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Solution Nation: One Nation is Disproportionately Responding to the World’s Most Intractable Problems

  • ID: 4517496
  • Book
  • Region: Israel
  • 371 pages
  • BDA/Business Development Academy
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Solution Nation introduces readers to 62 of Israel’s most enterprising companies, all of which are developing solutions directed towards providing rescue and relief to the world’s most disadvantaged people.

Just a few of the solutions these companies are bringing to the market are directed towards preventing amputations; growing leg bones longer so that children afflicted with dwarfism can stand taller; reducing the risk of auto accidents; vanquishing influenza; diagnosing cervical cancer with smartphones; purifying water; removing mercury from the air; generating water from the air; transforming carbon dioxide into electricity; generating electricity from ocean waves; providing an alternative power source for Africans reliant on deadly kerosene; combating mosquito-borne diseases; preventing fruit flies from destroying mangoes in India; rescuing people from burning buildings; triangulating human trafficking on the high seas; helping the blind see; and, enabling the paralyzed to stand and regain mobility.

The stories of the dozens of featured companies are presented in an engaging and educating manner. Included in every profile is a rich background of the problem being tackled by the featured company, insight into the innovative solution developed by the company, and a list of brutally challenging questions investors might wish to pose to the management teams. Written by an analyst with more than 20 years of experience and the author of Business Model Validation, tremendous scrutiny is applied to each company’s business model and likelihood of achieving commercial success. Written largely with the interests of analysts, investors and deal-makers in mind, Solution Nation should help readers further refine their processes for assessing addressable market opportunities, vet groundbreaking technologies and pose penetrating questions to management teams. A discussion of how Solution Nation came to fruition - including issues such as how the featured companies were selected - is provided in Appendix C of Solution Nation.

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Author’s Letter to Readers

Israeli Companies are Working Towards Food Security
Enhanced Milk Production Techniques from the Land of Milk and Honey   
Transplanting Embryos in Cows in India   
Protecting Crops from Fruit Flies in India   
Delivering More Post-Harvest Corn to East African Markets   
Prolific Prawn Propagation   
Ending the Wholesale Slaughter of Baby Male Chicks   
Recycling Water Used in Fish Farming   
Grasshopper Gastronomy   
Reducing Discarded Produce   

Israeli Companies are Developing Water Solutions
Transforming Dialyzers Into Water Purification Devices   
Converting All-Terrain Vehicles Into Water Purification Delivery Devices   
Extracting Water from Air   
Using Clean Technology to Deliver Clean Water Throughout the World   
Detecting Water Pipe Leaks   
Powering Water Sensors from In-Pipeline Water Flow   

Israeli Companies Are Combatting Diseases
Treating Hydrocephalus with Micro-Robots   
Screening for Cervical Cancer with Smartphones   
Love Bombing Mosquitoes Into Oblivion   
Vanquishing Influenza with Vaccines   
Removing Blood Suckers from Our Midst   
Arresting Hospital-Borne Infections   
Boosting Calcium’s Bioavailability   
Reducing the Need for Amputations   
Stimulating Blood Flow from the Legs to the Heart   
The Anti-Bullying App   
Promoting Active Aging   
Feeding People Too Sick to Eat   
Restoring Vision to the Blind   
Helping Locked-In Patients Communicate   
Detecting Heart Failure   
Virtual House Calls   
Collecting 20 Biomedical Markers Remotely and Simultaneously   
Searching for Signs of Cancer in Feces   
Detecting Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Via a Phone App   
Filling in the Gaps: Democratizing Dental Implants   
Healing Chronic Wounds   
Preventing the Elderly from Falling   
Helping the Paralyzed Become Ambulatory   
Zipping Special Needs People Around Southeast Asia   

Israeli Companies are Pursuing Clean Energy Solutions
Generating Energy from Ocean Waves   
Converting Wind Power Into Storable Energy   
Lighting Up the Dark Continent   
Helping the Environment Self-Heal   
Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions at Airports   
Removing Mercury from the Ecosystem   
Converting Carbon Dioxide Into Valuable Fuels   
Reducing the Usage of Hydrochloric Acid and Sulfuric Acid   
Making Algae Affordable   
Converting Household Trash Into Environmentally Safe Manufacturing Material   
Repurposing Cardboard   

Israeli Companies are Working Towards a Safer World
Protecting First Responders from Nuclear Radiation   
Preventing Piracy on the High Seas   
Surveilling the Streets for Bad Actors   
Protecting Facilities and Sites with Fully Autonomous Drones   
Thwarting Collisions with Construction Cranes   
Fighting Wildfires with Laser Technology   
Rescuing People from Burning Buildings   
Converting Elevators from Death Traps to Rescue Vehicles   
Making Drivers Focus on the Road   
Protecting Connected Cars from Cyberattack   
Preventing Collisions Between Automobiles and  Motorcycles, Bicyclists and Pedestrians   
Equipping Vehicles with Object Detection Systems   

Appendix A: Questionnaire for Readers   
Appendix B: Dalliances with Divestment   
Appendix C: Anonymous Interview with Author   
Appendix D: Acknowledgments   
Appendix E: Dramatis Personae   

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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