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American Studies is an unprecedented anthology that charts the evolution of American Studies from the end of World War II to the present day, showcasing dozens of essays that represent the best in American scholarship. Through this set of carefully selected key essays by an editorial board of expert scholars, the book demonstrates how changes in the field have produced new genealogies that tell different histories of both America and the study of America. The volume also includes writings from earlier eras to show how changing perspectives have enabled older concepts and debates to emerge in different contexts, casting new light on their significance and impact.
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Notes on the Editors x

Acknowledgments to Sources xi

Introduction 1

Part I Empire, Nation, Diaspora 7

Introduction 7

1 Rethinking Race and Nation 9Nikhil Pal Singh

2 Manifest Domesticity 17Amy Kaplan

3 Nuestra América s Borders: Remapping American Cultural Studies 26José David Saldívar

4 The Practice of Diaspora 33Brent Hayes Edwards

5 Removal 41Tiya Miles

6 Redefining Security: Okinawa Women s Resistance to US Militarism 49Yoko Fukumura and Martha Matsuoka

Part II States, Citizenship, Rights 57

Introduction 57

7 Liberty s Empire 59Laura Doyle

8 The Johnson–Reed Act of 1924 and the Reconstruction of Race in Immigration Law 69Mae M. Ngai

9 The Citizen and the Terrorist 78Leti Volpp

10 Race, Gender, and the Privileges of Property 89Peggy Pascoe

11 Racing Religion 99Moustafa Bayoumi

12 The Intimate Public Sphere 109Lauren Berlant

13 Democratic Passions: Reconstructing Individual Agency 119Christopher Newfield

Part III Reproduction of Work 133

Introduction 133

14 Domestic Life in the Diggings 135Susan Lee Johnson

15 Women s Sweat : Gender and Agricultural Labor in the Atlantic World 145Jennifer L. Morgan

16 Fashioning Political Subjectivities: The 1909 Shirtwaist Strike and the Rational Girl Striker 155Nan Enstad

17 The Age of the CIO 166Michael Denning

18 Work, Immigration, Gender: New Subjects of Cultural Politics 177Lisa Lowe

19 Global Cities and Survival Circuits 185Saskia Sassen

Part IV Religion, Spirituality, and Alternate Ways of Being in the United States 195

Introduction 195

20 Snakes Alive: Religious Studies between Heaven and Earth 199Robert A. Orsi

21 From Demon Possession to Magic Show: Ventriloquism, Religion, and the Enlightenment 213Leigh Eric Schmidt

22 Rethinking Vernacular Culture: Black Religion and Race Records in the 1920s and 1930s 225Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham

23 The Madonna of 115th Street Revisited: Vodou and Haitian Catholicism in the Age of Transnationalism 233Elizabeth McAlister

24 The Good Fight: Israel after Vietnam, 1972 80 246Melani McAlister

25 Getting Religion 260Janet R. Jakobsen and Ann Pellegrini

Part V Performances and Practices 269

Introduction 269

26 The Origins of Mass Culture 271Richard M. Ohmann

27 The Riddle of the Zoot: Malcolm Little and Black Cultural Politics during World War II 280Robin D. G. Kelley

28 Mardi Gras Indians: Carnival and Counter–Narrative in Black New Orleans 290George Lipsitz

29 To Be Young, Brown, and Hip: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Indian American Youth Culture 299Sunaina Marr Maira

30 Teatro Viva! Latino Performance and the Politics of AIDS in Los Angeles 307David Román

31 Waiting for Godzilla: Toward a Globalist Theme Park 315Takayuki Tatsumi

32 Hollywood s Hot Voodoo 319Eva Cherniavsky

Part VI Body–Talk 327

Introduction 327

33 Turning People into Products 329Walter Johnson

34 Redressing the Pained Body: Toward a Theory of Practice 338Saidiya V. Hartman

35 Between Oriental Depravity and Natural Degenerates : Spatial Borderlands and the Making of Ordinary Americans 346Nayan Shah

36 The Rule of Normalcy: Politics and Disability in the USA [United States of Ability] 357Lennard J. Davis

37 The Patient s Body 365Virginia L. Blum

38 Queer Cyborgs and New Mutants: Race, Sexuality, and Prosthetic Sociality in Digital Space 372Mimi Nguyen

Part VII Mediating Technologies 385

Introduction 385

39 Two Spinning Wheels in an Old Log House 387Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

40 The Cultural Mediation of the Print Medium 397Michael Warner

41 Likeness as Identity: Reflections on the Daguerrean Mystique 405Alan Trachtenberg

42 I Want to Ride in Geronimo s Cadillac 413Philip Deloria

43 Reading the Book of Life : DNA and the Meanings of Identity 424Sarah E. Chinn

44 Television and the Politics of Difference 433Herman S. Gray

Part VIII Sites, Space, and Land 443

Introduction 443

45 Where is Guantánamo? 445Amy Kaplan

46 Knowing Nature through Labor: Energy, Salmon Society on the Columbia 458Richard White

47 Rethinking Environmental Racism: White Privilege and Urban Development in Southern California 465Laura Pulido

48 Commerce: Reconfiguring Community Marketplaces 476Lizabeth Cohen

49 The Prison Fix 486Ruth Wilson Gilmore

50 The Globalization of Latin America: Miami 493George Yúdice

51 Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans? Katrina, Trap Economics, and the Rebirth of the Blues 506Clyde Woods

Part IX Memory and Re–Memory 515

Introduction 515

52 Not only the Footprints but the Water Too and What is Down There 517Avery Gordon

53 The Lost Cause and Causes Not Lost 528David Blight

54 The Wall and the Screen Memory: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial 540Marita Sturken

55 The Patriot Acts 550Donald E. Pease

56 Silencing the Past: Power and the Production of History 558Michel–Rolph Trouillot

Part X Internationalization and Knowledge Production about American Studies 567

Introduction 567

57 Spectres of Comparison: American Studies and the United States of the West 569Liam Kennedy

58 Romancing the Future: Internationalization as Symptom and Wish 578Robyn Wiegman

59 Outside Where? Comparing Notes on Comparative American Studies and American Comparative Studies 588Donatella Izzo

Index 605

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