The Impact of the IoT Boom on CSP Operations 2018-2023

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Forecast & Analysis of the Effect of Strong IoT Industry Growth on the Existing Operational Architectures and Processes Within Communications Service Providers


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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a major element of what is being called ‘the fourth industrial revolution’: a plethora of new technologies that combine the digital, physical and biological worlds. The connection of billions of devices to the internet will have a profound impact society and on the business of the Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and the host of companies that provide products and services to them.

Through discussions with CSPs, technology partners, telecoms software vendors and others, several concerns are ubiquitous during these nascent stages of IoT adoption. These discussions form much of the basis of the research for 2018, with the first of these being ”What impact will the coming IoT age have on current CSP operational systems and processes?”.

This research report has been written to provide insight into the following questions:

  • What is the forecast market opportunity for CSPs 2018-2023?
  • Which IoT categories are the first wave of high-growth use cases and are CSPs operationally prepared to participate in the value chain?
  • What are the common operational challenges that CSPs are finding across these high-growth IoT use cases?
  • Which next generation network technologies are supporting the IoT boom and what is their importance in ongoing IoT growth?
  • What evolutionary changes do CSPs need to make to maximise their revenues across the most lucrative IoT categories?
  • What do CSPs need to do to be more than just a connectivity provider in the IoT era?
  • What are the industry opinion on some of the key operational challenges highlighted in this report? (The results of a ten question survey of leading industry IoT professionals is included in this report).
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  1. About this report
  2. The IoT market opportunity for CSPs
  3. Executive summary - five key takeaways
  4. IoT is not one tangible service type but the many millions of IoT use cases have common operational challenges
  5. Operational challenges for CSPs common to the most frequent IoT use cases
  6. CSP IoT is moving from fragmented services, to more powerful platform model
  7. The IoT era is not possible without certain next generation technologies
  8. Low Power Wide Area wireless - chief enabler of the first wave of revenue-rich IoT use cases
  9. LTE-M - 4G cellular connectivity and its importance to IoT growth
  10. Does the Internet of Things need 5G connectivity?
  11. NFV/SDN - virtualisation techniques enabling IoT operations
  12. Big data analytics and artificial intelligence usage in the IoT
  13. Wi-Fi - power usage concerns flattens IoT mass adoption
  14. The Types of IoT Use Case Forecast to Provide the Most Growth 2018-2022
  15. Connected and autonomous vehicles
  16. Energy production and storage
  17. Fleet management
  18. Inventory management (stock)
  19. mHealth
  20. Optimised industrial production
  21. Consumer wearables
  22. Smart meters
  23. Track and trace
  24. Proactive maintenance
  25. Survey
  26. Research methodology
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