Mineral Wool and Glass Wool Panel Insulation Production 2018-2021

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Mineral wool and glass wool insulation is well known in the building and construction industry and has been widely used in a range of wall and roof applications for many years. Its use in fabricated construction applications and as building elements has accelerated in recent years. Although the insulation values of these products does not match the urethane alternative, the superior fire rated performance has meant that they have found new and significant roles in building construction.

The Report Finds:

  • The legislation for fire rated products has prompted growth in this product range
  • Fire insurance demands have prompted innovation and new applications
  • Technical limitations are being overcome
  • The deemed finite availability of the product has been extended to new markets as growth prompts investment
  • Metal faced insulated panels have become standard building products
  • Exports and traded mineral wool elements has increased
  • New production plants have been opened in regional markets allowing a range of materials to be made locally
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  • Global Overview
  • Main Regions
    • Europe 23 Countries
    • Middle East and Africa 4 Countries
    • PRC and Asia 3 Countries
    • South East Asia 5 Countries
    • North America 3 Countries
    • South America 4 Countries
  • Global Demand
  • Market Summary
  • Market Growth
  • Global Comparison
  • Market Drivers
  • Regional Growth
  • Market Application and Development
  • Individual Country Information
    • Mineral wool and glass wool producers
    • Market drivers
    • Market applications
    • Opportunities
    • Forecast
  • Listing of Producers
    • Mineral wool and glass wool
    • Mineral wool and glass wool converters
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown