Clinical Pathology: A Practical Manual. Edition No. 3

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Clinical Pathology: A Practical Manual has been especially designed for medical undergraduate and medical technology students, laboratory technicians and clinical pathologists. It is also useful for the practicing microbiologists, pathologists and clinicians, and also to other healthcare professionals, paramedical students and practitioners.

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1 Collection of Blood

2 Stains Used for Blood Film Staining

3 Examination of Blood Film and Its Interpretation

4 Total Count of Blood Corpuscles

5 Conditions of Numerical Excess and Deficiency and Functional Deficiency of Leucocytes

6 Estimation of Haemoglobin Content of Blood

7 Haematocrit: Packed Cell Volume

8 Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate and Blood Viscosity

9 Aspiration of Bone Marrow: Methodology

10 Definition and Classification of Anaemia

11 Deficiency Anaemia

12 Anaemia Due to Blood Loss

 13 Haemolytic Anaemias

14 Aplastic Anaemia

15 Bone Marrow Changes in Anaemia

16 Routine Haematological Examinations in the Diagnosis of Anaemia

17 Laboratory Investigations in Haemolytic Disorders

18 Laboratory Methods for Investigation of Haemolytic Anaemia

19 Investigation of a Clinically Suspected Case of Anaemia

20 Acute Leukaemia

21 Chronic Myelogenous (Myeloid) Leukaemia

22 Chronic Lymphatic Leukaemia

23 Bone Marrow Changes in Different Leukaemias

24 Bone Marrow Examination in Diseases Other than Anaemia and Leukaemia

25 Extravascular Factors in Normal Haemostatic Mechanism

26 Haemorrhagic Diseases Due to Vascular Damage

27 Disorders of Coagulation Systems

28 Disorders of Haemostasis

29 Platelet Disorders

30 Blood Groups

31 Blood Transfusion

32 Urine: Collection and Preservation

33 Physical Examination of Urine

34 Chemical Examination of Urine (Protein, Albumin)

35 Chemical Tests of Urine (Sugar, Ketone Bodies, Mucin)

36 Tests for Bile Salt and Bile Pigments in Urine

37 Chemical Tests for Blood, Porphyrin, 5-HIAA in Urine

38 Urinary Deposits

39 Macroscopical and Chemical Examination of Stool

40 Parasites Commonly Found in the Stool

41 Examination of Sputum

42 Examination of Seminal Fluid

43 Effusions of Body Cavities

44 Examination of Cerebrospinal Fluid

45 Examination of Synovial Fluid

46 Amniotic Fluid

47 Tear

48 Biopsy Techniques

49 Histopathological Techniques

50 Staining in Histology and Cytology

51 Immunochemistry

52 Exfoliative Cytology and Vaginal Cytology

53 Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC)

54 Cytogenetic Study

55 Gastric Function Test

56 Renal Function Tests

57 Hi-Tech Instruments Used in Clinical Pathology

58 Important Immunological Tests for Laboratory Diagnosis

59 Tumour Markers

60 Urinary Tract Infection: Laboratory Help in Diagnosis and Follow Up

61 Female Reproductive Tract Infection

62 Syndromes

63 Disposal of Laboratory Waste

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