Global Cell Therapy Market, Price, Product & Clinical Pipeline Outlook 2024

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“Global Cell Therapy Market, Price, Product & Clinical Pipeline Outlook 2024” Report Highlights:

  • Market Analysis by Application in Various Therapeutic Areas
  • Comprehensive Insight On Clinical Pipeline:  664 Cell Therapies
  • Cell Therapy Market Opportunity More Than US$ 25 Billion by 2024
  • Marketed Cell Therapies: 21
  • Price & Product Insight By Region/Country
  • Cell Therapy Clinical Pipeline Overview
  • Collaborations & Acquisition in the Cell Therapy Segment
  • Regional Analysis of the Cell Therapy Market

Cell therapy is an integral part of immunotherapy that has shown excellent therapeutic ability in several clinical indications. In recent years, studies regarding the use of cells for their therapeutic ability have gained immense popularity in the scientific and healthcare research community. The segment currently flourishes with several techniques like CAR-T cell therapy, Stem cell therapy, and cord blood cell therapy with each of them gaining extreme popularity due to their wide application in several clinical indications such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and cancer.  

The most popular and common technique of cell therapy aims at using healthy cells from a compatible donor (Allogeneic) or from the patient itself (Autogenic) and their modification to amplify their therapeutic ability. It involves complex steps like genetic screening of cell, modification of cell by genetic sequencing, their harvesting and reinfusion into the patient’s body. Each of these steps plays a vital role in the therapeutic outcome, thus leading to the establishment of the cell therapy market.  

Stem cell therapy is currently the dominant segment in the cell therapy market with maximum success rate reported globally. Their special ability to differentiate into any type of cell without losing their identity makes them the most promising therapeutic entities of the future. Researchers claim that stem cells are bound to revolutionize regenerative medicine with it being applied in the treatment of complex disease such as cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease, inflammatory disease and cancer.

Moreover, researchers assume that modification of cell therapy techniques could result in potential cures for multiple sclerosis, diabetes, spinal cord injury, cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and immune system disorders. The role of cell therapy and stem cell research will also be most helpful in the therapeutic sectors of cloning and regenerative medicine

Cell therapy based products like Kymriah, Provenge and Yescarta have been well received in the market inspite of their hefty price tag; costing well over US$  100,000 which clearly indicates the lucrative nature of the cell therapy market.

Innovations in pharmaceutical and biotechnology research are the key driving parameters for the development of cell therapies. For instance, holoclar treatment for curing blindness, cartistem for cartilage cell regeneration and Epicel for burn wound replacement have shown excellent outcome in their initial clinical studies which could become the gold standard therapeutics of the future.

Investigators have been able to identify different stem cell sources which offers them large base for developing new therapies. Majority of the cell therapy techniques can be customized according to a patient’s requirement thus making it a leading segment in personalized therapy. As a result, large numbers of stem cell therapies are entering in clinical trials across the globe. They are at different stages of development and likely to be introduced in global market in coming years. This will help the stem cell therapy developers to generate significant revenues in coming years.

Inspite of several challenges restraining the growth of the cell therapy market, experts claim the segment to be a burgeoning market of the future. This claim is supported by the fact that more than 150 companies globally have invested over US$ 1 Billion in the fairly new industry. Active participation of countries like Japan, South Korea, China and India has made it a progressive market of the future with widely untapped potential.

The report on the Global cell therapy market provides a detailed insight into the current scenario of the cell therapy market worldwide. Key data like pricing of cell therapy products, cost analysis of cell therapy procedures, adoption rate, current market trends and recent developments that might impact the cell therapy market are also highlighted in the report. Further, extensive analysis using data from primary and secondary source has been used for the effective forecast and future projections regarding the cell therapy market.

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  • AlloCure
  • Cell Medica
  • Genzyme Corporation
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1. Prologue to Cell Therapy
1.1 An Overview to Cells & Their Therapeutic Ability
1.2 Unique Features of Cellular Therapeutics
1.2.1 Stem Cells – Key Agents of Cellular Based Therapeutics
1.2.2 Key Advantages of Cell Therapy over Other Existing Therapeutics

2. Mechanism of Cell Therapy Treatment
2.1 Principle of Cell Therapy
2.1.1 Cell Therapy & the Immune Response
2.1.2 Mechanism of Regenerative Cell Therapy
2.2 Role of Surface Markers & Their Targeting
2.2.1 Targeting the Signal Cascades
2.2.2 Targeting the Microenvironment
2.3 Allogeneic Stem Cell Therapy
2.4 Autologous Stem Cell Therapy

3. Stem Cells - Their Application & Contribution in the Establishment of Cell Therapy Market
3.1 Origin of Stem Cells
3.1.1 Embryonic Stem Cells
3.1.2 Adult Stem Cells
3.1.3 Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs)
3.2 Exploring Stem Cell’s Ability to Differentiate
3.2.1 Totipotent Stem Cells
3.2.2 Pluripotent Stem Cells
3.2.3 Multipotent Stem Cells
3.2.4 Unipotent Stem Cells

4. Cell Therapy Market Analysis by Application in Various Therapeutic Areas
4.1 Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease
4.1.1 Myocardial Infarction
4.1.2 Heart Failure
4.2 Cell Therapy for Neurological Disorders
4.2.1 Parkinson’s Diseases
4.2.2 Alzheimer’s Diseases
4.2.3 Huntington’s Diseases
4.3 Cell Therapy for Inflammatory Diseases
4.3.1 Asthma
4.3.2 Arthritis
4.3 Cell Therapy for Diabetes
4.3.3 Type 1 diabetes
4.3.4 Type 2 diabetes
4.4 Cell Therapy for Cancer
4.4.1 Stem Cells & Their Therapeutic Role in Cancer
4.4.2 Role of Surface Markers & Their Targeting
4.4.3 Targeting the Signal Cascades
4.4.4 Targeting the Microenvironment

5. Product & Price Analysis of Cell Therapy Approved in US
5.1 Apligraf & Dermagraft
5.2 Carticel
5.3 ChondroCelect
5.4 Epicel
5.5 Holoclar
5.6 Kymriah
5.7 Provenge
5.8 Yescarta

6. Product & Price Analysis of Cell Therapy Products Approved in Europe
6.1 Spherox
6.2 Strimvelis

7. Product & Price Analysis of Cell Therapy Approved in South Korea
7.1 Cartistem
7.2 Cupistem
7.3 Hearticellgram

8. Product & Price Analysis of Cell Therapy Approved in Japan
8.1 HeartSheet
8.2 Temcell

9. Current Status of the Global Cell Therapy Market
9.1 Overview of the Global Cell Therapy Market
9.2 Industrial Insight into the Cell Therapy Market – Key Players & Their Contribution
9.3 Cell Therapy Clinical Pipeline Overview
9.4 Investments in the Cell Therapy Market

10. Global Cell Therapy Market Trends
10.1 Cell Therapy Enhancing the Effect of Existing Therapeutic Methods
10.2 Cell Therapy Market More Oriented Towards Immune Cells
10.3 Involvement of Both Academia & Industries to Enhance Progress of Cell Therapy Studies
10.4 Impact of Cell Therapy on the Drug Delivery Market
10.4.1 Direct Delivery Methods
10.4.2 Indirect Delivery Method

11. Collaborations & Acquisition in the Cell Therapy Segment
11.1 Collaborations
11.2 Acquisition

12. Regional Analysis of the Cell Therapy Market
12.1 North America
12.2 Europe
12.3 Asia
12.3.1 China
12.3.2 Japan
12.3.3 South Korea
12.3.4 India
12.4 Rest of the World
12.4.1 Africa
12.4.2 Middle East
12.4.3 South America

13. Global Cell Therapy Market Dynamics
13.1 Growth Promoting Parameters of the Cell Therapy Market
13.2 Commercial Challenges of the Cell Therapy Market

14. Future Prospectus & Scope of the Cell Therapy Market

15. Global Cell Therapy Clinical Pipeline by Company, Indication & Phase
15.1 Unknown
15.2 Research
15.3 Preclinical
15.4 Clinical
15.5 Phase-0
15.6 Phase-I
15.7 Phase-I/II
15.8 Phase-II
15.9 Phase-II/III
15.10 Phase-III
15.11 Preregistration
15.12 Registered

16. Marketed Cell Therapy Clinical Insight
16.1 Immuncell-LC
16.2 Adipocell (Anterogen)
16.3 Provenge
16.4 CureXcell
16.5 Holoclar
16.6 MACI
16.7 Carticel
16.8 MyoCell
16.9 Laviv
16.10 Prochymal
16.11 Grafix
16.12 Gintuit
16.13 Autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy – Pharmicell
16.14 Cartistem
16.16 BioCart
16.17 NuCel
16.18 Dendritic Cell-Activated Cytokine-Induced Killer Cells
16.19 Chondrotransplant DISC
16.20 Urocell
16.21 CellSpray

17. Competitive Landscape
17.1 AlloCure
17.2 Arteriocyte Medical Systems
17.3 Athersys Inc.
17.4 Baxter Healthcare Corporation
17.5 Bone Therapeutics
17.6 Celgene Corporation
17.7 Cell Medica
17.8 Cellerant Therapeutics
17.9 FibrocellScinence
17.10 Forticell Bioscience
17.11 Genzyme Corporation
17.12 Green Cross Cell
17.13 Histogenics Corporation
17.14 InnovacellBiotechnologie AG
17.15 Intrexon Corporation
17.16 Intercytex
17.17 ISTO Technologies
17.18 Macrocure
17.19 Mesoblast
17.20 Molmed
17.21 Nuo Therapeutics Inc
17.22 OmniCyte
17.23 Opexa Therapeutics
17.24 Organogenesis
17.25 Pharmicell
17.26 TCA Cellular Therapy
17.27 Stem Cell Inc.
17.28 Teva Pharmaceuticals
17.29 Tigenix
17.30 Vericel Corporation

List of Figures:
Figure 1-1: Basic Overview of Cell Therapy
Figure 1-2: Historical Insight into Cell Therapy
Figure 1-3: Key Goals of using Cell Therapy
Figure 2-1: Mechanism of Paracrine Signaling
Figure 2-2:  Demonstration of the Endocrine Signaling
Figure 2-3: Illustration of the Autocrine Signaling
Figure 2-4:  Paracrine Signaling in Heart Repair
Figure 2-5: Common Sources of Cells in Cell Therapy
Figure 2-6: Requirements of an Ideal Cell Donor in Cell Therapy
Figure 2-7: Steps in Allogeneic Stem Cell Therapy
Figure 2-8: Steps in Autologous Stem Cell Therapy
Figure 3-1: Application of Cell Therapy in Various Clinical Indications
Figure 3-2: Global - Cell Therapy Type by Donor Cell Source (%).2018
Figure 3-3: Global - Stem Cell v/s Non Stem Cell Therapy Studies (%), 2018
Figure 3-4: Type of Stem Cells on the Basis of Origin
Figure 3-5: Global - Cell Therapy Product Source (%), 2018
Figure 3-6: Type of Stem Cells & Their Ability to Differentiate
Figure 3-7: Global - Type of Immune Cells Used in Cell Therapy (%), 2018
Figure 4-1: Global - Mortality Caused by Non Communicable Disease (%), 2018
Figure 4-2: Cell Therapy – Clinical Trials by Indication (%), 2018
Figure 4-3: Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease
Figure 4-4: Overview of Stem Cell Therapy in Cardiovascular Disease
Figure 4-5: Cell Therapy in Neurological Disorders
Figure 4-6: Cell Therapy in Treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Figure 4-7: Cell Therapy in Diabetes
Figure 5-1: Apligraf - Cost per Use (US$/Patient), 2018
Figure 5-2: Carticel - Price Analysis (US$/Patient), 2018
Figure 5-3: ChondroCelect - Price Analysis (US$/Patient), 2018
Figure 5-4: Epicel - Price Analysis per 1% Total Body Surface Area (US$/Patient), 2018
Figure 5-5: Kymriah - Therapy Price Analysis (US$/Year), 2018
Figure 5-6: Provenge - Price Analysis (US$/Year), 2018
Figure 5-7: Yescarta - Price Analysis (US$), 2018
Figure 6-1: Spherox - Price Analysis (US$/Patient), 2018
Figure 6-2: Strimvelis - Price Analysis (US$ & Euro), 2018
Figure 7-1: Cartistem - Price Analysis (US$/Dose), 2018
Figure 7-2: Hearticellgram - Price Analysis (US$/Patient), 2018
Figure 8-1: HeartSheet - Treatment Cost Analysis (US$/ Administration), 2018
Figure 8-2: Temcell - Price Analysis (US$/72 Million Cells), 2018
Figure 9-1: Global - Cell Therapy Clinical Pipeline by Phase (%), 2018 till 2024
Figure 9-2: Global - Cell Therapy Clinical Pipeline by Phase (Number), 2018 till 2024
Figure 9-3: Global - Cell Therapy Clinical Pipeline by Discontinued Trials(%),2018 till 2024
Figure 9-4: Global - Cell Therapy Clinical Pipeline by Discontinued Trials (Number), 2018 till 2024
Figure 10-1: Global - Preference of Cell Type in Cell Therapy (%), 2018
Figure 10-2: Cell Therapy - Funding in Industry & Academia (%), 2018
Figure 12-1: Cell Therapy - Trials Conducted by Region (%), 2018
Figure 12-2: Europe – Cell Therapy Clinical Trial Analysis by Region (%), 2018
Figure 12-3: Asia – Cell Therapy Clinical Trial by Region (%), 2018
Figure 12-4: Cell Therapy-Comparative Cost Analysis by Region (US$), 2018
Figure 12-5: Rest of the World – Cell Therapy Clinical Trial by Region (%), 2018
Figure 13-1: Global – Key Factors Driving the Cell Therapy Market
Figure 13-2: Global - Cell Therapy Market Challenges
Figure 14-1: Future Objectives of the Cell Therapy market
Figure 14-2: Global - Cell Therapy Market Opportunity (US$ Billion), 2018 -2024
Figure 14-3: Key Developments Impacting the Future Cell Therapy Market
Figure 17-1: Arteriocyte Medical Systems Clinical Pipeline
Figure 17-2: Bone Therapeutics Clinical Pipeline
Figure 17-3: Celgene Clinical Pipeline
Figure 17-4: Cellerant Therapeutics Clinical Pipeline
Figure 17-5: Fibrocell Science Clinical Pipeline
Figure 17-6: Genzyme Clinical Pipeline
Figure 17-7: Intrexon Clinical Pipeline
Figure 17-8: ISTO Clinical Pipeline
Figure 17-9: Mesoblast Clinical Pipeline
Figure 17-10: Molmed Clinical Pipeline
Figure 17-11: Pharmicell Clinical Pipeline
Figure 17-12: Tigenix Clinical Pipeline
Figure 17-13: Vericel Corporation Clinical Pipeline

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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  • AlloCure
  • Arteriocyte Medical Systems
  • Athersys Inc.
  • Baxter Healthcare Corporation
  • Bone Therapeutics
  • Celgene Corporation
  • Cell Medica
  • Cellerant Therapeutics
  • FibrocellScinence
  • Forticell Bioscience
  • Genzyme Corporation
  • Green Cross Cell
  • Histogenics Corporation
  • InnovacellBiotechnologie AG
  • Intrexon Corporation
  • Intercytex
  • ISTO Technologies
  • Macrocure
  • Mesoblast
  • Molmed
  • Nuo Therapeutics Inc
  • OmniCyte
  • Opexa Therapeutics
  • Organogenesis
  • Pharmicell
  • TCA Cellular Therapy
  • Stem Cell Inc.
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals
  • Tigenix
  • Vericel Corporation
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown