7th International Symposium on High-Temperature Metallurgical Processing

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The technology, operation, energy, environmental, analysis, and future development of the metallurgical industries utilizing high temperature processes are covered in the book. The innovations on the extraction and production of ferrous and nonferrous metals, alloys, and refractory and ceramic materials, the heating approaches and energy management, and the treatment and utilizations of the wastes and by–products are the topics of special interests.

 This book focuses on the following issues:

  • High Efficiency New Metallurgical Process and Technology
    Fundamental Research of Metallurgical Process
  • Alloys and Materials Preparation
  • Direct Reduction and Smelting Reduction
  • Coking, New Energy and Environment
  • Utilization of Solid Slag/Wastes and Complex Ores
  • Characterization of High Temperature Metallurgical Process
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Preface xv

About the Editors xvii

Energy Efficient Clean Metallurgical Technology

Flash Reduction of Magnetite and Hematite Concentrates with Hydrogen in a Lab–Scale Reactor for a Novel Ironmaking Process 3Yousef Mohassab, Mohamed Elzohiery, and Hong Yong Sohn

Investigation of Coal Tar Pitch Binder for the Production of Formed Coal Briquettes for COREX from High Volatile Coal Powder 11Yongbin Yang, Yaxuan Wang, Qian Li, Bin Xu, Qiang Zhong, and Wei Gao

Upgrading of Iron–Rich Titanium Minerals Using a Molten Salt Process 19Farzin Fatollahi–Fard and Petrus Christiaan Pistorius

Direct Electrolytic Production of Mo–Si–Ti–C Composites from Their Oxides/Sulfide/Carbon Mixture Precursor in Molten Salt 27Xingli Zou, Xionggang Lu, Qian Xu, Hongwei Cheng, Shuhua Geng, and Zhongfu Zhou

Reduction Kinetics of Magnetite Concentrate Particles with H2 + CO at 1200 to 1600 C Relevant to a Novel Ironmaking Process 35Mohamed Elzohiery, Yousef Mohassab, Jagannath Pal, Shengqin Zhang, and Hong Yong Sohn

Advanced Oxygen Lances for Safer Furnace Tapping Operations 43Peter Sylvén and Darwin Morales

Utilization of Pine Nut Shell for Preparation of High Surface Area

Activated Carbon by Microwave Heating and KOH Activation 51Xuefeng Liao, Jinhui Peng, Shengzhou Zhang, Hongying Xia, Libo Zhang, Guo Chen, and Tu Hu

Research on High Temperature Mechanical Properties of 50Cr5MoV Roll Steel 59Dong–chang Huang, GuangliangWu, and Xin–bin Liu

Extraction and Recovery of Metals

Separation of Rhenium and Molybdenum from Molybdenite Concentrate by Microwave–Assisted Roasting 69Tao Jiang, Linfeng Zhou, Zhiwei Peng, Guanghui Li, and Rong Sun

Active Oxidation and Fume Formation from Liquid SiMn 77Ida Kero and Gabriella Tranell

Research on Enrichment of MFe and RO Phase from Converter Steel Slag by Super Gravity 85Chong Li, Jintao Gao, and Zhancheng Guo

Volatilization of Rhenium from Molybdenite Concentrate by Oxidative Roasting 93Guanghui Li, Rong Sun, Zhiwei Peng, Linfeng Zhou, and Yuanbo Zhang

Kinetic Investigation of the Electric Furnace Copper Slag Treatment 101Stephan R. Steinacker and Juergen Antrekowitsch

The Extraction of Zinc from Willemite by Calcified–Roasting and Ammonia–Leaching Process Based on Phase Reconstruction 109Wei Chen, Yufeng Guo, Feng Chen, Tao Jiang, and Xudong Liu

An Investigation on Antimony Production by Using Niederschlag Process 117Sedef Pinar Basag, Ahmet Turan, and Onuralp Yucel

Oxygen–Rich Side Blow Bath Smelting Technology New Developments

in China 123Lin Chen, Wei Chen, Hui Xiao, Tianzu Yang, Weifeng Liu, and Duchao Zhang

Carbon Refractories in an Oxidizing Process? Copper Smelting in an Outotec® Ausmelt TSL Furnace With a UCAR® ChillKote Refractory System 131Jacob Wood, Stefanie Creedy, and Peter Duncanson

Enrichment of Gold in Low Grade Copper Matte from Arsenical Refractory Gold Concentrate via Matte Smelting Method 139Duchao Zhang, Qingkai Xiao, Tianzu Yang, Weifeng Liu, and Lin Chen

Alloys and Materials Preparation

Zinc and Refractories A Nasty Relation 149D. Gregurek, S. Redik, C. Wenzl, and A. Spanring

Preliminary Study on Preparation of Al–Sc Master Alloy in Na3AlF6–K3AlF6–AlF3 Melt 157Zhongliang Tian, Yanqing Lai, Kai Zhang, Xun Hu, Hongliang Zhang, and Jie Li

Effect of the Reductants on the Production of Iron Based Alloys from Mill Scale by Metallothermic Process 165Mehmet Bug dayc , Ahmet Turan, Murat Alkan, and Onuralp Yücel

Experimental Study on Iron–Based Alloy as Cladding Layer Improving High Temperature Oxidation Resistance of Furnace Alloy 173Wang Yanze, Chen Chen, and Hong Xin

Production of FeMn Alloys with Heat Treated Mn–Nodules 181Merete Tangstad, Eli Ringdalen, Edmundo Manilla, and Daniel Davila

Thermodynamic Analysis and Experiments on Vacuum Separation of Sn–Sb Alloy 189Junjie Xu, Lingxin Kong, Yifu Li, Bin Yang, Yongnian Dai, Kunhua Wu, and Anxiang Wang

Simulation of Solidification Microstructure of 30Cr2Ni4MoV Steel

Ingot under Different Intensities of Mechanical Oscillation Condition 197ShuangYu Du, JieYu Zhang, Bo Wang, SenYang Qian, and Jian Zhao

Production of ZrB2–B4C Composite Materials via SHS Process 205Kag n Benze ik, Mehmet Bu dayc , Ahmet Turan, and Onuralp Yücel

Research on Microwave Roasting of ZnO and Application in Photocatalysis 211Qin Guo, Linqing Dai, Shenghui Guo, Libo Zhang, and Jinhui Peng

Fundamental Research of Metallurgical Process

Reduction Kinetics of Hematite Concentrate Particles by CO+H2 Mixture Relevant to a Novel Flash Ironmaking Process 221Yousef Mohassab, Feng Chen, Mohamed Elzohiery, Amr Abdelghany, Shengqin Zhang, and Hong Yong Sohn

SO3 Formation in Copper Smelting Process: Thermodynamic Consideration 229Mao Chen, Zhixiang Cui, Leonel Contreras, Chuanbing Wei, and Baojun Zhao

Effect of Oxidation on Wetting Behavior between Silicon and Silicon Carbide 237Yaqiong Li, Lifeng Zhang, and Zineb Benouahmane

Effect of CaO/SiO2 and P2O5 on the Viscosity of FeO–SiO2–V2O3–CaO–P2O5 Slags 243Zhen Zhang, Bing Xie, Pan Gu, Jiang Diao, and Hongyi Li

Heat Losses to Furnace Coolers as a Function of Process Intensity 251M.W. Kennedy, A. MacRae, and H. Haaland

Viscosity of Partially Crystallized BOF Slag 263Zhuangzhuang Liu, Bart Blanpain, and Muxing Guo

Origin and Evolution of Non–Metallic Inclusions for Al–Killed Steel during EAF–LF–VD–CC Process 271Hai–yan Tang, Xiao–chen Guo, Peng–fei Cheng, Yong–cang Liang, Jing–she Li, and Baojun Zhao

The Dynamic Dissolution of Coke with Slag in Melting and Dropping Zone 279Yingli Liu, Qingguo Xue, Wentao Guo, Haibin Zuo, Xuefeng She, and Jingsong Wang

Research on Oxidation Kinetics of SPHC Steel at 500∼900° C 287Dongchang Huang, Guangliang Wu, and Xinbin Liu

Direct Reduction and Smelting Reduction

Experiment Research on Direct Reduction of Celestine by Rotary Hearth Furnace Process 297Dongping Duan, Hongliang Han, Siming Chen, E Zhou, and Li Zhong

Influence of Slag Basicity on the Silicon Within the Stainless Steel Master Alloy Prepared by Smelting Reduction of Fe–Ni–Cr Sinters 303Yanhui Liu, Pingsheng Lai, Xuewei Lv, and Chenguang Bai

Reduction Behavior of Chromic Oxide in Ti Bearing BF Slag 309Baohua Li, Xuewei Lv, Yun Chen, Yanhui Liu, and Shengping Li

Effects of Mineral Oxides on the Precipitation Micro–Morphology of Metallic Iron in the Reduction of Iron Oxides Under CO Atmosphere 317Zhancheng Guo, ZhiLong Zhao, Huiqing Tang, Jingtao Gao, and Lin Lin

Influence of Operation Parameters on Mass Fraction of Sulfur in the Hot Metal in COREX Process 327Laixin Wang, Shengli Wu, Minyin Kou, Xinliang Liu, Yujue Wang, and Weidong Zhuang

Influence of Operation Parameters on Sticking Behavior of Pellets in COREX Shaft Furnace 335Xinliang Liu, Shengli Wu, Zhe Wang, Laixin Wang, and Mingyin Kou

Relationship between Coking Properties of Lump Coal and Its Pulverization in COREX Process 343Qihang Liu and Peng Zang

Thermogravimetric Analysis of Coal Used in Rotary Kiln of Iron Ore Oxide Pellet 351Qiang Zhong, Yongbin Yang, Qian Li, and Tao Jiang

Sintering and Pelletizing of Iron Ores

Enhancing the Removal of Sodium and Potassium of Sinter by CO–Containing Flue Gas Circulation Sintering Process 361Chen Lui, Guanghui Li, Ruijun Wang, Zhengwei Yu, Qian Li, Zhao Jing, and Yuanbo Zhang

The Preheating and Roasting Properties of Fluorine–Bearing Iron Concentrate Pellets and Main Influence Factors 369Lu Yang, Shuai Wang, Gang–hua Fu, Yu–feng Guo, and Tao Jiang

Performance Monitoring for Grate–Kiln–Cooler Process Based on Quality Prediction and Statistical Analysis 377Gui–ming Yang, Xiao–hui Fan, Xiao–xian Huang, and Xu–ling Chen

Utilization of Complex Ores

Characterization of Sulfidation Roasting of an Iron–Rich Manganese Oxide Ore with Elemental Sulfur 387Tao Jiang, Li Qin, Zhixiong You, Yuanbo Zhang, and Guanghui Li,

Research on Recovering Iron Oxide from the Iron, Tin–Bearing Tailings 395Jun Chen, Zijian Su,Yuanbo Zhang, Yingming Chen, and Bingbing Liu

A Study on the Characterization of Nickel Laterites of Central Anatolia 403Ender Keskinkilic, Saeid Pournaderi, Ahmet Geveci, and Yavuz A. Topkaya

Recovery of Powdered Metallic Iron from Ludwigite Ore via Reductive Roasting with Sodium Salts – Magnetic Separation 411Guanghui Li, Huanpeng Mi, Binjun Liang, Zhiwei Peng, Yuanbo Zhang, and Tao Jiang

Selective Reduction of TiO2–SiO2 in the Carbothermal Reduction of Titanium Raw Materials for Preparation of Titanium Oxycarbide 419Jiusan Xiao, Bo Jiang, Kai Huang, Shuqiang Jiao, and Hongmin Zhu

Kinetics Study on the Pyrolysis of Low Grade Coals 427Ruiling Du, Keng Wu, Xiao Yuan, Daan Xu, and Changyao Chao

Research on Leaching of Zinc Sulfide Ores through Synergistic Coordination 435Kun Yang, Shiwei Li, Jinhui Peng, Libo Zhang, Aiyuan Ma, Weiheng Chen, and Feng Xie

Effect of Compound Additives on Synthetic Magnesium

Aluminate Spinel under Low Temperature 443Xiaoyan Xiang, Wentang Xia, and Wenqiang Yang

Microwave Thermal Prereduction with Carbon and Leaching of Chromite Ore Fines 453Qin Guo, Linqing Dai, Lei Li, Shenghui Guo, Jinhui Peng, and Libo Zhang

Mechanisms of Strengthening the Reduction of Fine Hematite in High Silicon Coal–Containing Mini–Pellets by Sodium Additives 461Zhucheng Huang, Liangming Wen, Ronghai Zhong, and Tao Jiang

Characterization and Simulation of High Temperature Process

Heat and Fluid Flow Modeling to Examine 3D–Printability of Alloys 471T. Mukherjee, J.S. Zuback, A. De, and T. DebRoy

Characterization of Iron–Bearing Dust Pellet in Composite Agglomeration Process (CAP) 479Zhuyin Chen, Bingbing Liu, Chen Liu, Xiao Kang, and Yuanbo Zhang

Evaluation of Heat Flow and Thermal Stratification in a Steelmaking Ladle through Mathematical Modelling 487Varadarajan Seshadri, Izabela Diniz Duarte, Itavahn Alves da Silva, and Carlos Antonio da Silva

Viscous and Crystallization Characteristics of CaO–SiO2–MgO–Al2O3–FetO–P2O5–(CaF2) Steelmaking Slags 495Zhanjun Wang, Zuotai Zhang, Yongqi Sun, Min Guo and Mei Zhang

Chemical, Physical and Morphological Changes of Sintering Dust by Mechanical Activation 501Feng Chang, Shengli Wu, Jianliang Zhang, Mingyin Kou, Hua Lu, and Laixin Wang

Dynamic Thermal Simulation Study of Copper Slag Dilution Under Direct Current Field 511Zhang Jing, Sun Ying, Li Qiuju

Analysis of Turbulence at the Metal/Slag Interface in the Meniscus Region of a Continuous Casting Mold Through Physical and Mathematical Modelling 519Varadarajan Seshadri, Jose Dimas de Arruda, Amanda Aparecida Fátima Arruda, Samuel da Silva de Souza, Carlos Antonio da Silva, and Itavahn Alves da Silva

Study on the Properties and Damage Analysis on the Lining Used in Cooling Section of Coke Dry Quench Furnaces 527G. Xu, Y. Wang, Y. Lv, J. Sheng, H. Zhang, and L. Liu

Treatment and Recycling of Solid Slag/Wastes

Development of Reliable Viscosity Model for Iron Silicate Slags 535Mao Chen, Zhixiang Cui, Leonel Contreras, and Baojun Zhao

Removal of Iron Impurity from Zinc Calcine after Magnetization Roasting 543Junwei Han, Wei Liu, Wenqing Qin, Fen Jiao, and Dawei Wang

Microwave Heating of Waste Tires 551Yuzhe Zhang, Jiann–Yang Hwang, Zhiwei Peng, Matthew Andriese, Bowen Li, Xiaodi Huang, Xinli Wang, and Likun Li

Preparation of High–Quality Titanium–Rich Material From Titanium Slag with High Ca and Mg Content by Activation Roasting Process 559Wenting Duan, Feng Chen, Fuqiang Zheng, Tao Jiang, and Yufeng Guo

Preparation of TiC from Titanium Bearing Blast Furnace Slag by Carbothermal Reduction in Vacuum 567Fangqing Yin, Zhengfeng Qu, Mengjun Hu, Qingyu Deng, and Meilong Hu

Study on Preparation of Activated Carbon from Hawaii Nut Shell via Steam Physical Activation 575Jianbo Lan, Shenghui Guo, Hongying Xia, Lihua Zhang, Libo Zhang, and Jinhui Peng

Composition Modification of ZnO Containing Fayalite Slag from Secondary Source Copper Smelting 583Huayue Shi, Liugang Chen, Tom Peter Jones, Bart Blanpain, and Muxing Guo

Research on the Melting Characteristics during the Recycling Process of Q345B Steel LF Refining Waste Slag 591De–qing Geng and Guang–liangWu

Separation of Hazardous Impurities from Blast Furnace Dust by Water Vapor Enhanced Microwave Roasting 597Aiyuan Ma, Chenyu Sun, Guojiang Li, Yongguang Luo, Xuemei Zheng, Jinhui Peng, Libo Zhang, and Chao Liu

Experimental Research of Converter Dust for Molten Iron Dephosphorization 605Jian–hua Ren and Guang–liang Wu

A Review of Microwave Treatment on Coal 617Haibin Zuo, Siyang Long, Cong Wang, and Pengcheng Zhang

Poster Session

Central Segregation of High–Carbon Steel Billet and Its Heredity to the Hot–Rolled Wire Rods 625Yuan Ji, Yujun Li, Shaoxiang Li, Xiaofeng Zhang, and Jiaquan Zhang

Transformation of Sodium Jarosite to Hematite in Hydrothermal Iron Precipitation Process 635Yizhao Wang, Cunxiong Li, Zhigan Deng, Xingbin Li, Chang Wei, and Gang Fan

Effect of Different Cooling System on the Solidification of the Sinters 643Haibin Zuo, Jiangwei Shen, and Cong Wang

Filtration Property of Pure Willemite Acid Leaching Sludge under Pressure 651Hailong Yang, Cunxiong Li, Chang Wei, Zhigan Deng, Xingbin Li, Gang Fan, and Minting Li

Hydrothermal Sulfidation of Cerussite with Elemental Sulfur 659Cun–xiong Li, Hai–long Yang, Chang Wei, Xing–bin Li, Zhi–gan Deng, Gang Fan, and Min–ting Li

Indirect Experimental Study on the Oxidation of Hot Metal Bearing Vanadium and Chromium 667Xuan Liu, Jiang Diao, Yong Qiao, Tao Zhang, and Bing Xie

Influence of CaO on Non–Isothermal Crystallization Kinetics of Spinels in Vanadium Slag 675Wang Zhou, Bing Xie, Wen–Feng Tan, Jiang Diao, Hong–Yi Li, and Zhang Tao

Recovery of Nickel and Copper from Polymetallic Sulfide Concentrate through Salt Roasting Using NH4Cl 683Cong Xu, Hongwei Cheng, Guangshi Li, Changyuan Lu, Xingli Zou, Xionggang Lu, and Qian Xu

Reduction Behavior of Magnetite Pellets by CO–CO2 Mixtures Using Direct Reduction Process 691Guihong Han, Wenjuan Wang, Yanfang Huang, Dianyuan Dang, and Tao Jiang

Reflux Reaction Behavior of Phosphorus under Non–Equilibrium Condition of Casting Ladle between Slag and Hot Metal 699Jinfang Ma, Jianliang Zhang, Zhenyang Wang, and Xiangdong Xing

Study on Compressive Strength of Coke after Gasified with CO2 and Steam 707Wentao Guo, Qingguo Xue, Xuefeng She, and Jingsong Wang

Studying on Softening and Melting Behavior of Lump Ore in Blast Furnace 715Zhennan Qi, Shengli Wu, Mingyin Kou, Xinliang Liu, Laixin Wang, and Yujue Wang

Author Index 723

Subject Index 729

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