2018 Healthcare Benchmarks: Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring

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Artificial intelligence. Automation. Blockchain. Robotics.

Once the domain of science fiction, these telehealth technologies have begun to transform the fabric of healthcare delivery systems.

As further proof of telehealth's explosive growth, the use of wearable health-tracking devices and remote patient monitoring has proliferated, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has added several new provider telehealth billing codes for calendar year 2018.

2018 Healthcare Benchmarks: Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring delivers the latest actionable telehealth and remote patient monitoring metrics on tools, applications, challenges, successes and ROI from healthcare organizations across the care spectrum. This 60-page report, now in its fifth edition, documents benchmarks on current and planned telehealth and remote patient monitoring initiatives as well as the use of emerging technologies in the healthcare space.

According to a 2016 Teladoc survey, the number of U.S. health systems with consumer-service telehealth programs is projected to nearly double from 2016 to 2018.

This exclusive report analyzes responses to the fifth comprehensive industry survey on Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring conducted in January 2018. This expanded analysis is highlighted with more than 40 easy-to-follow graphs and tables.

New in the 2018 Edition:

  • Utilization of telehealth and patient monitoring technologies, including electronic health record (EHR) integration, patient portals, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, blockchain and more;
  • New population targets for telehealth, including hospital ICU patients, newly discharged patients, and residents of remote areas;
  • A deeper dive into applications for healthcare 'wearables' (fitness trackers, smart clothing, etc.), including diagnostics, chronic care management, health coaching and more;
  • Analysis of the provision or discounting of healthcare wearables and other remote devices by payors or providers for population health purposes;
  • Trends in funding and reimbursement of telehealth initiatives;
  • Prevalence of telehealth initiatives for dermatology, substance abuse and falls reduction;
  • Telehealth development strategies, including use of third-party vendors;
  • Added insight into telehealth challenges, including regulatory concerns, cybersecurity and interoperability;
  • Respondent perspectives on impact of the recent FCC ruling on net neutrality on telehealth and remote patient monitoring;

and much more.

Additionally, 2018 Healthcare Benchmarks: Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring takes a fifth comprehensive look at the following metrics:

  • Current and planned telehealth and remote patient monitoring programs;
  • Populations and clinical conditions targeted by telehealth initiatives;
  • Most frequently employed clinical applications, devices and technologies;
  • The latest in funding and ROI for telehealth and telemedicine;
  • Telehealth technologies available to employees, patients and health plan members;
  • Patient monitoring devices connected to telehealth initiatives, including scales, wearables and medication compliance monitors;
  • Projected 2018 Medicare billing trends;
  • Telehealth impact on quality and utilization metrics, including healthcare access, medication adherence, patient satisfaction, hospital readmissions, hospital length of stay, and much more;
  • The most successful applications of telehealth;
  • Sector-specific analysis of telehealth and remote patient monitoring trends;
  • Challenges, benefits and barriers related to the use of telehealth and monitoring;
  • The complete 2018 Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring survey tool;

and much more.

As the outlook for telehealth grows more favorable, organizations wishing to invest in telehealth and remote patient monitoring can profit from peers' experiences and feedback presented in this resource.

The 60-page 2018 Healthcare Benchmarks: Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring is part of the Healthcare Benchmarking series, which provides continuous qualitative data on industry trends to empower healthcare companies to assess strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve by comparing organizational performance to reported metrics.

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