Understanding Net Neutrality and the Impact of the Recent FCC Ruling

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Network Neutrality is both a complex and simple proposition.  The Internet has always been considered a level playing field, and Network Neutrality is intended to preserve that state.  The essence of Network Neutrality is to preserve this equal access landscape so that innovation can continue to advance.  However, over the last 15 years, large actors have been using their power and influence to shape their corner of the internet to their advantage.  Internet Service Providers have tried to restrict their customer’s access to various high-bandwidth platforms, or create service bundles that their customers can subscribe to that create fast lanes for specific content providers. 

This report informs the reader about Network Neutrality, allowing one to make better decisions about its impact on their business or their market of interest.  It covers the history of legal controls placed on the Internet’s technologies, the laws and precedents that are applied to create those controls, the current state of the regulations, the impact of proposed rule changes, and the long-term impact as the landscape of the Internet as it evolves. 

The report also provides insights and predictions relative to what will happen as a result of the FCC Order to essentially revoke Net Neutrality.  For example, we anticipate large ISPs such as Comcast, Cox, Charter, will immediately start to push the boundaries of acceptable behavior, as well as move slowly on the transparency mandate of the 2017 ruling.  This includes the impact on the overall market, consumer behavior, vendor behavior, and the outlook for competition, pricing, and more.

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