
  • MORE

1.0 Executive Summary

E1. Rationale   
E2. Modern Mobile money Outlook
E3. Why Modernise?
E4. Operators versus Rest: Plying Consumer Delicacies, Servicing Gaps, Vulnerabilities, & More.
E5. Parametric Evaluation of Modernity <Present or Missing> from a Mobile Money Business.
E6. There’s A Proof
E7. Protentions 2030: A sneak into Future Possibilities, Market Inclinations and Forecasts w/ Cautionary.

2.0 Market Leadership & Opportunity Analysis W/Recommendations across Mobile Payments, Banking, Commerce, & Retail 2017 to 2030.
2.1. Journey Hitherto: Period Y2012 to Y2016
2.1A. Analysis #1: Banks accept threat posed by mobile operators.
2.1B. Payment Market Spread Y2012 to Y2016
2.1C. Retail & Commerce Market Spread Y2012 to Y2016
2.2. Mobile Payment Service Distribution (4Q 2016)
2.2A. Government 2 Person (G2P)
2.2B. Informal Payroll
2.2C. Micro-finance & Credit
2.2D. Cross-Border Remittance
2.2E. Savings & Deposits
2.2F. Utilities & Billing
2.2G. Peer 2 Peer (P2P)
2.2H. Public Transport Payments
2.3. Way Forward 2021
2.3A. Analysis #2: Modern roadmap for ‘unknown’ opportunities
2.3B. Operators versus Banks Possible scenarios
2.3B.1. Infusion of Retail, Payments, & Commerce
1—Bank concept
2.3B.2. So. . . Is banking going to be just namesake?
2.3C. Way Forward 2021 > North America
2.3C.1. USA & Canada — Part 1
Retail & commerce beyond 2016
2.4. Using “Stringent Reputations” to Your Advantage
2.4A. Country Case > Singapore
2.4A.1. 45% Singapore Small Businesses don’t have access to Bank Loan.
2.5. Way Forward 2021 > Europe
2.6. Way Forward 2021 > Africa & Middle East
2.7. Way Forward 2021 > Latin America
2.8. Modern Cases for Inspiration & Strategy.
2.8A. Case Study #1 Branch
A “mobile micro - financing” start - up.
2.8B. Case Study #2 T-Mobile
2.8B.1. Why it failed?
Analysis # 3
2.8C. Case Study #3 Airtel
Airtel's ‘FBN Padi4Life’
2.8D. Case Study #4 Tigo Kiiray
2.5. Way Forward 2021 for Banks
2.5A. Possible Seamless “Transition” Strategies
2.5B. Solution #1
From state of < turbulence 2 profusion >
2.5C. Solution #2
Compatibility issue of < systems & it overhaul >
2.5d. Solution #3
Basel III law & domestic legal framework issue

3.0 Goal-oriented, Multi-Roadmap Modern Business Frameworks, Niche Navigation, and Executions. 2017 & Beyond.   
3.1. Introducing “Goal-oriented, Multi-roadmap” Modern Frameworks
3.1A. Parallel Model
Short to mid- term framework
3.1A.1. a.k.a. The “Challenger” Model
3.1B. Perpendicular Model
Mid to long term framework .
3.1C. Skew Model
Purely ‘goal aligned’ framework .
3.1C.1. a.k.a. “Multi Roadmap” Model
3.2. Enabling a Modern Portfolio
Figure 3 1:     Modern Mobile Money Roadmap for MNOs
3.3. The Niche Science
Guest expert contribution # 1
Figure 3-2:     Worldwide Modern Niche Complex
Pilot P1.     Niche-as-a-gateway (N-A-A-G)
Pilot P2.     “Poorly”, A Billion Dollar Business Model
Available for purchase — an exclusive TeleResearch Labs’ patent.
Pilot P3.     (MM) Modern Insurance Business Model
3.4. North America
3.4A. 300 Words on North America Market (4Q 2016)
Guest expert contribution # 2
3.5. Why Modernise?
Survey 3-1:     The Cult of ‘Made in America’.
Survey 3 2:     Those ‘Organic Offerings’ are Good for Nothing!
3.6. Security Threat
The no. of ransomware attacks quintupled to 5000 attacks per day.
3.7. Analysis #4
Security solutions available in North America
3.8. US Payment Market Litmus Test
How reliable/ realistic solutions adopted by the big - 3 are?
3.9. US “Retail/ Commerce” Market Litmus Test
How top contenders are maneuvering the security threat?
3.10. Analysis #5
Over 80% banks are relying on solutions offered by one company!
3.11. Modern Payments & Commerce in Retail       
In - use set ups, processes, & methodologies
3.11A.1.     Preparation & Execution (2016 & Beyond)
3.11A.2.     Traditional Commerce
Online/ mobile commerce
3.11A.3.     Offline Commerce
Offline wallets, micro ATMs, alt “in store”/ “open air” buying, etc
3.11A.4.     Contextual Commerce
Non - disruptive, virtual @ source (instant buying), & more
3.11A.5.     Key in-use Setups
W. exclusive process & methodology details
3.12.         Modern “Prepaid” Commerce
3.13. Analysis #6
Payments - on - the - move
3.14. Modern Payment Innovation
3.14A.1.     “On-Visit” Payments
3.14A.2.     Pay-In-Part Model
a . k . a . EMI MODEL
3.14A.3.     Modern “Post-Pay” Model
3.14A.4.     Modern Subscriptions
Members only payments, rewards, etc.
3.14A.5.     “Escrow-Tach” Retail
3.14A.6.     Virtual Payments
3.14A.7.     Cryptocurrencies
3.14A.8.     Modern Automated Payments
3.14A.9.     Enterprise Payments
Small/ Mid/ Large enterprise payments
3.14A.10.     Bundled Payments
Employee salary, etc.
3.14A.10A.     “Thin Bundle” Payments
High margin payments [resellership, royalty, IPR payments, etc.]
3.14A.10B.     “Thick Bundle” Payments
Low margin/ bulk payments
3.14A.11.     Business 2 Business Payments
Inward/ outward, 3rd party payments
3.14A.12.     Cross-Border Payments
Inter-regional/ Forex, travel payments, etc   
3.14A.13.     Instant Payouts
Instant/ real-time payments.
3.14A.14.     Business 2 Customer Payments
B2C refunds, referral payments, etc
3.14A.15.     Tweaked Payments
Device compatible, interoperable, hybrid/ multi - platform tweaking
3.14A.16.     Offline (+) Online
a.k.a. JUGAD 4 Payments
3.15. Ultra Modern Payments
3.15A.1.     AI (Artificial Intelligence) Payments
3.15A.2.     VR (Virtual Reality) Payments
3.15A.3.     Robotic Payments
3.16. Asia Pacific
3.16A. Analysis #7
B2B logistics & start - ups
3.16B. Performance Review: Banks & FinTechs.
3.16C. Case Study #5
Soneri Bank, Pakistan
3.16D. Case Study #6
Xero & paypal, New Zealand
3.16E. Case Study #7
Federal Bank, kerala, India.
Table 3 1:     Fedmobile Key Features
3.16F. Case Study #8
NAB Bank & Visa, Australia.
3.16G. Analysis #8.
Blockchain polynomy beyond 2016
3.17. Africa & Middle East
3.17A. Africa Market Statistics
Table 3 1: Africa FinTech Directory
3.17B. Middle East Statistics
3.18. 300 Words on African Market Setup
Guest expert contribution # 5
3.18A. Case Study #9
SID Instant
3.18B. Case Study #10
3.18C. Case Study #11
3.18D. Case Study #12
3.18E. Case Study #13
Peers Exchange
3.18F. Case Study #14
3.18G. Case Study #15
3.18H. African Banks & FinTechs
3.18H.1.     Case Study #16
Equity Bank: Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania.
Table 3 2:     Mobile Money Transfer Services in Kenya, December 2016
3.18H.2.     Case Study #17
First National Bank as “MVNO ”, South Africa.
Table 3 3:     FNB Connect Pricing at Launch
3.18H.3.     Case Study #18
Wells Fargo, Africa
3.18I. Humanising Digital Technology
3.18I.1. Case Study #19
Virtual banking, UAE
3.19. 300 Words on Latin American (MM) Market
Guest expert contribution #6
3.20. 300 Words on European (MM) Market
Guest expert contribution #7
3.20B. Case Study #20
O 2, UK/ Germany
3.20C. Case Study #21
3.20D. Case Study #22
Lloyds Bank, UK
3.20E. Case Study #23
Unilend, France
3.21. 300 Words on Asia Pacific “Modern (MM) Market”
Guest expert contribution #8
3.22. Cluster Analysis
Visualising 2021 [w/ recommendations]
3.22A. Channelisation-A-Tool
3.23. Analysis #9
Micropayments service & (its) future
3.24. Analysis #10
3.25. Vertical Business Use Cases
3.25A. Tele & IT
3.25B. Public Transport
3.25C. Retail
3.25D Education
3.25E. Energy and Utility
3.25F. Media and Entertainment
3.25G. Hospitality and Tourism
3.25H. Events
3.25I. SCM and Logistics
3.26. More Vertical Cases
3.26A. Case Study #24
SK Planet’s Syrup
3.26B. Case Study #25
M-Akiba Treasury bonds
3.26C. Case Study #26
Italy mobile money market
3.27. Analysis #11
Mobile money ‘offline vs. online”

4.0 Hypergrowth 2.0.: Modern—Mobile Finance (M—MFS), Advanced Business Conglomeration, & Niche Navigation for Enhanced Market Share & Revenues. 2017 & Beyond.
4.1 Hell Bent for Leather?
Hypergrowth may better suit you
4.2. Contenders
Mobile Operators - Banks - FinTechs & Others
4.3. Analysis #12
What can conglomerations bring to the table?
4.4. Hypergrowth Models — a
Business model innovation — a
4.4A. Hypergrowth Model #1
@Payments > India > Asia Pacific
4.4A.1. Objective
Direct Carrier Billing
4.4A.2. Niche Anchors
<Na: Modern “Cardless” Payment; Cross - Platform Licensing>
4.4A.3. Business Model Transformation
Skew Model
4.4A.4. Analysis #13
Conglomeration/ result analysis
4.4B. Hypergrowth Model #2
@Lending & investments > Canada > North America
4.4B.1. Objective
Fast cloud (loan) processing
4.4B.2. Niche Anchors
<NA: lending; interest on savings/ deposits>
4.4B.3. Business Model Transformation
Skew + Perpendicular model
4.4B.4. Analysis #14
Conglomeration/result analysis
4.4C. Hypergrowth Model #3
@Payments> Estonia > Europe
4.4C.1. Objective
Direct Carrier Billing
4.4C.2. Niche Anchors
< NA: In - App payments; post - paid payments>
4.4C.4. Business Model Transformation
Skew + Perpendicular model
4.4C.4. Analysis #15
Conglomeration/result analysis
4.4D. Selling—off to Millennials
Guest expert contribution # 9
4.4E. Hypergrowth Model #4
@Payments > Indonesia > Asia pacific
4.4E.1. Objective
Rapid adoption of POS in Indonesia
4.4E.2. Niche Anchors
<NA: Multi - platform POS payments>
4.4E.3. Business Model Transformation
Skew + Perpendicular model
4.4E.4. Analysis #16
Conglomeration/result analysis
4.4F. Hypergrowth Model #5
@Payments > Czech Republic> Europe
4.4F.1. Objective
Diversifying & monetising m - POS in Czech Republic
4.4F.2. Niche Anchors
<NA: m - POS Payments>
4.4F.3. Business Model Transformation
Skew + Perpendicular model       
4.4F.4. Analysis #17
Conglomeration/result analysis
4.4G. Future of M-Pesa in South Africa
Guest expert contribution # 10 [w/recommendations]
4.4H. Hypergrowth Model #6
@ Lending & investments > UK >Europe
4.4I.1. Objective
Additional revenue via increased end use
4.4I.2. Niche Anchors
< NA: Personal finance manager >
4.4I.3. Business Model Transformation
Skew + Perpendicular model
4.4I.4. Analysis #18
Conglomeration/result analysis
4.4J. Hypergrowth Model #7
@Lending & investments > Germany > Europe
4.4J.1. Objective
Manoeuvring excess regulation & compliance
4.4J.2. Business Model Transformation
Skew + Perpendicular model
4.4J.3. Niche Anchors
< NA: 1 - Click loan; fast consumer on-boarding & adoption >
4.4J.4. Analysis #19
Conglomeration/result analysis
4.5. Hypergrowth Models — ß
Business model innovation — ß
4.5A. Hypergrowth Model #8
@Payments @Lending & investments > Netherlands > Europe
4.5A.1. Objective
Fraud/ risk control & enhanced customer servicing
4.5A.2. Business Model Transformation
Perpendicular model @work
4.5A.3. Niche Anchors
<NA: Product innovation; customer on-boarding & adoption>
4.5A.4. Analysis #20
Conglomeration/result analysis
4.5B. Hypergrowth Model #9
@Payments @Lending & investments > Kuwait & Egypt > Middle East
4.5B.1. Objective
Fast payments & consumer on-boarding, & support
4.5B.2. Business Model Transformation
Parallel & perpendicular models
4.5B.3. Niche Anchors
<NA: Back end overhaul; fast consumer on-boarding>
4.5B.4. Analysis #21
Conglomeration/result analysis
4.5C. Hypergrowth Model #10
@Oman > Middle East
4.5C.1. Objective
Digital bank transformation
4.5C.2. Business Model Transformation
Parallel & perpendicular models
4.5C.3. Niche Anchors
<NA: Digitisation, transformation, & compliance>
4.5C.4. Analysis #22
Conglomeration/result analysis
4.5D. Hypergrowth Model #11
@Card payments > Bangladesh > Asia Pacific
4.5D.1. Objective
Becoming a pioneer in digital/ card payments
4.5D.2. Business Model Transformation
Parallel & perpendicular models
4.5D.3. Niche Anchors
<NA: Digitisation - transformation>
4.5D.4. Analysis #23
Conglomeration/result analysis
4.5E. Hypergrowth Model #12
@Payments > UK > Europe
4.5E.1. Objective
Cross border & social payments w/ zero leakage
4.5E.2. Business Model Transformation
Perpendicular model
4.5E.3. Niche Anchors
<NA: Instant cross border payments @zero fees >
4.5E.4. Analysis #24
Conglomeration/result analysis
4.5F. Hypergrowth Model #13
@Payments Thailand > Asia Pacific
4.5F.1. Objective
Demonetisation & digital/cash-less upgrade for country
4.5F.2. Business Model Transformation
Perpendicular model
4.5F.3. Niche Anchors
<NA: Digital readiness for cashless market - demonetisation>
4.5F.4. Analysis #25
Conglomeration/result analysis.
4.5G. Hypergrowth Model #14
@Payments > Australia > Asia Pacific
4.5G.1. Objective
Innovation, customer service, & new product opportunities
4.5G.2. Business Model Transformation
Skew model
4.5G.3. Niche Anchors
<NA: Cloud bidding; interest comparison; aggregated lending>
4.5G.4. Analysis #26
Conglomeration/result analysis
PILOT #4.     Hypergrowth Model #15
Blockchain commercialisation
PILOT #4A.     Objective
Blockchain monetisation in a marketplace
PILOT #4B.     Case #27: Korean Exchange Bank
South Korea > Asia Pacific
PILOT #4C.     Niches Anchors
<NA: Document/ identity authentication; equity/ share trading>
PILOT #4D.     Analysis #27
Pilot result analysis
4.5H. Hypergrowth Model #16
@Payments > Nigeria > Africa
4.5H.1. Objective
A cheaper, real time, & everywhere ready ‘P2P—PoS’ solution
4.5H.2. Business Model Transformation
Perpendicular model
4.5H.3. Niche Anchors
<NA: Fast P2P/PoS payments>
4.5H.4. Analysis #28
Conglomeration/result analysis.
4.5I. Hypergrowth Model #17
@Lending & investments > UK > Europe
4.5I.1. Objective
Core banking transformation via cloud
4.5I.2.         Business Model Transformation
Parallel model
4.5I.3.         Niche Anchors
<NA: Lending, savings, & deposits>
4.5I.4. Analysis #29   
Conglomeration/result analysis
4.5J. Hypergrowth Model #18
@Payments > India > Asia Pacific
4.5J.1. Objective
Retail & merchant banking transformation
4.5J.2. Business Model Transformation
Parallel + perpendicular model
4.5J.3. Niche Anchors
<NA: Tokenisation + HCE; contactless; virtual card payments>
4.5J.4. Analysis #30
Conglomeration/result analysis
4.5K. Hypergrowth Model #19
@Payments > Romania > Europe
4.5K.1. Objective
SEPA compliance + fast payment/ “digital ID” authentication
4.5K.2. Business Model Transformation
Perpendicular + skew model
4.5K.3. Niche Anchors
<NA: Fast “digital ID” authentication; compliance>
4.5K.4. Analysis #31
Conglomeration/result analysis
4.6 Hypergrowth Models
Business model innovation
4.6A. Hypergrowth Model #20
@Payments > UK > Europe
4.6A.1. Objective
Fast & convenient “realty” payments
4.6A.3. Niche Anchors
<NA: Realty: Fast search & payments; automation>
4.6B. Hypergrowth Model #21
@Payments > US > North America
4.6B.1. Objective
Easy messaging/messenger payments
4.6B.2. Niche Anchors
<NA: Fund transfer/ top - up via i-message>
4.6C. Hypergrowth Model #22
@Payments > USA > North America
4.6C.1. Objective
Ride comparison + shopping on the move
4.6C.2. Business Model Transformation
4.6C.3. Niche Anchors
<NA: Payments on the move; data protection; automated billing>
4.6D. Hypergrowth Model #23
@Payments > Spain > Europe
4.6D.1. Objective
Enabling small merchants accept “card-less payments”
4.6D.2. Business Model Transformation
4.6D.3. Niche Anchors
<NA: Micro merchant/ high volume/ platform independent payments>
4.6E. Hypergrowth Model #24
@Payments > UK > Europe
4.6E.1. Objective
Fast on boarding, cross - border compliance and real time fraud control
4.6E.2. Business Model Transformation
4.6E.3. Niche Anchors
<NA: Cross border payments; AML + KYC compliance; relentless on boarding>
4.6F. What's common between ASOS — A fashion slate; Expedia — A travel agency; Cathay Pacific — An international airline; Freelancer — A job site; and Digital World International?
4.6G. Hypergrowth Model #25
@Payments > Argentina > Latin America
4.6G.1. Objective
Greater market- share via portfolio diversification & revenues
4.6G.2. Business Model Transformation
Parallel, perpendicular
4.6G.3. Niche Anchors
<NA: cross border ecom; payment modernisation>
4.6G.4. Analysis #32
Conglomeration/result analysis
4.6H. Case Study #28
Trustly in year 2017 & beyond
4.6I. Hypergrowth Model #26
@Payments > Argentina > Latin America
4.6I.1. Objective
Catching & stopping fraud at the earliest
4.6I.2. Business Model Transformation
Parallel, perpendicular
4.6I.3. Niche Anchors
<NA: Instant chargebacks/refund; fraud control; modern payments>
4.6I. Analysis #33
Coexistence of mobile wallets & credit cards
4.6J. m—MFS Insurance
A short walk to ‘modern execution & monetisation’
4.6K. Hypergrowth Model #27
@Insurance > UK > Europe
4.6K.1. Objective
Subscription based + low cost/ risk, cloud collateral management
4.6K.2. Business Model Transformation
Parallel, perpendicular
4.6K.3. Niche Anchors
<NA: Fast/ interactive/automated — cloud collateral management & compliance>
4.6K.4. Analysis #34
Hybrid solution for “complex compliance & collateral margin requirements”
4.7. International Remittance Initiatives for Migrants
Table 4-1:     International Remittance Initiatives for Migrants
4.8. Gen-X Entry of FinTech Players as “MMOs” (2017 & Beyond)
Guest expert contribution #13
4.9. MNO—Lead (MM) Credit Cards
4.9A. Case Study #29
Rogers Bank credit card
4.9B. Case Study #30
Indosat mobile money ATM card
4.10. Modern Mobile Money Curiosities 2017 & beyond
4.10A. Proposed Evolutionary Modern (Mm) Businesses
Graph 4-1:        Mobile Money Demand Curve
4.10B. Transition Strategies (2017 & Beyond)
From basic to advanced (MM) offerings.
4.10C. Applying ‘MVP’ To Push Mobile Money Services
4.10D. The T-Mobile Way of M-Payment adoption?
4.11. (New) Customer Onboarding
4.12. Driving Customer Loyalty Via Early Adoption, & Retention Tactics

5.0. Live Projects: “Selected” Modern Mobile Money Profiles to Suit Your Market Positioning & Investments.
5.1 North America
5.1A. Acorns
5.1B. Affirm
5.1C. Allied Payment Network
5.1D. Apple Pay
5.1E. Billguard
5.1F. Billmatrix
5.1G. Ceretel's Prepaid Card Program
5.1H. Clearxchange
5.1I. Credit Karma
5.1J. Credit Sesame
5.1K. Doxo
5.1L. Dwolla
Figure 5-1:     Dwolla Fisync System for Faster Payment
5.1M. Ezuza
5.1N. Google Wallet
5.1O. Moneystream
5.1P. Moven
5.1Q. Movil Cash
5.1R. Paynearme
5.1S. Paypal
5.1T. Payso
5.1U. Payzapp
5.1V. Popmoney
5.1W. Prism
5.1X. Regalii
5.1Y. Rentmoola
5.1Z. Ripple
5.1.AA. Sofi
5.1.AB. Square Cash
5.1.AC. Venmo
5.1.AD. Wirex
5.2 Asia Pacific
5.2A. Alipay
5.2B. Billpay
5.2C. Citrus
5.2D. Direcpay
5.2E. Freecharge
5.2F. Hello Paisa
5.2G. Instamojo
Figure 5-2: Instamojo Payment Process
5.2H. Mobiquity Money
Figure 5-3: Mobiquity Architecture
5.2I. Moneyview
5.2J. M-Paisa Roshan Afghanistan
5.2K. Oxigen Wallet
5.2L. Paytm
5.2M. Payzippy
5.2N. Ruplee
5.2O. Mobomoney
5.2P. Tenpay
Figure 5-4: Development of Tenpay Overtime
5.2Q. Upaisa
5.2R. Wolaidai
5.2S. Mpay
5.2T. Ola Money
5.3 Africa
5.3A. Bitpesa
5.3B. BK-Money
5.3C. Irembo
5.3D. Mobicash
5.4 Europe
5.4A. Astropay
5.4B. Atom Bank
5.4C. Azimo
5.4D. Icushy
5.4E. Monese
5.4F. Moneyswap
5.4G. Mopay
5.4H. Movilway
5.4I. Mpeso
5.4J. Osper
5.4K. Paypoint
5.4L. PayU
5.4M. Sign2Pay
5.4N. Transferwise
5.4O. Weeleo
5.4P. Yoyo Wallet
5.5 Middle East
5.5A. Zain Wallet
5.5B. Zain Cash
5.5C. Asiahawala
5.5D. SABB Mobile
5.5E. Superwallet
5.5F. Ooredoo Mobile Money (OMM)
5.6 Latin America
5.6A. Allpago
5.6B. Billetera Movil (Bancolombia)
5.6C. Banwire
5.6D. Braspag
5.6E. Conec Mobile Wallet
5.6F. Conekta
5.6G. Daviplata
5.6H. Haitipay
5.6I. Maxipago!
5.6J. Mercadopago
5.6K. Miplata
5.6L. Mobile Money Guyana
5.6M. Pagseguro
5.6N. Tu Dinero Movil, Peru

6.0 Global Mobile Money Demand Estimates: Opportunity Analysis, & Forecasts. 2018 & Beyond.
6.1 Mobile Money Market 2017-2022
Figure 6-1: Global Mobile Money Users (In Million), 2017-2022
Figure 6-2: Mobile Money Users by Region (In Million), 2017-2022
Figure 6-3: North America Mobile Money Users (In Million), 2017-2022
Figure 6-4: Latin America Mobile Money Users (In Million), 2017-2022
Figure 6-5: Europe Mobile Money Users (In Million), 2017-2022
Figure 6-6: Asia Pacific Mobile Money Users (In Million), 2017-2022
Figure 6-7: Africa Mobile Money Users (In Million), 2017-2022
Figure 6-8: Middle East Mobile Money Users (In Million), 2017-2022
6.2 Mobile Banking Market 2017-2022
Figure 6-9: Global Mobile Banking Users (In Million), 2017-2022
Figure 6-10: Mobile Banking Users by Region (In Million), 2017-2022
Figure 6-11: North America Mobile Banking Users (In Million), 2017-2022
Figure 6-12: Latin America Mobile Banking Users (In Million), 2017-2022
Figure 6-13: Europe Mobile Banking Users (In Million), 2017-2022
Figure 6-14: Asia Pacific Mobile Banking Users (In Million), 2017-2022
Figure 6-15: Africa Mobile Banking Users (In Million), 2017-2022
Figure 6-16: Middle East Mobile Banking Users (In Million), 2017-2022
6.3 M-Payment Market 2017-2022
6.3A. M-Payment Users
Figure 6-17: Global M-Payment Users (In Million), 2017-2022
Figure 6-18: M-Payment Users by Region (In Million), 2017-2022
Figure 6-19: North America M-Payment Users (In Million), 2017-2022
Figure 6-20: Latin America M-Payment Users (In Million), 2017-2022
Figure 6-21: Europe M-Payment Users (In Million), 2017-2022
Figure 6-22: Asia Pacific M-Payment Users (In Million), 2017-2022
Figure 6-23: Africa M-Payment Users (In Million), 2017-2022
Figure 6-24: Middle East M-Payment Users (In Million), 2017-2022
6.3b. M-Payment Revenue
Figure 6-25: Global M-Payment Revenue (In US$ Billion), 2017-2022
Figure 6-26: M-Payment Revenue by Region (In US$ Billion), 2017-2022
Figure 6-27: North America M-Payment Revenue (In US$ Billion), 2017-2022
Figure 6-28: Latin America M-Payment Revenue (In US$ Billion), 2017-2022
Figure 6-29: Europe M-Payment Revenue (In US$ Billion), 2017-2022
Figure 6-30: Asia Pacific M-Payment Revenue (In US$ Billion), 2017-2022
Figure 6-31: Africa M-Payment Revenue (In US$ Billion), 2017-2022
Figure 6-32: Middle East M-Payment Revenue (In US$ Billion), 2017-2022
6.3C. NFC Mobile Payment Market 2017-2022
Figure 6-33: Global NFC M-Payment Market (In US$ Billion), 2017-2022
6.3D. NFC-Enabled Cellphones’ Shipment
Figure 6-34: Global NFC-Enabled Cellphones’ Shipment (In Million), 2017-2022
6.4 Mobile P2P Payments
Table 6-1: P2P Payments Market By Region (In US$ Billion), 2017-2022
Figure 6-35: Global P2P Payments Market (In US$ Billion), 2017-2022
Figure 6-36: P2P Payments Market By Region (In US$ Billion), 2017-2022

7.O Mobile Money X-Tra Miles: Conclusions, Recommendations, & Protentions. 2021 & Beyond.
7.1 Dark Horses — All Operators, Banks, & FinTechs Should be Afraid of!
7.2. Case Study #31 Amberoon
7.3. Mobile Money Evils
7.4. Conclusions
7.5. Recommendations

Annexure A Compliance Cheat Sheet Worldwide compliance handbook
Annexure B Big Investments
Annexure C World Niche Complex

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  • ASOS
  • Acorns
  • Affirm
  • Africa
  • Airtel
  • Alipay
  • Allied Payment Network
  • Allpago
  • Amberoon
  • Apple Pay
  • Asia Pacific
  • Asiahawala
  • Astropay
  • Atom Bank
  • Azimo
  • BACB
  • BK-Money
  • Banwire
  • Billetera Movil (Bancolombia)
  • Billguard
  • Billmatrix
  • Billpay
  • Bitpesa
  • Branch
  • Braspag
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Ceretel's Prepaid Card Program
  • Citrus
  • Clearxchange
  • Conec Mobile Wallet
  • Conekta
  • Credit Karma
  • Credit Sesame
  • Daviplata
  • Development of Tenpay Overtime
  • Digital World International
  • Direcpay
  • Doxo
  • Dwolla
  • Dwolla Fisync System for Faster Payment
  • Equity Bank
  • Europe
  • Expedia
  • Ezuza
  • Federal Bank
  • First National Bank
  • Freecharge
  • Freelancer
  • GeoPay
  • Google Wallet
  • Haitipay
  • Hello Paisa
  • Icushy
  • Indosat
  • Instamojo
  • Instamojo Payment Process
  • Irembo
  • Italy mobile money market
  • Latin America
  • Lloyds Bank
  • M-Akiba Treasury bonds
  • M-Paisa Roshan Afghanistan
  • Maxipago!
  • Mercadopago
  • Middle East
  • Miplata
  • Mobicash
  • Mobile Money Guyana
  • Mobiquity Architecture
  • Mobiquity Money
  • Mobomoney
  • Monese
  • Moneystream
  • Moneyswap
  • Moneyview
  • Mopay
  • Moven
  • Movil Cash
  • Movilway
  • Mpay
  • Mpeso
  • mVisa
  • NAB Bank & Visa
  • O2
  • Ola Money
  • Ooredoo Mobile Money (OMM)
  • Osper
  • Oxigen Wallet
  • Pagseguro
  • PayU
  • Paynearme
  • Paypal
  • Paypoint
  • Payso
  • Paytm
  • Payzapp
  • Payzippy
  • Peers Exchange
  • Popmoney
  • Prism
  • Regalii
  • Rentmoola
  • Ripple
  • Rogers Bank
  • Ruplee
  • SABB Mobile
  • SID Instant
  • SK Planet
  • Sign2Pay
  • SimbaPay
  • Sofi
  • Soneri Bank
  • Square Cash
  • Superwallet
  • SureRemit
  • SureSwipe
  • T-Mobile
  • Tenpay
  • Tigo Kiiray
  • Transferwise
  • Trustly
  • Tu Dinero Movil, Peru
  • Unilend
  • Upaisa
  • Venmo
  • Virtual banking
  • Weeleo
  • Wells Fargo
  • Wirex
  • Wolaidai
  • Xero & paypal
  • Yoyo Wallet
  • Zain Cash
  • Zain Wallet
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown