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German residential & business numbers

4.3 million business & residential Records

Currently researched with Internet addresses and Mail contacts and exact descriptions of the industry.

Companies from Germany, Austria & Switzerland in 1,000 + branches including contact person, employee, e-mail & homepage

Unlimited data export possible.


Company number - 3,656,000Telephone - 2,897,000Facsimile - 1,143,000 Internet/URL - 1,329,000Email - 843,000Commercial Register Number - 907,000VAT ID - 158,000Managing Director - 559,000Owner - 1,458,000 CEO or owner - 1,017,000Employees (graduation) - 1,4056,000


Company number - 283,000Telephone - 271,000Facsimile - 74,000 Internet/URL - 81,000Email - 48,000Commercial Register Number VAT ID Managing Director Owner - 133,000 CEO or owner - 133,000Employees (graduation) - 120,000


Company number - 394,000Telephone - 376,000Facsimile - 116,000 Internet/URL - 129,000Email - 79,000Commercial Register Number VAT ID Managing Director Owner - 115,000 CEO or owner - 115,000Employees (graduation) - 163,000

The company addresses contain in each case:

  • Company data from Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • the full company name
  • up to three branch names per company with industry key of the Federal Statistical Office
  • Industry field in plain text
  • the complete postal address
  • Unique address number
  • the geodata (latitude and longitude) of the address
  • An export function for geodata for map display in Google Earth
  • the number of inhabitants of the place (head office)
  • the area
  • the license plate number
  • the postal code
  • the federal state
  • the district and additional location

Optional if available:

  • the central telephone number
  • the central fax number
  • the internet address (company)
  • the e-mail address (company)
  • the name of the owner or manager
  • the number of employees in a scale
  • the competent district court
  • the commercial register number (HR number) with entry type and last modification date
  • the VAT identification number (VAT number)

Measurable success for your marketing
Those who want to win customers in B2B markets must be open to new ways. Classic methods such as participation in trade fairs, advertisements in specialist journals or Internet marketing are expensive and often do not bring the desired success. To avoid wastage, therefore, more and more companies in business-to-business communication rely on direct marketing. However, the prerequisite for sustainable success are good addresses. Here, the MailCom company addresses the flatrate price offers the right solution: 3 million currently researched German company addresses, which you can use immediately for your B2B communication and customer acquisition. Because the publisher is continually completing and updating its address list, you will not find many of these addresses in any other industry directory.

Use addresses as long as you like and as often as you like
With the current MailCom company addresses for the Flatrate price you reach your target group particularly efficiently. You only pay a cheap flatrate price and may use these addresses as often as you like. Make your product or service known locally, regionally or nationwide. Send sales letters or newsletters without wastage by post or e-mail (observe legal regulations!) And legally generate lots of new leads. In many cases, an investment in the current MailCom company addresses at the flat rate price already pays off with the first application. Take advantage of this flatrate offer and bring with current company addresses momentum in your marketing.

An investment that pays off immediately
High-quality company addresses usually cost a lot of money. Listbroker and address brokers charge up to €500 per thousand company addresses even with single use. If you use the addresses for advertising purposes several times during one year, the rental price will multiply. Since many advertising measures are no longer worthwhile. For the 4 million company addresses of this database you pay only once and acquire the right to use the complete address package. From purchase the addresses are unlimited for your marketing and sales activities. Simply and accurately select the addresses required for your advertising activities - as often as you like and whenever you want. The program for address selection is included.

New: Including Internet and e-mail addresses
Company addresses with a valid Internet or e-mail address from Germany, Austria and Switzerland have hardly been available on the market so far. The MailCom company addresses for the flat rate price now also offers you the necessary address data for successful online communication. This address database covers around 80 percent of all companies active on the Internet. With the e-mail addresses researched by the publisher, you may also legally address your existing customers online (observe legal provisions!). This extra channel for your messages has a positive effect on your response rate. Save manufacturing costs and postage for classic mailings. Use the valuable online contact information to reach your target group even faster. Complete your own address stock with, for example, the Internet and e-mail address and the exact sector name for targeted selections. You will also receive the appropriate software for the systematic enrichment of addresses with us.

Make money with company addresses
For only a small fee you acquire an extended right to use the MailCom company addresses at the flat rate price and may use the addresses for your own and for marketing on behalf of customers. Compare existing company addresses with the data records of the MailCom company addresses at the flat rate price and fill in missing address components. It offers your customers real added value through the selection and export of current company addresses and increase your own turnover without much effort.

Company addresses for the flat rate - Your benefits at a glance:

  • Corporate addresses at a low flat rate: over 4 million current business addresses.
  • Invest once, use as often as you like: Unlimited right of use - Marketing power for every budget.
  • Universal data format: The company addresses are delivered in text format (CSV). B. be used in serial letters or further processed.
  • Reach target groups without wastage: Select company addresses by sector, zip code, city, etc.
  • Higher ROI through multi-channel strategy: You advertise by post and opt-in by e-mail or telephone.
  • Make money with company addresses: special rate for service providers and resellers
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