Dynamometer Product & Services Market: By Type; By Absorption Units; By Transmission; By Measurement; By End-User; By Geography - Forecast 2014-2020

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The global dynamometer market is a subset of the allied manufacturing industries such as turbines, compressors, pumps, generators, motors, engines, power trains that form a significant component of automobile, power and aerospace industry. It is applied generally to calculate the force, torque and power requirements from all these components.
The dynamometers play a key role in research and development facilities. With the increasing for eco-friendly environment while simultaneously improving the quality, the automobile manufacturers are under a tremendous pressure to improve the engines efficiency while controlling the noise and emission of exhaust gases. This has forced the automobile manufacturers either to set up their own testing facility or provide a contract to third party for dynamometer testing on engines and power trains. On other side it has also paved the way for electric vehicles running on batteries and motors to emerge out as essential player in automobile global market. To create new research and concepts in the electric vehicles dynamometers are being required for testing purposes.
The ever increasing demand for clean power sources particularly the wind, needs huge turbines and generators to produce power at large scale in an efficient manner. To develop such infrastructure there is a regular necessity of development facilities incorporating dynamometers to calculate the torque and power output.

The Machining/Cutting tool industry are thriving based on the recent improvements in technology to calculate the force and moments acting on the tools while machining process is carried out. It again uses the multi component dynamometers and force plates for axial force calculations. The rehabilitation centers working for treating injured muscles and bones include dynamometers to calculate muscle grip and strength of the patient. The athletes measure their performance and status on regular basis by utilizing small hand held dynamometers. The global dynamometer product and services market is estimated to be around $802m in 2014 and is expected to cross $1 billion mark by 2018.
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1. Market Overview.
1.1. Introduction.
1.2. Market Classification.

2. Executive Summary.

3. Dynamometer – Market Landscape.
3.1. Market Share Analysis.
3.2. Comparative Analysis.
3.2.1. Product Benchmarking.
3.2.2. End User Industry Profiling.
3.2.3. Top Five Financial Analysis.

4. Global Dynamometer Product & Services - Market Forces.
4.1. Market Drivers.
4.1.1. Growth in Electric Motors Sector to Offer New Avenues for Market Expansion.
4.1.2 Incessant Development of Automotive Market to Spur Demand for Dynamometers.
4.2. Market Constraints.
4.2.1. Excessive Dependence on Product Type & Testing Conditions Produce Discrepancies in Results.
4.3. Market Challenges.
4.3.1. High Investments Coupled With Ideal Testing Conditions Pose Significant Challenges for End-Users.
4.3.2. Fragmented Market Owing to the Presence of Regional Players.
4.4. Attractiveness of the Industry.
4.4.1. Power of Suppliers.
4.4.2. Power of Customers.
4.4.3. Threat of New Entrants.
4.4.4. Threat of Substitution.
4.4.5. Degree of Competition.

5. Strategic Analysis.
5.1. Value Chain Analysis.
5.2. Opportunity Analysis.
5.2.1. Automotive Test Equipment Market to Witness Healthy Growth Rate in the Coming Years on the Back of Stringent Government Regulations for Safety and Environmental Pollution.
5.2.2. Hybrid/Electric Vehicles Turning Out to Be New Opportunity Markets for Dynamometers.
5.3. Product Life Cycle Analysis.

6. Dynamometer Product & Services Market-By Classification.
6.1. By Type.
6.1.1. Absorption.
6.1.2. Transmission.
6.1.3. Motoring.
6.2. By Resistance Provided/Absorption Drive Units.
6.2.1. Solid Friction Dynamometers. Rope Brake Dynamometer. Prony Brake Dynamometer. Fan Brake Dynamometer.
6.2.2. Hydraulic/ Liquid Friction Dynamometers. Constant Filled Hydraulic Dynamometer. Variable Filled Hydraulic Dynamometer.
6.2.3. Eddy Current Dynamometer. Dry Gap Eddy Current Dynamometer. Wet Gap Eddy Current Dynamometer. Magnetic Powder. Hysteresis.
6.3. By Transmission.
6.3.1. Epicyclical Train Dynamometer.
6.3.2. Belt Transmission Dynamometer. Tantham Dynamometer. Von Hafner Transmission Dynamometer.
6.4. By Measurement.
6.4.1. Force. 0-250 N (Precision Machining). 250n-1000n (Human Force). 1kn-8kn (Turning, Milling and Grinding). 8kn-60kn (Drilling, Milling and Grinding).
6.4.2. Power. 0 – 700kw (Car Engines). 1mw-8mw (High Performance Car Engines, Wind Turbines). 8mw- 900mw (Wind & Gas Turbines, Jet Engines).

7. Global Dynamometers Market - By End- User/ Services Industries.
7.1. Manufacturing Industries.
7.1.1. Motors/Generators.
7.1.2. Pumps/Compressors.
7.1.3. Hydraulic & Pneumatic Equipment.
7.1.4. Propellers/Turbines.
7.1.5. Machine Tools.
7.2. Automotive & Aerospace Industry.
7.2.1. Engines.
7.2.2. Power Trains.
7.2.3. Chassis.
7.2.4. Gearbox.
7.3. Kinesiology.
7.3.1. Human Kinetics.
7.3.2. Physical Status.

8. Dynamometer - Geographic Analysis.
8.1. North America.
8.2. South and Central America.
8.3. Europe
8.4. Asia Pacific
8.5. Rest of World.

9. Market Entropy.
9.1. Most Preferred Strategy: - Product Launch

10. Company Profiles
10.1. Aw Dynamometer, Inc..
10.1.1. Business Overview
10.1.2. Financials
10.1.3. Products.
10.1.4. Developments.
10.2. Burkey E. Porter Machinery Company.
10.2.1. Business Overview.
10.2.2. Financials.
10.2.3. Products.
10.2.4. Developments.
10.3. Dynapro Dynamometer Ltd.
10.3.1. Business Overview.
10.3.2. Financials.
10.3.3. Products.
10.3.4. Developments.
10.4. Dyne Systems, Inc..
10.4.1. Business Overview.
10.4.2. Financials.
10.4.3. Products.
10.4.4. Developments.
10.5. Dynocom Industries Inc..
10.5.1. Business Overview
10.5.2. Financials
10.5.3. Products
10.5.4. Developments
10.6. Dynostar Dynamometers.
10.6.1. Business Overview.
10.6.2. Financials.
10.6.3. Products.
10.6.4. Developments.
10.7. Dyno Dynamics.
10.7.1. Business Overview.
10.7.2. Financials.
10.7.3. Products.
10.7.4. Developments.
10.8. Dyno One, Inc..
10.8.1. Business Overview.
10.8.2. Financials.
10.8.3. Products.
10.8.4. Developments.
10.9. Horiba Group, Ltd.
10.9.1. Business Overview.
10.9.2. Financials.
10.9.3. Products.
10.9.4. Strategy.
10.9.5. Developments.
10.10. Kahn Industries, Inc..
10.10.1. Business Overview.
10.10.2. Financials.
10.10.3. Products.
10.10.4. Developments.
10.11. Kistler Holdings Ag.
10.11.1. Business Overview.
10.11.2. Financials.
10.11.3. Products.
10.11.4. Developments.
10.12. Klas Realtime Systems, Ltd..
10.12.1. Business Overview.
10.12.2. Financials.
10.12.3. Products.
10.12.4. Developments.
10.13. Land and Sea, Inc..
10.13.1. Business Overview.
10.13.2. Financials.
10.13.3. Products.
10.13.4. Developments.
10.14. Maha Maschinenbau Haldenwang Gmbh & Co. Kg.
10.14.1. Business Overview.
10.14.2. Financials.
10.14.3. Products.
10.14.4. Developments.
10.15. Mainline Dynolog Dynamometers.
10.15.1. Business Overview.
10.15.2. Financials.
10.15.3. Products.
10.15.4. Developments.
10.16. Meiden America, Inc..
10.16.1. Business Overview.
10.16.2. Financials.
10.16.3. Products.
10.16.4. Developments.
10.17. Mustang Dynamometer.
10.17.1. Business Overview.
10.17.2. Financials.
10.17.3. Products.
10.17.4. Developments.
10.18. Piper Test and Measurement Ltd..
10.18.1. Business Overview
10.18.2. Financials.
10.18.3. Products.
10.18.4. Developments.
10.19. Power Test Dynamometers.
10.19.1. Business Overview.
10.19.2. Financials.
10.19.3. Products.
10.19.4. Developments.
10.20. Sakor Technologies, Inc..
10.20.1. Business Overview.
10.20.2. Financials.
10.20.3. Products.
10.20.4. Developments.
10.21. Wineman Technology Incorporated.
10.21.1. Business Overview.
10.21.2. Financials.
10.21.3. Products.
10.21.4. Developments.
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11. Appendix.
11.1. Sources.
11.2. Research Methodology.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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