Non Volatile Memory Market Shares by Vendor

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3D NAND and Serial NOR impacts IoT Edge and Cloud Consumption in 2018 and beyond

2017 was an exceptionally strong year for all the Flash, DRAM and Non Volatile Memory markets. All the NAND vendors were able to ride the shortage and high prices to tremendous profitability. These profits overshadow the disconnect between the amount of generated data in the industry and the amount of stored data. 3D NAND memory and serial NOR are the glue that enables the IoT devices to connect via the Edge to the Cloud so the rising amount of Big Data can be efficiently processed. 

In consolidating its annual results of each Flash memory vendor’s shipments, research found the 2017 Flash memory market to be above $50 billion, an increase of 45.5% from 2016. A substantial increase in 2017 revenues came from the NAND Flash market at 46.8%, while the NOR market also grew aggressively from 2016 by 24 %. Samsung was again the 2017 revenue market leader for all NV Memories and NAND, Macronix established itself as the NOR Flash leader, Cypress remained the NVRAM market leader, and Winbond regained the serial NOR leadership position. This report discusses the impact of the consolidations and acquisitions (WDC/SanDisk and Toshiba) on the memory market, quantifies the migration of planar to 3D NAND, qualifies how fast the emerging NVM are growing including XPoint as well as the emergence of NVRAM, and presents two forecasts for serial EEPROM showing the impact (slow initial adoption) of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its aggressive scenario. 

The 2017 Non Volatile Memory Market Shares by Vendor report, CS700MS-2018, includes market shares by vendor for total Non Volatile Memory, NAND Flash, NOR Flash, serial NOR Flash, total EEPROM, serial EEPROM, parallel EEPROM, OTP ROM (EPROM and Mask ROM), and NVRAM (NVSRAM, RTC, MRAM, FeRAM/FeFET, PCM, XPoint, NVRAM, RRAM, NRAM and Others). Annual revenue forecasts are provided from 2016-2023 for the EEPROM, OTP ROM, and NVRAM markets. In addition, the NVSRAM market shares are broken out by vendor for Real Time Clocks (RTC) and NVSRAM from 2012-2017.

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1. Executive Summary

2. Objectives and Methodology

3. Total Non-Volatile Memory Market Shares

4. FlashMemoryComponents
4.1 Flash Vendor Market Performance

5. EEPROM Memory–Serial and Parallel
5.1.1 Serial EEPROM Market
5.1.2 Parallel EEPROM Market

6. Non-Volatile RAM


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