The Human Resources (HR) 'Executive Mini-MBA' (Dubai, United Arab Emirates - October 14-18, 2018)

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  • Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 5 Days
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  • Training Dates: October 14-18, 2018
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The Human Resources (HR) 'Executive Mini-MBA' 1 week programme has been designed to give busy and experienced HR professionals the chance to learn more about the vital elements of the business model and how to link them to the role of HR in today’s world.

Course Hours

Courses start at 9am and finish at 3pm with break for lunch and tea/coffee breaks as appropriate.

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Mastering Strategy and Strategic HR Thinking

Strategy in a Dynamic context

  • Classic notions of business strategy -making them dynamic
  • What is strategy and strategic thinking?
  • Classic strategic challenges: sustaining a successful Strategy
  • From Planning to Implementation -the process
  • Global HRM: possible Strategic Breakthroughs

Strategic HR Development and Talent Management

  • Evaluating individuals’ strengths and areas for development - effective feedback
  • The development mix: individual development, OD interventions, coaching, performance management and feedback
  • HR Succession and Development - high potentials and leaders
  • Motivation and engagement

Strategic Change Management and HR as a ‘Business Partner’

  • HR/ Organization Strategy -and its links to Business Strategy :Marketing HR strategically
  • Evaluating strategic options: Business and HR
  • Models of strategic change and leadership
  • Change management tools and models
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship in organizations -enablers and constraints
  • Consulting Skills and becoming an HR Business partner
  • Using the mini-strategy process on an area of possible intervention
  • Targeting the economic value of this potential change
  • What business am I in as an HR Strategic Partner, what value do I add and what’s my Brand?
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The Human Resources (HR) 'Executive Mini-MBA' is designed for: HR Directors; Group HR Managers; Business Partners; HR Controllers; HR Managers and HR professionals seeking to enhance their strategic thinking.

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United Arab Emirates

Venue to be announced shortly.

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