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Studies in Natural Products Chemistry, Vol 59

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Natural products in the plant and animal kingdom offer a huge diversity of chemical structures that are the result of biosynthetic processes that have been modulated over the millennia through genetic effects. With the rapid developments in spectroscopic techniques and accompanying advances in high-throughput screening techniques, it has become possible to isolate and then determine the structures and biological activity of natural products rapidly, thus opening up exciting opportunities in the field of new drug development to the pharmaceutical industry.

This series covers the synthesis or testing and recording of the medicinal properties of natural products, providing cutting edge accounts of the fascinating developments in the isolation, structure elucidation, synthesis, biosynthesis and pharmacology of a diverse array of bioactive natural products.

  • Focuses on the chemistry of bioactive natural products
  • Contains contributions by leading authorities in the field
  • Presents sources of new pharmacophores
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1. Metabolic Screening of Wine (Grapevine) Resveratrol 2. Sweet Cherry Phenolic Compounds: Identification, Characterization and Health Benefits 3. Phenolic compounds: A good choice against chronic-degenerative diseases 4. Recent Developments in the Quest for Novel Microbial Natural Products 5. Mycosporine-Like Amino Acids as Multifunctional Secondary Metabolites in Cyanobacteria: From Biochemical to Application Aspects 6. Basic and Clinical Studies with Marine Lipofishins and Vegetal Favalins in Neurodegeneration and Age-Related Disorders 7. Terpenoids as Emerging Therapeutic Agents: Cellular Targets and Mechanisms of Action against Protozoan Parasite 8. Bioactive Sesquiterpene coumarins from plants 9. Assessing Herb Drug Interactions of Herbal Products with Therapeutic Agents for Metabolic Diseases: Analytical and Regulatory Perspectives 10. Natural Products for the Management of Diabetes 11. Limonoids: Structure Activity Relationship Studies and Anticancer properties 12. Anticancer Potential of Flavonoids: Chemistry, Biological Activities and Future Perspectives 13. Chemistry and Biology of Salicyl-capped Siderophores 14. Southern Brazilian Hypericum species, promising sources of Bioactive Metabolites 15. Citrus Polymethoxyflavones: Biofunctional Molecules of Therapeutic Interest

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